2024 Ford Explorer, What Kind of EV It Will Become?

2024 is not yet knocking, but our curiosity always takes the lead to learn something new. In the case of the 2024 Ford Explorer, what specs can we expect to come?

It’s quite hard to predict what the 2024 Ford Explorer looks like: the 2023 version does even not exist, yet. There is also no official statement still about the year’s release for Ford Explorer, but we predict there will be an option of an electric SUV for the 2024 version of Ford Explorer. The electric vehicle is what we are tilting our eyes to, and seems that Ford can only fulfill that desire in a couple of years—not now.

New 2024 Ford Explorer

Why is The Electric SUV Delayed?

We don’t know the entire reasoning, but it is predicted that the all-new Ford Mustang, which is made as a full-electric crossover, is introduced first before the Explorer gets the improvement. For whatever reason it is, it seems like the production of electric Explorer still needs to halt since the Mustang has covered the market’s demand, at least until late 2024.

According to news, the carmaker plans to produce 200,000 units of Mustang Mach-E by 2023. In 2022 alone, the carmaker plans to hunch on their EV sales up to 60,000 Mach-E. After that tight schedule, it seems the electric 2024 Ford Explorer will take the place.

Although it was said the carmaker will release an electric Ford Explorer in mid-2023, the halt takes more than a year. Definitely, it can be disappointing, but given the unstable condition of the world, we should just understand.

What’s New in the 2024 Version of Ford Explorer?

We cannot really pinpoint what’s new from this car, but to predict it, there will be several few improvements. What we can predict is this: the face, a.k.a. the exterior, will always get a makeover. After all, it’s the façade that is in charge to get everyone’s eyes. What you can get from its exterior may include the introduction of several new body colors, some updates of the headlight, bumper, grille, and of course, the taillight. Regarding the finish, it could be a shiny ride that encompasses its modernity.

Aside from that, the total trims introduced may also get changed. But what exact difference it is, we cannot say it much. The Timberline and the ST may still be introduced in the release of the 2024 Ford Explorer, but indeed it will get some upgrades first.

The Interior Change

Upgrades are certain, but we cannot just point out what we can anticipate from the 2024 Explorer’s interior. The easiest aspect to notice the upgrade is the entertainment panel. It can offer you a bigger screen than a current 8 and 10.1-inch screen for both multimedia and navigation purpose.

Following the upgrade in size (which we predict could be a 10-12-inch panel), the inner aspect of this entertainment ‘tool’ will also be upgraded with new software (SYNC 4, we bet). Connectivity to smartphones will be provided, just as USB and Bluetooth connectivity that come as basic in all trims of Explorer.

As for the space offered, we hope there will be a great leap here. It is because the previously released Explorers tend to have inadequate space as you move from the front to back seats, although that doesn’t mean that is totally unbearable. Ford is known for having its third-row seat as ample in space. Let’s just hope that the throne isn’t forgotten.

Quality seating? We hope so, although we aren’t sure about that. Mirroring from the current release, it is already comfy for the basic trim, and it will get easier as the trim gets higher. With this in mind, the future EV Explorer can have a high probability to take the same lead. The dual-tone seating may still exist if you wonder.

New 2024 Ford Explorer

The Engine Upgrades

As mentioned earlier, the 2024 Ford Explorer is planned to be a totally electric-powered ride. That said, there would be no V6 or V8 engines offered. However, there is no information we could serve here to give you an insight.

If Ford is taking Mustang Mach-E as the lead in the all-electric car, then it is probable that the Ford Explorer will have a similar battery pack, but lower in specs used to power up the engine.

As usual, the rear-wheel-drive is the basic on Ford Explorer, but buyers may upgrade it for an AWD (all-wheel drive) to better suit the style of Explorer. Of course, there would be an additional price to cover.

Are you curious about the 2024 Ford Explorer? Make sure to stay tuned with the news from Ford. The upcoming EV Ford Explorer specs mentioned above aren’t yet assuring, but hopefully, it can give you an insight about that car.