2023 Mini Cooper Colors and Model Improvements

The 2023 Mini Cooper colors are new and fresh with 2 options, metallic and non-metallic. Check out the list of fresh colors here and its improvement for the latest model.

There are new things to enjoy from 2023 Mini Cooper colors and models that will hit the market in the second half of 2022. This car has a more youthful look, with simple lines and new colors. The model is perfect for a city ride. The company expects it will be a trend among youngsters.

New 2023 Mini Cooper
New 2023 Mini Cooper

2023 Mini Cooper Colors list

The colors of cooper have two standards, the metallic and non-metallic options. There are eleven colors on the list. Some of them are new colors, and the rest come from the previous edition. Here is the complete list of 2023 mini cooper colors exterior:

  • John cooper works for rebel green
  • Chili red
  • Midnight black II
  • Pepper white
  • Island blue metallic
  • Zesty yellow
  • Moonwalk grey metallic
  • Rooftop grey metallic
  • White silver metallic
  • Mini your enigmatic black metallic
  • British racing green IV metallic
2023 Mini Cooper
2023 Mini Cooper

Exterior and Interior of 2023 Mini Cooper


The hatchback model of the upcoming Mini Cooper isn’t classic anymore. It comes with a premium exterior look and feature. The detail has renewed, especially the grilles on the front and back. It’s no longer a big size as usual. The grilles are tinier without chrome and the color is all black.

The fresh part from the exterior is the headlights and union jack tail. Even though it uses standard LED, the frame of the headlight is oval. It gives aerodynamic drive vibes since they are on the side front part of the car. There are lines on the head-up display as a new touch from Mini Cooper.

The new part of the 2023 Mini Cooper is the roof. It is multitone. There are three color gradients for all exterior colors such as chili red, soul blue, and alpine white. This is exclusive since there will not be any hatchback with this gradient roof. The best part of the car is similar to the previous edition.

2023 Mini Cooper Interior
2023 Mini Cooper Interior


Though the interior of the mini cooper only fit up to 4 people, the room is comfortable to ride on. The theme of the interior is all black with premium leather for the seats and steering wheel. There are some fresh parts for the interior such as a lane departure warning and an active driving assistant.

The dashboard of the car has some new features such as an 8.8” touchscreen. The interface is fresh with high gloss black as the detail. If the previous edition has an analog cluster, the 2023 Mini Cooper has a dynamic digital instrument cluster. There are Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto options as well.

Engine Improvement of 2023 Mini Cooper

The engine improvement of mini cooper is breathtaking. It does not use Turbocharged anymore but John Cooper Works 2.0 TwinPower. The horsepower is up to 228HP. Because of that improvement, the acceleration of this car is improving with 6.3 seconds to reach 60 mph for all trim levels.

The 2023 Mini Cooper colors are not the only interesting part of this car. The hatchback has an interesting model, especially for the interior. The engine is improving too as well as the acceleration. The ride is more fun because of premium seats and technology inside as multimedia.