2023 Honda Passport Redesign Specs and Predictions

How will the 2023 Honda Passport redesign look like? Find out what people are predicting in this article below.

Have you been waiting for Honda to release their newest SUV? If so, you can target the2023 Honda Passport this year. Although there has been no official information regarding the release date of this mid-size SUV and even how it will be redesigned, you can find many predictions about the 2023 Honda Passport redesign online. Curious about this? Make sure to find the answer in this article below.

2023 Honda Passport redesign
2023 Honda Passport redesign

2023 Honda Passport Redesign Predictions

Honda has not released any words regarding Honda Passport, yet. However, due to the enthusiasm, people are starting to predict how this car will be redesigned. That said, it is important to note that the information here is based on prediction—not an official one.

To begin the specs detail with you should know first what type of car a Honda Passport is. This car, as mentioned earlier, is a mid-size SUV which has been known widely as the ‘little sibling’ of Honda Pilot. Given its price and its nice specifications, there are people being head over heels on this car and planning to buy one on the upcoming release. You may be one of them as well. That’s why, many people are curious about how the 2023 Honda Passport redesign will be.

Unfortunately, according to sources, the car will not undergo a major ‘facelift’ to change its looks. Other details such as the drivetrain and powertrain are also expected not to be changing much. But still, nothing’s official until the carmaker itself announces it.

2023 Honda Passport Interior
2023 Honda Passport Interior

Will There Be a Hybrid Honda Passport?

With the advancement of technology, you may begin to wonder whether there is a hybrid option of 2023 Honda Passportor not. Various sources mentioned that there will be a hybrid option of Honda Passport, yet it is still unclear since the carmaker isn’t claiming it themselves.

However, given competitors have started building hybrid SUVs, it is possible that Honda Passport will have hybrid option as well. How the battery specification will be is still unclear, as there is only information about the car’s capacity to produce power when the fuel-powered engine and the electric battery is combined.

Will There Be a Redesign?

Sources are hesitant to state that the Honda Passportwill be visible in this year’s release. Despite the statement, they believe there are still time to discover that. You know, Honda hasn’t yet to claim about the specs of Honda Passport.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the car will be similar with this year’s release. The carmaker may only make several adjustments on its exterior, interior, and the engine aspects.

As a starting point to understand how the 2023 Honda Passport redesign looks like, you can refer to the current style of the car.

This will include details like new mesh grille on the car’s façade, slanted headlights, upgraded taillights, and new front bumper you can directly see even after the first glance.

You may also notice the improved ground clearance from this mid-size SUV. Wheels, too, may get upgraded as well.

Inside, the car’s cargo capacity may not be that much changed. However, the materials making the seat and the dashboard will surely be representing Honda with their spirit to make a top-notch product.

The size of the car’s touchscreen panel may not be different than what’s available here. It’s just there is chance the car is using an updated entertainment and navigation system. Included is the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

To get the car’s best driving experience, the carmaker is also said to add a great audio system with seven speakers to include into it. That makes your driving experience to be better with music’s playing.

A Brief Insight into the Honda Passport
2023 Honda Passport

The Engine Aspect

What about the engine of 2023 Honda Passport redesign? There has been no information about this, so we can only see the prediction here.

According to sources, the Honda Passport will be available in hybrid option as well. The entry level car will be using a 3.5-L V6 engine which is said to produce 280 HP at its max (torque is around 262 lb.-ft./355 Nm). While for its hybrid option, the car will be able to provide around 300 HP in total. But the details about the hybrid powertrain isn’t available yet.

The 2023 Honda Passport redesign is also said to be using 9-speed automatic transmission. As for the drivetrain, the entry-level releases are using front-wheel drive, and the all-wheel drive is equipped in Honda Passport with a higher trim.