2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Review, Interior & Images

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2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Review, Interior & Images The biggest SUV from BMW known as the X7 was tardy to arrive but it more than made up for the delay with spacious interiors and powerful motor options. In 2024, BMW improved the X7 by introducing new styling technologies, driver assist features, as well as mild hybrid powertrains. The xDrive40i XDrive base model and the more powerful M60i versions will come in the coming months and will be then the more performance-oriented Alpina XB7. The following are the changes expected to the lavish family hauler.

2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Images
2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Images


The front of the X7 will see some of the most significant changes in 2024. It will feature a fresh lighting scheme that divides the headlights between the vehicle and the daytime running lights into two LEDs. The daytime running lights located over the headlamps serve as indicators for the car’s signals. They are the BMW kidney grille has been redesigned by a bicolor style with chrome accents and an illuminated version of the grille design will be offered on the xDrive40i as well as it will be standard for the M60i.

The styling of the rear of the X7 was also accentuated by three-dimensional LED strip lights. They are smaller, more bright, and can double for brake lighting.

In addition, a brand new color of paint called Sparkling Copper Grey metallic -is now part of the 14 options for exterior paint, as well as larger 23-inch light alloy wheels, will be offered in addition to X7’s traditional 21- or 22-inch wheels.

The X7 xDrive40i base model can be disguised as a higher-performance version thanks to the M Sport package. It includes unique rear and front aprons as well as side skirts; gloss black accents on the ceiling rails, window frames, and sills on the doors; as well as two-color 21-inch wheels. Inside, the package includes decorative door sills with an illuminated M logo as well as a unique leather steering wheel, pedals, and badges.

The M Sport Professional Package can be added to the xDrive40i Sport or included in the M60i. In the case of the base model it adds a matte black cover to the kidney grille, exhaust pipe finishers made of black chrome M Sport brakes with black or blue brake calipers the M Sport exhaust system; and an illuminated grille. The M60i features brake calipers as well as darker outside trimming.

The three rows of the X7 can be used to accommodate six or seven people including captain’s chairs and benches for the third row. BMW’s heated multi-contour seats feature as with the base version; massaged and ventilated seats are available.

Sustainable design is at the forefront of the brand-new X7 due to environmentally-friendly features including interior trim as well as floor mats constructed from recycled plastic, as well as standard quilted leatherette seats. Customers looking for genuine leather interiors will be able to find Merino leather seats available in the M60i as well as included in the xDrive40i. The two-tone grey and white interior is an option in 2024.

2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Interior
2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Interior


The X7’s tech gets a fresh look as well as new features in 2023. Digital gauge clusters measuring 12.3 inches is joined by the 14.9-inch center touchscreen, making up an integrated curving display. The updated design replaces the previous model’s two 12.3-inch screen sizes. BMW has cut down on the number of buttons in the instrument panel, choosing to use digital controls for things like climate control.

A new center console features an upgraded gear selector as well as the iDrive controller that BMW has added to its latest iDrive8 multi-media system. A new Intelligent Personal Assistant offers additional features for voice-controlled control, which allows the user to change temperature settings, manage the panoramic moonroof, or even open windows.

It is available on the BMW Digital Key Plus is currently available on every model. This feature transforms your driver’s iPhone into a car key. It eliminates the requirement to carry a key in a physical form; It can be shared between five people. If you have a family with children the feature can be configured to restrict top speeds, power levels, and the volume of radio.

The X7 comes with a variety of standard safety and driver-assist functions as well as a host of additional features and improvements to 2023. Safety suites currently include safety features such as the blind spot alert, forward automated emergency braking that includes cyclist and pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, and parking sensors in the rear and front. An innovative emergency exit warning system warns passengers by announcing audible or visual cues whenever a person or bicycle is at a distance from the vehicle in order to deter them from opening the car doors, causing collisions.

In order to make parking the trailer tow less hassle The trailer Assistant feature lets motorists use the iDrive controller to steer the vehicle as it guides and reverses the trailer on a straight line. Another feature that is new is Maneuver Assistant which uses GPS data and records the steering signals from difficult activities like pulling onto a narrow driveway. In the event that the same move needs to be performed again, it will then automatically regulate brakes, acceleration, and steering in order to finish it.

2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Review
2024 BMW Alpina XB7 Review


According to BMW, the performance improvements for the X7 are due to the more powerful and efficient motors. Similar to its predecessor X7, the 2023 X7 will be equipped with an inline-six twin-turbo (xDrive40i) and a dual-turbo version of the V-8 (M60i and Alpina XB7). The powertrains are all equipped with a revolutionary mild hybrid system, which includes an 8-speed auto transmission and an electric motor that is integrated into the. BMW states that this transmission allows for quicker gear shifts for more sporty acceleration and has an acceleration function that uses the paddle shifter to auto-change gears to the lowest.

The active steering system can now be found in the M60i. It is included in the Dynamic Handling package for the xDrive40i. Based on the information provided by the automaker this system increases control and agility in driving at moderate and fast speeds, and also when switching lanes.

The basic X7 is driven by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo, inline-six engine which produces 383 hp and 375 pounds-feet of torque. This is up 40 hp and 52 pounds-feet when compared with the previous model. It is engineered to lower fuel consumption as well as increase efficiency. The current 2022 X7 with xDrive40i is rated at the EPA-graded 21 combined mpg. The base X7 model that comes with the latest engine has an estimated BMW 0-60 mph speed at 5.6 seconds.

Buyers looking to boost the performance of their family vehicle should consider upgrading to the M60i version of the X7. The engine is the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 which makes 523 hp and 553 lb-feet of torque (these specs remain the same from the previous model, but BMW states that it has improved its response). BMW rates the V-8’s acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 minutes. Similar to the xDrive40i’s inline-six engine it is believed that the V-8 is also designed to be efficient, however no figures on mpg have been given.

The 4.4-liter V-8’s horsepower is increased to the performance version of the X7 named it’s called the 2024 BMW Alpina XB7. It has 630 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. It reduces the SUV’s estimated time from 0-60 lower to 4.0 seconds and also allows the top speed to be 180 miles per hour.