2023 Ford Explorer Timberline Details and Specifications Known So Far

2023 Ford Explorer Timberline is expected to arrive with enhanced off-road capability offers. Read below the specs and features it provides.

Ford has its way to integrate nameplates to signify the ruggedness of its automobile products, as showcased by Bronco, Raptor, Tremor, and Badlands. Recently, Timberline’s title as one of the Ford Explorer trims also joined this list. The trim provides upgraded mechanical capabilities and an off-road-like appearance, all-terrain tires, a raised suspension, and an AWD system to offer more performance abilities to the customers. Discover how the 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline is expected to unfold in the approaching future below.

New 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline

The Explorer Timberline Popularity and Reasons Behind

The Explorer Timberline is delivered as the answer to the American-based worldwide automaker’s promise to provide more robust SUVs and trucks. The Timberline was also put in the list of high-performance vehicle models from Ford, which comprises the Bronco, Tremor, F-150 Raptor, and the F-Series Super duty lineups.

With enhanced off-road capability, it is no wonder that the trim has successfully positioned itself to join the rank of the best-selling SUV of all time. However, an extensive list of offerings is not the sole reason why Timberline has been so successful. Consumer trends also affect heavily to the result, and there are two reasons in particular regarding this matter.

The first consumer trend that affects Timberline’s popularity boost is the increased favor over SUVs and the growing amount of off-roading enthusiasts amongst the US market. The SUV segment has risen from approximately 19% to 20% in the last decade alone. This model offers enhanced capability and confidence to the customers to embark on more challenging adventures. The second factor comes from data that shows how more and more people are interested in performing more outdoor activities, especially considering the current gloomy climate of the world due to the pandemic.

Off-road Performance Ability

The Ford Explorer Timberline’s off-road ability is primarily supported by its clever 4-wheel drive that comes as a standard. This specific system automatically adjusts torque intelligently between the wheels, according to the circumstances.

The additional features for the 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline include trademarked Torsen. This part provides the best traction possible by automatically sending torque to the wheels and preventing the remaining wheels from spinning to retain mobility.

There is also a feature called Terrain Management System available as standard that includes seven different modes of driving, such as deep sand/snow or trail. This allows the driver to choose which model is best according to the trying circumstances.

The 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline is also sure to retain its steel skid plats, improving its capability. The protection for the vehicle’s underbody section is located beneath the front part extends to the transmission and engine to the rear aspect. It helps to protect the primary component and offer higher confidence for the driver while going off-road. More beneficial features such as stabilizers, springs, bar, and steering calibration, will prevent shocking off-road conditions.

The ride height of Timberline is increased as much as 8″. Combined with the distinctive rear and front fascia, the design creates 23.5º of approach angle and 23.7º of optimum departure angle, along with ground clearance of at least 8.7″ for controlling navigation upon rough trails and unpaved roads.

Under the hood, the 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline is equipped with a 2.3L Ecoboost powertrain that generates 300 hp & 310 pound-feet of torque. It also brings ten-speed auto transmission. If you want to get improved tow capability of ATV, RVs, etc., you may opt for the Class III Package that offers 5,300 lbs. of towing capability.

New 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline

More Improved and Capable Design

It features the badge of Timberline on the liftgate and C-pillar. Currently, the Timberline is available in Forged Green Metallic painting shade. It also features blackout finishing near the taillamps and headlamps that comes as standard for all other trims as wells. Moreover, it also brings illuminating LED fog lamps for night driving adventures.

The cabin design is created to provide protection and improve the ownership experience. Inside, you will find a stone mesh dashboard, Timberline logos, and cloth upholstery for the seats. Heated steering wheels and heated front seats are available as standard features.

Possibility of Summer Release

If the release schedule for the 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline were to follow the previous launch, then it should arrive in the summer of 2022. Price-wise, you may expect the new model to not differ so highly from the current model year.