2023 VW Van Price and Interior

ID Buzz is a 2023 VW Van that’s currently in the spotlight of car enthusiasts. This electric van will gradually get upcoming several variants.

You must be one of the Volkswagen fans who have heard about the news about the 2023 VW Van. Yes, that is right. Volkswagen has recently launched its new electric van with the code name ID Buzz. If you don’t know this van in detail, here’s a brief description of it that you can read.

New 2023 VW Van

Is Volkswagen Bringing Back the Van?

On March 9, 2022, in Paris, ID Buzz was revealed to the public and received great enthusiasm. You can see what the new passenger version of the van has inside and out. Door panels, chairs, flooring, and headliners look elegant. However, we’ll have to wait some more time for the overall cabin details like gauge cluster and dash.

This 2023 VW Van, as claimed by the press release, is planned to carry 7 single colors and 4 two-toned color themes. This theme will later be adjusted according to customer demands on the exterior color of the van they choose. This color choice also covers the entire surface of the door panels and dashboard.

If you think this is still not good enough, the lighting around the background gives you an offer of 30 color choices for the interior palette. The exterior and interior color options are expected to be able to make customers feel the Van they are going to buy is specially made for them.

2023 VW Van Interior

The hot touch that will be embedded by the automaker does not only come with unique color combinations but also other features. Volkswagen said at the time of its release in Paris that the cabin gets some smart and functional features. Features that may be taken lightly yet are very helpful, such as an ice scraper and bottle opener, can be found in the back near the cargo area of the 2023 VW Van.

Speaking of cargo, besides the standard passenger version of the ID Buzz van, the Cargo variant which has a large cargo area at the rear will come with a two or three-seat arrangement. The standard model only has one sliding door here on the right. However, specifically for the Cargo variant, the automaker offers an option for those who want to install a second sliding door as long as they agree with the additional fees charged.

Both the standard model (passenger variant) and the Cargo model have the same large tailgate model. The difference is only in the load threshold wherein in the standard model the load threshold is slightly wider and higher (1,938 mm or 76.3 inches). The drag coefficient of the standard model is also 0.29 greater than the Cargo model.

New 2023 VW Van

More Detailed VW Van Interior

Both models have a wheelbase of 2,988 mm / 117.6 inches with a length of 4,712 mm / 185.5 inches and a width of 1,985 mm / 78.1 inches. There is a partition wall that separates the rear seat from the cargo area. This wall can be added with openings or windows that you can use as a place to put things. The loading area itself is spacious enough to accommodate items with a maximum weight of 650 kg or 1,433 pounds.

With a vehicle weight of 3,000 kg, the cargo space on ID Buzz has a capacity of 3,900 liters. Volkswagen has ensured the safety of cargo in the rear compartment by installing lashing rails on the sidewalls and lashing rings on the floor.

You and your family don’t have to worry about your smartphone running out of power anymore because there are 5 USB ports that you can use to recharge. You can use 2 standard cup holders under the infotainment system. Between the seats is a small 1.4-liter storage box that you can remove and put back on. To add to the elegance of the interior, this 2023 VW Van features wooden floors in the cargo area as standard.

Is VW Coming Out with a New Camper Van?

The two models that have been introduced to the public are not suitable for use as campers even though they have side doors. You can be patient to wait until 2025 to get a camper variant from ID Buzz with the code name California.

New 2023 VW Van

How much will the 2023 VW Van Cost?

Starting from the inauguration of ID Buzz in Paris last March until now, there has been no confirmation from Volkswagen regarding the official price. If you consider the market price of electric vehicles from its competitors, maybe this 2023 VW Van will cost around $40,000 for the standard trim level.