2023 Subaru Legacy Sport, A New Trim for Legacy Lineup

Are you curious to know how nice the 2023 Subaru Legacy Sport is? Well, you can find out the answer in this article below.

It is said that Subaru Legacy has been decreasing in sales during the pandemic. However, that should not stop Subaru–the carmaker to introduce their Subaru Legacy to the public. It is why the 2023 Subaru Legacy Sport is also released. Will it fulfill the expectation of any Subaru fans? Since there is no information still regarding this car’s specifications from the official, we can just rely on predictions to acknowledge the design and specifications.

2023 Subaru Legacy Sport
2023 Subaru Legacy Sport

2023 Subaru Legacy Sport Specification

If we are talking about Subaru Legacy, we are talking about the mid-size sedan and wagon which are combined as one. Despite the quirky combination, there are many people who are head over heels with the design of this car.

The 2023 Subaru Legacy Sport is just one of the trims released by the Japanese carmaker, Subaru. Along with the Legacy, there are several other trims including the Base trim, Limited, Premium, as well as the Touring XT trim.

The Sport trim, which we are talking about right now, is a relatively new trim made by Subaru. It is said that this trim will be able to produce more power. This car trim is expected to have a 2.4 L turbocharged engine. That’s why the power production is way bigger in this trim. You can learn how much power it produces in the following explanation.

Its Engine Aspect

Although the 2023 Subaru Legacy Sport is not an EV or a hybrid, it can be relied on to tackle more mileage. Why so? The car is effective in producing power. It can be considered as a big power for a sedan-wagon combination, which is around 260 HP (equal to 193 kW). While for its torque, it is at 277 lb.-ft. (equal to 375 Nm).

Compared to the Sport trim, the base level of Subaru Legacy can be expected to produce around 182 HP (equal with 135 kW) and having a torque of 176 lb.-ft. (equal to 238 Nm), according to sources. The base level power production is made by a 2.5-L 4-cyl naturally aspirated engine.

2023 Subaru Legacy release date
2023 Subaru Legacy Sport

How Does the Sport Trim Look Like?

Although there is no information regarding the car’s release still, predictions are mentioning that the 2023 Subaru Legacy Sport is higher than Premium trim. Hence, it is no wonder that the specification of this car is better than that in Premium trim.

Aside from the greater power production, the Sport trim is also offering its excellent face look. The Sport trim is using a red accent on its grill, while for the mirror it is using gray. The color choice simply makes the car look sophisticated. In addition, the gray accent is also visible in the trunk as well.

Another lux thing you can see will be visible on its 18-inch velg. Just like the name, this large enough velg makes the car look sportier. Even mentioned in some sources that the look of this sport trim is like having an SUV in this sedan x wagon combination.

However, it is important to note that the car is not a SUV, but it offers an AWD drivetrain. This information is still not clear, as there is no information from the carmaker itself. To combine it nicely, the carmaker is said to use a CVT transmission.

Compared to the current release, the other trims are mentioned to offer minor improvements only. That makes the Subaru Legacy Sport to be a great car to expect.

2023 Subaru Legacy Interior
2023 Subaru Legacy Sport Interior

What about the Interior?

Inside the car, the Sport trim is predicted to look quite similar with the other trims. While the other trims are not changing much, then it is safe to say that the current release will look quite similar with the upcoming Subaru Legacy Sport trim.

The interior of Subaru has always been praised for the excellent-looking interior which is suitable enough with the price you are paying. As for a typical Subaru Legacy, the car is said to have a comfy feeling yet also playing it cool with sporty look. It is also expected that this trim will use leather upholstery in 2023 Subaru Legacy.

On the dashboard of this car, you can see that Subaru is preparing an interesting to look at. Have a 2023 Subaru Legacy Sport as your ride, and you can get a touchscreen panel for multimedia and navigation purposes. Although the size is not as satisfactory as the large guy Levorg (11.6-inch), the touchscreen is great enough to help you get a fun drive.