Will There Be a 2022 Honda Element and How Are the Specifications?

No words from the carmaker still, yet the news about the release of the 2022 Honda Element is roaring. Is that a fact?

You may wonder what kind of Honda Element is, but you should know that this car isn’t going to impress you just like its pricier lineup. Even we can say that Honda Element is pretty basic as an SUV, but spacy enough to even bring your dog along while tackling difficult terrains. So, are 2022 Honda Element is truly going down to the town? Well, let’s see.

New 2022 Honda Element

What Kind of a Car is Honda Element?

Simply said, the Honda Element is pretty easy to recognize even from afar. Why is that? Thanks to its boxy design, the design of the Honda Element resembles a garden car but is slightly more modern. For some, it is even difficult to believe that this car is an SUV. It is an SUV, belonging to the compact crossover SUV class.

At first, the car had been 9 years in the market, starting its way to sales in 2003 and ending in 2011, the car had a pretty nice sales result. Despite the result, the car has been discontinued ever since.

However, you may have heard about the 2022 Honda Element is expected to launch its comeback soon. Well, there is no official release still from the carmaker, though. So, we cannot truly say that this car is soon to ‘bombard’ the market with its coming. After all, it has been more than ten years since its last appearance on the market.

Is Honda Element a Good Car?

Although people are saying many bad sides of the car, the car isn’t that bad at performing either, though. You can still have many people searching for this car for it has an outlandish look, yet handsome enough to be brought into the downtown.

Others also say that this SUV is quite creative in terms of its design. Four doors with a tailgate, a compact SUV, and it’s dog-friendly too—all make this Honda lineup an exceptional and unforgettable piece.

To answer ‘Is Honda Element a good car?’, well, it depends on the car you are driving. Given that there are currently no productions of this car, it can be said that the used cars depend on how their first users use the car initially. Ask us ‘is this car reliable?’, and we’d say it is as reliable as you may expect from a Honda.

What are the Specs of the Engine?

If you are relying on this car to move powerfully, it is unfortunate that you won’t get it. The car’s engine isn’t that powerful—reminds you that it is a compact SUV and not a full-size SUV.

If Honda finally releases the 2022 Honda Element as the continuation of the decade-ago Element, we’d say that it won’t be any longer using a 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder engine. This engine will be able to produce around 155 HP. It is not something that you can rely on to race with. Although Honda Element isn’t for racing, we believe that there would be some changes to make.

If the car truly gets released as a compact SUV, then it may come with a turbocharged engine with 1.5-L of displacement. This engine will be able to cover 180-HP-something (more or less) power to move the car. Suppose the car got a higher trim, you can expect it to offer you better power production.

New 2022 Honda Element

What about the Interior?

Well, we cannot say much other than its wider space for it gets a boxy shape as its body. The car will remain as a two-row compact SUV. Don’t ask for its space for head and legs—it’s satisfying! With this in mind, the 2022 Honda Element is expected to bring the same feature to its interior.

If there is a kind of change involved in this year’s release, then it may come from its dashboard design and its seating quality. Audio system quality, entertainment, and navigation system, as well as its function button, may also be made as modern as other Honda lineups. The seating may be better compared to the decade-old design, and for that we are sure.

Still, thinking of purchasing this car? Well, let’s see whether it’s a fact that Honda will produce the 2022 Honda Element or not. That’d be fun to know if Honda Element is truly making a comeback.