2022 VW Bus Colors: What Colors Do This Car Offer?

Many people wonder what are 2022 VW Bus colors. Just find out the information and details regarding this car in this article below.

You may have seen a unique minibus in a video released by VW. Yes, the car is quirky enough to be seen and it really is coming to the town. The car itself will make people wonder, how could a car look like a minibus yet look so savvy? Yes, we are talking about the 2022 VW Bus. As the design is unique and it has many colors, it makes no wonder that many people are wondering: what is the 2022 2023 Subaru Legacy? What about the 2022 VW Bus colors? You can check it out in this article below.

2022 VW Bus Concept
2022 VW Bus Concept

2022 VW Bus Colors: How Much is This VW Unique Car?

It is unfortunate this VW car has no official information still regarding its price. However, some sources mentioned that the car will have a price of around $40,000. Since the car is only having one trim, then there is no range provided by the sources.

The price estimation can be determined after comparing the VW e-Golf, which is priced at a starting price of $31,000. As for the upper limit, it is determined by setting the average EV minibusses at $50,000. Add two of these prices together, divide them by two, and you got the estimated price of the 2022 VW Bus of $40,000.

2022 VW Bus Colors
2022 VW Bus Colors

What about The Colors?

Again, there is no information still regarding the colors of this car that looks like a minibus. So far, there are only two colors mentioned as the 2022 VW Bus colors–the cheery orange and a bright yellow.

Other sources mentioned that in the upcoming release of VW Bus, there will be more colors to expect. To mention some, there are yellow, orange, dark blue, red, blue, and all white. The non-white colors are said to also be combined with white, making it a dual-color which looks nice on a vintage car like a VW bus.

Inside the cabin, the car is also said to be made dual-tone. However, what the duo-tone combination it will be, there is still no information regarding this. Even the predictions are not visible anywhere.

The bright colors used will surely lift up your mood while riding the car. Its cheerful and bright colors will be suitable to be brought while you are having a picnic on a summer day.

2022 VW Bus Interior
2022 VW Bus Interior

The Interior Part

As said earlier, the car is said to have a duo-tone combination. So, it is not only the 2022 VW Bus colors on the outer side which is colorful. Inside, you can still have it in multiple color options. Yet, there is still no information on what tones are offered.

Despite the size, the car is said to have a five-seat configuration. This is for the passenger model. The seats of the car are adjustable, making the van capable of being used for fun. For the size with five seats only, it is no wonder that the car is ample in size. Put many kinds of stuff in, you won’t get stuffy still.

As it is a van, don’t be surprised if the car is pretty tall to have. Hence, if you are planning to bring along your family with this car, it sounds like a good idea. Even bringing your dog can also be done if you are spending the holiday in this car.

2022 VW Bus Design
2022 VW Bus Design

The Battery Range

After knowing what 2022 VW Bus colors are available, you will also need to know the battery range of this car–given that it is an EV. Sources mentioned that the car is capable of producing power to tackle 270 miles at 76% battery.

The capability to conquer a huge distance is made possible by a bigger battery to mount in the car. The wheelbase is made with a hike of 127.5 inches. Hence, it makes the VW Bus capable of storing a bigger battery of 111 kWh.

The 111 kWh is not the only battery capacity that you can go with. Sources mentioned that there will be batteries with smaller capacity as well, depending on your budget. However, it is unfortunate that the official information regarding this is not available yet.

So, to sum it up, there are two main 2022 VW Bus colors that are available to see right now, orange and yellow. There is no official information still, yet sources are also predicting that the carmaker is producing Bus in several other colors as well. With the vibrant color, it feels nice to have this car as your holiday car.