2023 VW Golf R 0-60 and Golf Plus

Are you curious about the 2023 VW Golf R 0-60? Find out what this car has to offer, and how to speed it in the article below.

Nothing beats the authenticity of VW cars. If you are one of those VW cars fans, you sure have known about its Golf lineup. This lineup is pretty interesting, given that it can go so fast and its engine is hybrid. What about 2023 VW Golf R 0-60? Will it be as fast as many would expect? Unfortunately, there is still a prediction as the carmaker hasn’t released any official information yet.

2023 VW Golf R 0-60

How Fast is A Golf R 0 60?

Quick answer: the 2023 VW Golf R 0-60 acceleration is expected to be similar to previous releases. This means you can expect it to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in even 3.9 seconds.

Is that the fastest acceleration that no cars will be able to compete with? Well, so far it isn’t claimed to be the one (you should remember there are supercars, though), but Golf R in previous releases beat Honda Civic Type R with 0.9 secs, meaning that it can be the fastest in its class.

Will There Be A 2023 Golf R Plus?

There is no official statement about this, still. However, sources mentioned that there will be a 2023 version of the VW Golf R Plus (Golf R+). However, the release will be pushed back unless the Golf Mk8 has been released.

Remember, nothing is fixed as there is no information still from the carmaker. The aforementioned scenario is just a prediction, which can be true or vice versa.

Is the Golf R Hybrid?

This hatchback is predicted to be a hybrid, although it may not be the first hybrid R model from VW. The reason is that there is VW Touareg R which is working with a 3.0-L V6 engine (powered with gasoline). The car is also running with an electric motor, making it a hybrid.

Aside from the 2023 VW Golf R 0-60 acceleration which is so fast, you can expect premium features from this car. People are predicting that this car will be not much different than the previous releases, which is the 2022 VW Golf R.

It will still be a hatchback that is equipped with an electric engine, which is also to be a two-row one. This car, along with the Volkswagen Jetta and Golf GTI is in high demand thanks to its innovation to bring this hatchback to electrification.

2023 VW Golf R 0-60

It’s Exterior and Interior Aspect

Its exterior aspect is said to be looking similar to what you can see on Volkswagen Golf GTI although there are differences you can spot in several corners. But its overall look is stellar—a sporty car that doesn’t try hard to impress.

Another improvement that you can see from Golf R is its 19-inch aluminum wheels, sports summer performance tires, as well as side skirts, and cool brake calipers. Its exterior is ‘painted’ with its matte chrome cover with the ‘R’ logo embedded on it. A standard sunroof completes the cool look of this eccentric car.

Inside, you will get many premium features with digitalization notable on its controls and displays. You can get a cool digital instrument panel as its standard feature. Not to forget, a large 10-inch touchscreen supports your need for entertainment purposes.

As for its seating, you should not doubt VW for its skill in making comfortable and impressive seating. The driver and the front seat are designed similarly to what you can see on sports cars. It is also covered in Nappa leather upholstery with cool accents to boost its appearance.

2023 VW Golf R 0-60

What About Its Engine?

Lastly, let’s talk about the engine. You may have heard about the acceleration of the 2023 VW Golf R 0-60 which only takes around 3.9 seconds. For that to happen, this car equips a 2.0-L turbocharged 4-cyl engine that will be able to produce a solid 315 HP of power production and 310 lb-ft of torque. To the previous model, it means VW brings a solid 27 HP increase and 30 lb. ft torque.

As for the transmission, this Volkswagen car provides a six-speed manual transmission for US releases. In addition, there is also a seven-speed DSG gearbox with a dual-clutch as well, but this one is optional.

The power that is produced by the engine will later be directed to all wheels since it is using an all-wheel-drive drivetrain that improves driving performance. With those features, it’s not surprising that the vehicle is capable to be a strong one with excellent 2023 VW Golf R 0-60 acceleration.