2023 Lincoln Nautilus Colors List and New Styling

The Lincoln Nautilus colors and new styling will be forever memorable because it is the last edition. This mid-size SUV is discontinued after the 2023 edition. Here’s the review.

Lincoln Nautilus which hits the market in 2023 will be the last edition of the Nautilus. Lincoln will discontinue this series, yet they present the new 2023 Lincoln Nautilus colors and models. The upcoming edition is more comfortable and ready to compete in the SUV class.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus
2023 Lincoln Nautilus

The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus Colors List

The domination of cool-tone colors happens for the upcoming 2023 Lincoln Nautilus colors. Lincoln gives metallic shades to the car, so they look more futuristic. Some colors are clearcoat with premium paint. Here are several colors for the latest Nautilus:

  • Silver radiance metallic clearcoat
  • Ceramic pearl metallic tinted clearcoat
  • Pristine white metallic tri-coat
  • Flight blue metallic clearcoat
  • Jewel sandstone metallic premium colorant
  • Gilded green metallic clearcoat
  • Infinite black metallic clearcoat
  • Burgundy velvet metallic tinted clearcoat
  • Asher gray metallic clearcoat

Exterior and Interior of 2023 Lincoln Nautilus


This SUV comes out as a midsize SUV. So, the parts of its exterior aren’t as big as we expect. The front part has a small square grille. The headlights come with a new design. The frame is rectangular, but it doesn’t look classic at all. There is a horizontal bar to connect the taillights and daytime running light.

The curvy lines on the door add a better impression to this midsize SUV. It is an understated design, they said. The simplicity of the exterior of the upcoming Lincoln Nautilus will invite more midsize SUV fans to purchase.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Design
2023 Lincoln Nautilus Design


Lincoln Nautilus has a luxurious interior to make sure the occupants are comfortable with the trip. The car is a seven-seater that has a nice cover. All seats are adjustable and of premium quality. The cabin and the legroom are large for adults who have tall bodies.

The tech features in this car are getting better. Previously, the display was only from 7-8-inch size. But for this edition, Lincoln uses a 13.2-inch touchscreen. Not only that, the infotainment features inside are Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a new Wi-Fi hotspot, radio, and a 10-speaker audio system.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior
2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior

Performance of 2023 Lincoln Nautilus


There is no upgraded engine for this edition. Lincoln still uses the same engine as before with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The horsepower reaches 250 HP with 280 torque. Although it’s not improving from the last edition, the performance of this car is excellent.

The second option engine is the 2.7-liter V6. The horsepower reaches 335 HP and the torque is up to 380lb. Both engines use 8-speed automatic transmissions. There are two modes of performance that you can use, FWD as the standard mode and AWD as the second option.

Safety features

The safety features of this car are getting better with automatic emergency braking. Forward collision, lane departure warning, blin-spot, pedestrian detection, and rear cross-traffic alert are available too. The new features are cruise control, surround-view parking, and a park-assist system.

Although Nautilus will be the last edition next year, the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus colors and models have some good improvements to hit the market. As an SUV vehicle, Nautilus has a good exterior and interior for a long trip. The design is also futuristic that will be worth years ahead.