2023 Honda Pilot Specs Predictions and What We Can Say about the Car

Are you planning to purchase a 2023 Honda Pilot? Although nothing official has been announced, let’s learn what people are predicting about the car’s specs!

If you are a fanboy of Honda, you may have known one of its lineups, which is the Pilot. It is expected that in 2022 this carmaker will make the 2023 Honda Pilot a major improvement. However, no one knows what the true deal for its specifications is. However, having no official news from the carmaker makes the waiting more interesting: we can play prediction to know what kind of changes we will be expecting to see in the upcoming release. Let’s learn it out.

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Prediction of Honda Pilot 2023 Version

The big H of Japan is said to release the 2023 Honda Pilot somewhere in 2022. However, until this date, no official statements is being announced related to this lineup updates. This drives the people, especially the fans of Honda a bit ‘wild’, what could be coming as the improvement of Honda Pilot?

Since there are no official releases yet, people are starting to opinion about the specs of the Honda Pilot in the upcoming release. According to many sources, there is no major improvement for this year’s release, but you can still notice something here and there as something ‘facelifted’ from the previous release.

From one source, it is mentioned that the Honda Pilot will be a bit boxy compared to the current body profile. This opinion’s strength is somehow amplified by some sources, which say that the SUV is expected to be looking stronger than before.

The new release is expected to be longer by several inches, which is said to be quite significant growth. The front façade may undergo a bit of facelift as well, though, but we still don’t know which aspect may come as the improvement. Despite no news about the car, it’s safe to say that there will be minor changes, although those may be subtle and not that visible.

What about the Interior?

Again, no official news is saying about this, though. Therefore, that would be best if we are waiting for the release first before talking about the interior.

One thing that we can expect to see from this 2023 Honda Pilot is that the size of its cabin is bigger, given the dimension is saying so. However, other than that, we could not say much about the interior of this car.

The fact is, Honda Pilot in 2020 is noted to still keep the sales going strong. This is emphasized by the fact that the sales reached 123,813 Pilots that year despite the Covid-19 attack which limps the overall global economy.

This says quite a lot about the car’s quality. It can be said that the car can reach people’s satisfaction by providing excellent quality, including in its interior.

So, for the upcoming release of Honda Pilot, we expect something similar to or better than the current release. Tech-related features, such as its entertainment panel and its connectivity to smartphones should be upgraded, even outshine the competitors, if possible.

To list some of the current techs involved in the interior, you can get the CabinControl app for controlling the car’s features for audio and climate. Not to forget you can also have its wireless phone charger placed just below the dashboard, giving a tandem to its power outlet placed just above it.

The elite look of this car can also be noticed from the seats covered in decent leather coming with several color choices. Adding to the feature is its Advanced Rear Entertainment System, which is just something innovative as we can expect from a Honda.

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The Engine Specs

You may wonder what kind of engine will power this car. According to several sources, the car may rely its power on a V6 engine still although we should expect to see its hybrid or even full EV version. The engine’s displacement may not go too far from being 3.5 L.

With those details of the powertrain, the 2023 Honda Pilot is predicted to produce a similar number for its power production and torque, which is around 290 HP and 267 lb. ft. for the torque. For the drivetrain, expect to see a 10-speed automatic transmission with a front-wheel drive, which is also upgradeable to an all-wheel drive.

So, what do you think about the details of the 2023 Honda Pilot specs prediction? Do you still wish to be able to purchase the upcoming version of the Honda Pilot?