2023 Ford F250 Tremor Design, Features, Release Date, and Estimated Price Predictions

A tremor package is offered to enhance the towing and payload capacities of the Ford F-Series. See what the 2023 Ford F250 Tremor is probably going to present next.

The Ford F-series is known to carry impressive capabilities and features to support riding performance in certain places and conditions. The upcoming 2023 Ford F250 Tremor has dimensions and proportions that are unmistakably built for wild terrain and open wide space, where going off-road is a part of daily living rather than a chased experience. Read about the predictions and rumors of the package below.

New 2023 Ford F250 Tremor

Tremor Package Special Offerings

If there is one certain thing about Ford, it’s that this Michigan-based automobile manufacturer knows how to build performance-oriented vehicles properly with the existing proof of the Raptor, Bronco, and Ranger. Considering its success in this area, the company expanded its range of off-roader offerings by launching the Tremor package in 2019 for F-350 and F-250 series, which are already famous for their powerful payload and towing capacities.

In case the Tremor name seems to be familiar to you, it is because it has already been used on the street-oriented F150 variant several years before. The title is now being repurposed for the off-road variant of the Super Duty series.

This package offers improvements and tweaks to the tires and suspension in order to make it more capable to tackle rough landscapes more easily. Previously, the Ford F-series falls behind in comparison to the RAM Power Wagon in terms of payload and towing capabilities, but the Tremor successfully flips the figures around.

The off-road capabilities provided by the Tremor package are somewhat comparable to Jeep Wrangler or its manufacturer-sibling Bronco. Its volume of the interior is similar to a large sedan, while its towing capacity is a full double of the SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee.

When the 2023 Ford F250 Tremor arrives later, it most probably retains the current 6.2L V8 gasoline engine that offers 385 HP and 430 lb-ft of torque. If these numbers do not satisfy you, then you may bump it into the more powerful alternative engine of 7.3L V8 gasoline powertrain that produces 430 HP and 475 lb-ft or the 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel motor that yields 475 HP and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. The last-mentioned engine option will be more than forceful enough to support the truck with firmness even at 6,000 ft of altitude and higher.

That being said, even if you only get the base engine option, it still presents a lot of power. Paired with the ten-speed automatic transmission, the powertrain will constantly spin close to its peak. Except if you are planning in using the maximum towing capacity on a daily basis then there is little to no reason that you should spend an additional $8,450 to earn the turbo-diesel engine.

Design Upgrade Predictions

Following its predecessor, it’s almost certain that the interior of the 2023 Ford F250 Tremor will give no indications of being a Tremor variant at all. It probably stems from a reason that Ford counts the Tremor as a package rather than a conventional trim level. Regardless, you will find that it offers nothing different from the regular F250 series, including the door panels, center console, and steering wheel design. It is also expected to bring the identical standard black leather as the standard F250.

The other redesign details of the upcoming Tremor package for the F-series are still kept under wraps by Ford. Considering that the previous model year received a new interior and exterior color alternatives and infotainment features, the 2023 variant is predicted to bring similarly minor upgrades.

New 2023 Ford F250 Tremor

Possible Release Date and Estimated Cost

The Tremor package previously can be implanted into any F250 and F350’s trim levels above the base trim—so long as it comes with the crew cab cabin, 4WD system, and 6.75 ft cargo bed. However, it has been announced in 2022 that the option to get this package is going to be shafted for the XLT trim as well. You can still gain the 2023 Ford F250 Tremor if you choose Lariat, Platinum, or King Ranch trim grades. Ford officials stated that the reason behind this unfortunate decision is because of the chips shortage, which serves as an essential component of powering various features in the vehicle, including fuel pumps, batteries, infotainment systems, emergency brakes, backup cameras, power steering, etc.

At this point, the pricing details of the 2023 Ford F250 Tremor and other variants are yet to be revealed. However, it is expected to go on sale during the summer season. The costs are most probably won’t increase significantly, which if it’s true, then the Tremor may be offered a bit over $4,000.