2023 Toyota Tacoma EV: Will Toyota Release It?

Many people expect there will be a 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV in the upcoming release of Tacoma. Is it a fact or is it not? Find the answer in this article below.

The concept of EV may be on the rise these days, and that is no wonder if you are curious about Toyota’s effort in bringing their mid-size truck–the Toyota Tacoma–to become part of the hype. If so, isn’t it a nice thing to happen? Definitely, especially since an EV will enable you to save more money. The miles covered by the car as you use EV will also be a nice one. But the question still remains: does the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV exist?

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV: Will Toyota Release It?
2023 Toyota Tacoma EV: Will Toyota Release It?

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV: Is It Available?

The curiosity to know things related to the 2023 Toyota Tacoma redesign gets into a raging state given there is a press release published on Toyota’s official website. In that press release, the Japanese car manufacturer mentioned that Toyota Tacoma will be released. Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding the release date, despite it mentioning the details of the car.

Since there are details published about the car, you may wonder whether the 2023 Toyota Tacoma redesigned has its EV line. Well, it’s unfortunate that the carmaker itself has not mentioned any electrification of this car lineup. Even there is no hybrid lineup coming on this year’s release.

Therefore, the main engine used by this mid-size truck will still remain as you’ve seen before. Emphasized by the carmaker, Toyota Tacoma which will be introduced will either use a 4-cylinder engine, with 2.7 L displacement, or a V6 engine, which has 3.5 L displacement. As for the power production, the four-cylinder engine can be relied on to produce 159 HP at maximum. While the V6 engine is capable of producing maximum power of 278 HP, definitely higher than the other one. But there is a price to expect. This power production is produced with a torque of 180 and 265 lb.-ft. consecutively.

Excellent Safety Features

According to sources, there are many safety features that come as one plus side of the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV. This will include automatic braking in emergency situations, automatic high beams, as well as adaptive cruise control. The Tacoma lineup will come with this Toyota Safety Sense P as part of its standard feature.

Yes, the three features aforementioned are part of Toyota’s driver assistance Toyota Safety Sense P as mentioned. Aside from those features, the system is also capable of pedestrian/car detecting and avoiding collision with any of those two. This system can also detect bicyclists. Plus, you can as well find the lane departure alert, road sign reading assistance, as well as lane tracking assistance.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Turns out this feature isn’t only available in Tacoma only. There are many Toyota cars that have been using these features. For trucks, aside from Tacoma, Tundra to uses the system. While for minivans, crossovers, and sedans you can see the list on the official page of the carmaker–there are many.

2023 Toyota Tacoma EV
2023 Toyota Tacoma EV

The Looks

As for the looks of this lineup, the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV car will look outstanding as always. However, many sources mentioned that the lineup is not providing many changes in its looks. So, don’t expect much on its front facade to look different than this year’s release. Inside, you may be able to expect only a similar look.

Nothing much changed, but it doesn’t mean the quality of the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV plummeted. Improvement in seating quality, as well as the cargo capacity and the system related to multimedia and navigation, will be expected to come.

So, despite the car’s standard touchscreen panel size (7 or 8-inch), you should not lower your expectation. Driving with this car is still fun despite the lack of visible improvement. You can even have a moonroof on this lineup–making driving more enjoyable than before. Combine it with the good music you can hear from the 7-speaker sound system, a drive during the holiday will be more enjoyable!

To sum it up, it is unfortunate that the 2023 Toyota Tacoma EV won’t exist–at least according to the car manufacturer’s press release. However, it is still a good car to have for many reasons: be it the engine, the materials used in the making of the car, and the most remarkable is the safety features. Without ‘robbing’ your bank account, it is great to know that Toyota makes Tacoma more reliable for its users.