2023 VW Jetta Specification Prediction: Is It Worth the Money?

Thinking about purchasing a 2023 VW Jetta? Make sure to learn the specs, even though it’s still a prediction as there has been no official statement yet.

If you think you are a fan of VW cars, you may have been waiting for the release of the 2023 VW Jetta. The sedan isn’t yet to be released, yet from what people predict, this car has pretty specifications to support your daily need. Wondering about this car’s specification? You can read the prediction in this article below.

New 2023 VW Jetta

Is There a New 2023 Jetta?

The question may pop up in your mind especially since there are no words from the carmaker about this car. Well, the new 2023 VW Jetta may not offer you lots of improvements in its exterior, interior, or even the engine aspect. But still, these minor changes keep people wanting this car like never before.

The Volkswagen Jetta’s concept is standing out from the rest of the cars produced by the carmaker. Plus, it also has its place among many competitors out there. As a sedan, it is said to be one of the most comprehensive and family-friendly cars. Moreover, the car has been compared with Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, and even New Mazda 3.

If you question whether there is a new Jetta or not, then the answer would be expected as ‘yes’. However, there is still no word from the carmaker about whether the car is currently in production or not. So far, it is the rumor who tells that the 2023 version of the car lineup will be released.

What Kind of Engine Does the VW Jetta Have?

You may have known that VW is a big name when it comes to car manufacturers. So, you should have been expecting great quality from the car. Turns out, the quality of the 2023 VW Jetta is pretty nice, pretty comprehensive, and pretty accommodating for day-to-day use.

It is rumored that the Jetta will be equipped with the 1.4-L turbo-four engine as its powertrain. While for the drivetrain, the standard trim will rely on its front-wheel drive. The engine is said to be able to produce around 147 HP which will be available to drive with 8-speed automatic transmission. Alternatively, you may get a six-speed manual transmission.

Despite the great feature of the engine, it is said that Jetta isn’t changing much from its current release. Or at least, not yet planning for a major improvement. Sources also mentioned that this car is only getting minor enhancements in all of the trims offered.

New 2023 VW Jetta

Changes You Can See from Each Trim

Although there aren’t many details that the carmaker is changing on their upcoming Jetta release, each trim is said to get a specific change. For example, the trim Jetta S will be getting a new design on its wheels: alloy wheels combined with a new two-tone design.

While for the 2023 VW Jetta SE and SEL, the change will be possibly seen on its steering wheel and shifters. These details are said to be renewed with contrast stitching. Adding to the feature is the driver seat’s power adjustment.

Aside from that, the premium version of Jetta, which can be seen on SEL and SEL Premium, will get an updated infotainment software of MIB3. Voice recognition navigation, wireless app-connect, newly updated SiriusXM connectivity, and USB-C charging are said to complete the feature of this car.

The Exterior and Interior Specs

Outside, the VW Jetta 2023 version doesn’t change much. The car’s front façade will still be decorated with such a nice grille, enchanting LED headlights, as well a cool bumper to expect.

As for its dimension, the car is said to remain a compact sedan. Even though it is said to be a compact in size, it doesn’t mean it’s way more mini compared to competitors. Instead, it is normally sized for its class.

However, according to sources, the Jetta 2023 is mentioned to be a heavy vehicle in its lineup. To give you an insight, this sedan lineup weighs around 2,900-3,000 lbs. for manual and automatic transmission. While its competitor—Hyundai Elantra, only weighs around 2,725 lbs. and Honda Civic at 2,771 lbs.

Inside, the look of its cabin remains aesthetically pleasing despite its budget-friendly status. It is said to be spacious and has this premium, modern, yet minimalistic.

To sum it up, let’s get back to the question: is it worth the money? For a starting price of $20,000, it feels like it’s nothing to complain about given the details that were mentioned earlier. So, are you ready to welcome the new 2023 VW Jetta?