2023 Ford Focus ST Features and Specifications Upgrade Details

Throughout the years, Ford Focus has proven to provide consistently excellent drive. Will the 2023 Ford Focus ST offer the same fun experience?

Previously, Ford announced that the Fiesta series would receive a refresher for the next model year, and it is expected that the Focus lineup will follow. Check out below how the 2023 Ford Focus ST and a famous and renowned family car will be upgraded with improved features and fresh styling.

New 2023 Ford Focus ST

The History of Ford Focus

Categorized as a compact car model for the U.S. model and a C-segment vehicle for the European counterpart, the Ford Focus is an automobile product under Ford Motor Company. It comes to the world as a part of the 2000 plan, designed by Alexander Trotman and aimed to distribute a single compact vehicle and make the model development globally. The initial blueprint design of Focus was created by the British and German teams of the European Ford.

The model was launched in Europe in 1998, a predecessor of the Ford Escort. It was also released as the replacement for Ford Laser in the market of Asia and Oceania and its North American sibling, the Laser-based Escort. Currently, the Focus is on its 4th generation since it was revealed in 2018 when the model was introduced during the 20th anniversary of the big global automaker brand.

2022 model marks a fresh facelift for the Focus, so the upcoming Focus lineup release, including the 2023 Ford Focus ST, is expected to be a carryover vehicle. This refresher provides various upgrades compared to the predecessor, especially related to the profile design, dynamics, safety, and weight.

Improved Engine amongst Its Siblings

The Focus S.T. has always been one of the upscale trim amongst the series. It translates into the use of a more refined powertrain, where this model employs a 2.3L EcoBoost engine capable of producing 276 horsepower and 309 pound-feet of torque. The gearbox has two options, between 7-speed auto transmission with paddle shifters or a 6-speed manual.

You can compare this engine to the standard powertrain of the Focus series, which is the 1L EcoBoost that only generates 123 horsepower to 153 horsepower. The standard gearbox also includes two available alternatives: the 7-speed dual-clutch auto transmission or the 6-speed manual transmission.

Minor Design Upgrades and Infotainment System

Design-wise, it is also expected that the 2023 Ford Focus ST will not undergo a dramatic transformation. The last facelift has left this model with a new hood that raises its nose’s height, a shift of the automaker’s badge into the upper grille’s center section, and updated LED headlights that come as a standard across all trim levels with distinctive design, and other minor upgrades that are exclusively available for more high-end trims like Titanium and Connected.

As a performance-oriented trim of the range, the S.T. receives hexagonally patterned lower and upper front grilles, roof spoiler, side skirts, and substantial side vents. This particular trim also comes with 18” wheels as standard, but you can opt for wider 19” wheels as a side option.

Inside the car, you can find an updated 13.2” screen equipped with Sync 4 U.I. from Ford for the infotainment features and wireless smart device connections (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay). It allows ventilation and heating controls via the touchscreen to make the center console appear more organized. Moreover, 15 languages across Europe are supported for speech recognition.

In addition, the 2023 Ford Focus ST is also expected to retain the new, more ergonomic seat with power control adjustment and advanced lumbar support.

New 2023 Ford Focus ST

A Continuing Existence in Europe Market

The hatchback model has encountered discontinuation in the U.S. market, meaning that Americans can no longer purchase the Focus S.T., which makes them miss out on one of the most delightful models in the industry. It still thrives in the U.K. market sits on the top 5 best-seller list along with its brother, the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, and Volkswagen Gold.

The 2023 Ford Focus ST pricing for the U.K. market and the rest of Europe hasn’t been revealed yet. What’s certain is that the popularity of this 4th gen model will continue for sure, with the promises of sweet balance between progressive steering, great engine, comfortable ride, and good cornering capability. After all, it is not without reason that the model is often recommended for daily drivers who look for simplicity and practicality.