2023 Sequoia and What We Can Get on This Release?

Soon released in Summer 2022, what will we get from this Toyota lineup? Will 2023 Sequoia be offering many improvements compared to the last release?

It is interesting to know that the big T carmaker of Japan—the Toyota—is scheduled to release its mid-size SUV (Toyota Sequoia) in Summer 2022. Now that the clock ticks incessantly and we are getting closer to the date of release, probably many of you will wonder what kind of improvement the Toyota fanboy will get to see. Well, although the carmaker has made it announced officially, yet still some aspects of it remain ‘hidden’ until the D-date. Find out more details of 2023 Sequoia in this article below.

New 2023 Sequoia

Will 2023 Toyota Sequoia Get a Makeover?

The simple answer is no. Despite years of minor-improvement-only, the carmaker seems to see no future in remodeling the car as a whole, at least for the time being. Aside from that, the three-row mid-size SUV has already had its somewhat-major improvement in the previous release.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the improvement in Sequoia’s 2023 version is mainly based on what you can get from its 2022 version. Sources also say that the body arch of the upcoming Sequoia is inspired by the pickup lineup, Land Cruiser, and Tundra.

Given the look has only a few to improve, many said Toyota Sequoia has a lot of homework to do, especially given the fact there are rivals kicking their comeback with more upgrades; to mention some, Jeep Wagoneer, Ford Expedition, or Chevrolet Suburban.

What Things Made Anew?

As said earlier, there are not many improvements you should expect. It looks will be fully-boxed, which results in an impression that it gets boxier than the latest release (but it still looks fine, though). Aside from the boxy look, another great shot is its hybrid powertrain, extensive towing capacity, and upgraded safety assistance. Several color additions are also predicted to come together with the release.

What about the engine? Not mentioned previously, it is also altered for this version of 2023 Sequoia. But the details will be discussed later in this article.

How Many Trims are There?

The soon-to-release Sequoia is coming with five trims to make their buyers be ‘confused’—like literally, since higher trims are equipped with more enchanting features but also cost them more bucks to spend.

On top of the chart, there is Capstone. Despite the boxy look which you may not desire, it offers you much better this-and-that things as a source states. But what part we are getting better in Capstone, there is no information still.

Following Capstone, you will get TRD Pro (offering total off-road experience), Platinum, Limited, and the basic SR5. While there will be, indeed, differences found in these trims, it is quite invisible that you require staff to explain it to you.

New 2023 Sequoia

The Interior Design

This mid-size SUV got something interesting here: a storage room as the third row in which you can use it either as seating or as cargo space. Both ways are fine, and in total, you can get the 9,000 pounds—significantly higher than the previous release which only accommodates up to 7,400 lbs.

On the center console, it’s interesting to know that the 2023 Sequoia is equipped with a 14.0-inch touchscreen panel as its basic. Through this panel, you may access some good music and of course, use the navigation system. Cupholders and large pockets for your stuff can be found as well. however, sources told that this adequate storage isn’t well-organized.

Marking Its Way to Hybrid

The 2023 Sequoia will be released as a hybrid mid-size SUV, and it doesn’t offer any polarized options (fueled engine only or battery pack only). While there is no information still about how the battery pack’s detail is, it is only mentioned as i-Force Max. The fueled engine is no longer offering you a V8. Instead, you will be powered with a V6 engine, twin-turbocharged.

With those powertrains inside, the car can produce a maximum power of 437 HP with 583 lb.-ft. of torque. The car is said to use an automatic transmission with 10-speed. Although it is quite unusual to have SUV in an automatic transmission, this helps much with the fuel economy, which stands at 14-15 mpg in a combined drive (highway and city roads combined).

Yes, there are better cars with better fuel economy. In addition, Toyota must work on some homework regarding its dimension. Some people who have tried to get in the 2023 Sequoia may feel that it’s a bit crampy inside, in contrast with the outstanding, wide-panel touchscreen.