2023 VW Bus Interior, Price, Range & Colors

Let’s get to know the 2023 VW Bus details! This article will sum up the information about the car’s interior, range, price, and colors.

No one will deny it: VW Bus is a car made unique, so vintage yet modern at the same time. Now, the carmaker is predicted to soon release its 2023 VW Bus. You are not alone when you say that you are curious about this car. So, we found some information that you can learn to better know about this car. Are you ready to discover it?

New 2023 VW Bus

2023 VW Bus Interior

Talking about the interior of the 2023 VW Bus, you sure will feel ‘enlivened’. Why so? First, it’s the colors that are used. Bright and cheerful colors to see, hence you better say bye to your cloudy mood. That’s why it’s no surprise that the hype for this product is incessant.

The seat comes with a five-seat arrangement for the passenger model. The seats are adjustable, though. Interestingly, since it is designed to be a van, you can have this car to be very ample in size. Hence, you can mount many kinds of stuff into it without feeling stuffy.

It is also a tall car to have with. It seems like the car is perfect to be brought during a holiday with family members. A spacious area will be perfect to sit in with the stuff you bring without feeling burdened about the things.

New 2023 VW Bus

What Colors Will the Electric VW Bus Come In?

Unfortunately, there are no complete details that we can find about this car. However, you can state it from the photos you got online.

Sources mentioned that the 2023 VW Bus will come in seven single colors for the body. Inside, it has four two-tone color schemes to offer.

We cannot say the details since there is a lack of information about this matter. However, you can find it on many websites—that the colors will be as follows:

  • Yellow and white
  • Orange and white
  • Red and white
  • Blue and white
  • Dark blue and white
  • All-white

It is expected that this car will also have the interior coming with the various duo-tone combination. It may be following the exterior body color, but there is no information about that, still.

What Is the Range for The New 2023 VW Bus?

The car is not fuel-using, so this EV is relying on its battery. As for the range, sources mentioned that the minivan will be able to tackle around 270 miles if the battery remaining is around 76%.

The bigger range is made possible by the hike made on the wheelbase that’s made into 127.5 inches. The higher wheelbase makes the 2023 VW Bus ready to house a larger battery as well, which is the 111-kWh battery.

However, the battery isn’t the only option your VW can go with. The chances of it having a lower capacity are not zero. So, the range will be possibly lower than you may be expected. Plus, if there are trims and/or categories, you may end up having different range capacities.

How Much Will New VW Bus Cost?

The carmaker isn’t yet to speak about price, though. However, some sources mentioned that the price will be around $45,000 for one unit. Some sources mentioned it lower, which happens to be around $40,000. Whichever you want to believe, the carmaker hasn’t disclosed the details yet. So, it is better to wait for the official announcement to be made.

Given the size, it seems like the car isn’t suitable for racing. But the maximum power production of this car can be said to be pretty well as it can reach 150 kW. This means the car can go produce 201 kW. Following it is 310 Nm/229 lb. ft of torque. Interestingly, the car is ‘artificially’ limited to reaching 90 mph as its top speed. So, if you are seeking some speed fun with this car, well, you better knock that idea off.

The car also has a nice braking system. An article mentioned that the car’s braking system isn’t necessarily aggressive while braking. However, it is also not that lacking. Therefore, the overall impression of this car’s braking system is a nice one, though.

To sum it up, if you want to look for a fun car to have while taking a long holiday, the 2023 VW Bus can be your choice. This car has ample space for its passengers, and also provides comfy space without being burdened by stuff if you bring many. Overall, the VW Bus is highly recommended for ones that love to travel with friends or family.