2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid Return Possibility and Current Replacement

The headlines of Ford Fusion’s end of production appeared in 2020. However, is the rumor of the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid making a comeback accurate?

The Ford Fusion lineup had existed for two generations and served for around 15 years before the giant auto manufacturer announced its discontinuation in 2020. The decision also confirms how the segment of Ford’s sedan cars is eroded by the overwhelmingly growing popularity of pickup trucks and SUVs. However, some rumors have been buzzing around whispering that the Fusions, including the Hybrid variant, will come back soon. How likely is the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid release report accurate? Find out in the following.

New 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Discontinuation Report of Fusion Hybrid

Amid terribly competitive segment, Ford Fusion comes and offers incredible versatility with four engine options – two electrified powertrains and one with an AWD system alternative. Even though it may not be as refined or unique as the Mazda 6 or Honda Accord as its direct rivals, the Fusion can offer a comfortable ride, sleek styling, and a spacious cabin. The trim grades of the Fusion comprise six levels to accommodate those who want luxury and those who are satisfied with basic.

The Fusion Hybrid is one of the versions in this lineup that carries a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. It was first released to the U.S. market as a 2010 model in 2009, along with its rebadging variants: the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid.

Following Fusion’s market and manufacturing development, the second generation was the last. This sophomore generation was released and marketed around October 2012 as the 2013 model year under the brand’s collaboration between Ford and Lincoln. Later, its plug-in counterpart, the Fusion Energi, was launched in the United States in early 2014.

The Adopted Powertrain By Latest Fusion Hybrid

Up until this point, the buzz of the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid comeback remains merely as a rumor. However, you may want to refresh how the latest upgrade of this model was unveiled. In its final year of 2020, the Fusion Hybrid receives only a handful of updates, except for some aesthetic revamp according to different trim levels.

The Fusion Hybrid comes with an electric powertrain and a 2L 4-cylinder engine, which produces 195 hp. The engine is paired with CVT (continuous variable automatic transmission). Its plug-in counterpart, the Fusion Energi, also belongs to the same lineup. It also generates a similar amount of power as it adopts a similar engine, besides a more prominent battery pack with 21 mileage rate exclusively by electric power per full charge, due to this larger-sized battery on the plug-in version. The Fusion Hybrid also operates better by offering smoother corner drives and more rigid suspension tuning in road performance.

New 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion Hybrid Potential Predecessor

Unfortunately, the chance of the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid returning is meager, considering it was only axed out in 2020. The mid-size sedan segment of this manufacturer is eradicated to shift the focus on trucks and SUVs models, which admittedly are far more favored these days in the U.S market.

However, that doesn’t mean that the segment suffers in other parts of the world. The automaker is working on a redesigned prototype of the Fusion. Earlier, it was suspected to be the Fusion Active that will be marketed in the United States. Still, recently, it was reported that it’s improbable that the spy-discovered conventional sedan will be sold in America.

Instead, it was revealed that the new sedan would be marketed in China as the Ford Mondeo. If anything, the Mondeo gives a glimpse of what the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid could have been. It is reported that the Mondeo will go to the European market as well. The Mondeo carries a somewhat angular front-end – a signature design language of Ford that can be found on other products such as the Ford Evos, although it seems like the rear-end is inspired by the EV crossover Mustang Mach-E. The dimensions and proportions are similar to a standard mid-sized sedan.

The Comeback Possibility of Fusion Hybrid

Is there no chance for the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid to appear in the U.S. market? Well, at this point, it’s safe to say that the probability is closer to zero. However, you may anticipate another Fusion variant to appear, such as rebadged Fusion active, as the design Focus Active and Fiesta Active receive great response abroad.