2023 Honda Passport Redesign Predictions, Will There be a Major Improvement?

The talk of car redesign is always interesting. Read the details below if you are curious about the 2023 Honda Passport redesign.

What can we get from the 2023 Honda Passport redesign? As we can see from the previously released Honda Passport, will it bring many improvements? Nothing is sure yet—Honda has not yet announced any words about this upcoming release. Below you will find the prediction of what the 2023 Honda Passport will look like.

2023 Honda Passport redesign

Predicting the 2023 Honda Passport Specifications

When it comes to talking about the specs of the upcoming version of the Honda Passport, you also need to see the previous version of this car’s lineup: the 2022 Honda Passport. It is said that the 2023 Honda Passport redesign isn’t much different than that you can find from the previous version.

Why does the upcoming version bring fewer differences compared to the 2022 version? This is because the 2022 version of the Honda Passport has already taken much space for improvements—meaning that significant changes won’t exist.

Being the two-row version of the Honda Pilot, Honda Passport is said to be released in late 2022. But up until now, there has been no news still from the carmaker. Now that the release date isn’t yet confirmed, we couldn’t say that the information below is 100% valid. Therefore, the information here is only the prediction of its specification.

Let’s talk about the exterior of the 2023 version of the Honda Passport first. The body of this car lineup is said to have a similar look to that you can get from the 2022 version. The simplified headlight yet rigorous-look bumper makes the façade of this car looks modern and sporty.

A few enhancements are expected from its grille, although it is just a prediction. The 2023 Honda Passport redesign is also likely to undergo such a ‘sculpting’ process, making it a beautiful mid-size SUV to get from Honda.

Although it is said that there is no significant improvement, remind you this is not the final word. It means this car lineup may bring its redesign into its maximum performance. Let’s hope that the carmaker is getting something new, something mind-blowing, on the next release of Honda Passport.

2023 Honda Passport redesign

What We Can See Inside

For such a mid-size SUV, standing right in the mid-range class, this card offers a few improvements for its upcoming release in 2022 (the 2023 version). Well, these ‘few improvements’ aren’t only seen in its exterior, but also its interior.

So, what can you see inside this car? First, let’s talk about Honda Passport seating. The quality is predicted to be not much different from the previous release (2022-version), but this is said to be of better quality compared to the earlier version.

Its all-black interior (decorated with lighter color accents, found in only a few spots) makes this release of the 2023 Honda Passport look clean and straightforward. Combined with its sculpted exterior, this version of the Honda Passport may be perfect if you search for a unique-looking ride.

The car is a two-row SUV, meaning that the vehicle can be good if you are traveling with 3-4 family members. Sources mentioned that this car lineup provides an excellent towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. This can be considered a nice one for a mid-size SUV, given that the towing capacity of its big brother—Honda Pilot—is 5,000 pounds. Additionally, you may get the same-size touchscreen panel (8-inch) for its entertainment feature. But again, ‘rooms for improvement’ is always available, given there is no exact claim from the carmaker regarding this.

The Engine Aspect

What kind of engine will the 2023 Honda Passport redesign bring? The car’s engine displacement may slightly improve from the previous car, which is 3.5 L. Given that there is no significant improvement, it is predicted that the vehicle will still stick with the V6 engine.

With these engine specifications, maximum power production is predicted at 280 HP. Another source indicates that the car can produce more power at 290 HP, while the torque is expected to be at 262-267 Nm.

The 2023 Honda Passport redesign is predicted to keep its 9-speed automatic transmission as its powertrain. Although this drivetrain will be best for an SUV, remind you that this will make the fuel economy drops. The FWD drivetrain system is expected to stick with the basic trim. But if you want your car to be an AWD, it is also possible, although it requires bucks to upgrade.