2023 VW Polo GTI Redesigned Exterior, Interior, and Features

2023 VW Polo GTI finally made its debut to the public. Some of its new touches resemble the design found in VW Golf.

Volkswagen has finally released the newest gen of Polo GTI which is known as one of its superior products. In this latest generation, the 2023 VW Polo GTI earns some design touches from its cousin VW Golf with a turbocharged gasoline engine that produces 240 HP.

2023 VW Polo GTI

Does It Copy Golf Design?

The latest version of the subcompact hatchback will top the rankings when it premieres. Golf design inspiration on the VW Polo can be seen in the complete front fascia and wider rear fascia. Meanwhile, on the wheels, the VW Polo GTI embeds 17-inch alloy wheels which are also found on the latest generation of VW Golf, although 18-inch wheels are available as an optional extra cost. Other changes are also found in the turn signal which uses a dynamic turn signal and was first used on the VW Polo GTI.

Released as the competitor to Fiesta ST Ford, the latest 2023 VW Polo GTI will provide remarkable driving dynamics in the best combination of everyday use. In addition, the manufacturer also designs the expressive design and pure dynamics of the hatchback.

Will It Get a New Exterior Touch?

The headlights also get a new touch with the IQ Light Matrix LED that matches the long headlights at the front. According to the manufacturer, the light bar is taken from the basic concept of the VW ID which is Volkswagen’s current electrified vehicle. The concept was also successfully used on other models such as the VW Golf, Arteon, and Tiguan.

2023 VW Polo GTI

Upgraded Features inside the Interior

On the inside, it is still dominated by the red color similar to the previous generation, but this time it is supported by Polo Life standards. One of the new features is the 8-inch entertainment screen in the middle of the dashboard which is supported by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Meanwhile, the meter cluster is supported by a digital display that is also found on the VW Golf and ID 3. The manufacturer also provides Discover Pro and Discover Media options for the entertainment system, panoramic sunroof, voice control, wireless charging, and audio system from Beats.

Besides the improvements in appearance and performance of the 2023 VW Polo GTI, VW also provides several driver assistance options. These features include semi-autonomous system level 2 and Travel Assist. These up-to-date features are available in the highest trim of all Polo Mk6 existing variants, ranging from Style, Life, GTItoR-Line.

The other improvement for Polo GTI face-lifted model is the MIB3 infotainment system that you can find in the latest Golf. This system comes with a slider control for AC settings. Meanwhile, there are no further details for the interior. Some sources predict it has tartan upholstery, an additional side in front, the GTI logo on the shift knob and steering wheel, as well as the upgraded graphics for the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment screen.

New 2023 VW Polo GTI

Engine and overall Additional Features in 2023 VW Polo

Furthermore, the 2023 VW Polo GTI has an all-wheel-drive or AWD system with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. No confirmation has been stated that VW will provide a manual transmission option to compete with the Ford Fiesta ST.

However, what is certain is that with the center machine, the VW Polo GTI is capable of producing 240 HP of power with a maximum torque of 319 Nm at 1,500 – 4,500 rpm. In addition, the power and torque are capable of catapulting the VW Polo GTI to a speed of 100 km/h from rest in 6.5 seconds.

To support its performance, the VW Polo GTI provides three driving modes namely Eco, Normal, and Sport with a heavier sound output in the exhaust. Polo GTI is also equipped with a chassis that can adjust to the car’s performance on the road and makes the body 15 mm lower than the standard model. In addition, there is also a large stabilizer on the front axle to produce a more stable ride.

The VW Polo GTI is also equipped with several Travel Assist System supporting devices such as cruise control, rear traffic alert, side aid, and lane aid. In addition, there is an Emergency Automatic Braking system which can reduce the possibility of accidents on the highway. Until now there are no details about the price that will be tagged for the latest generation 2023 VW Polo GTI, but reportedly the manufacturer will release it in the next few months.