2023 Ford F150 Colors and Its Characteristics of the Design

What are the best 2023 Ford F150 colors available? Consider the specifications of this pickup with its new features and color options to choose the right one.

To commemorate its 75th anniversary, Ford brings back the 1970s vibe with the new 2023 F150 pickup truck. This Heritage Edition takes inspiration from the ‘70s and ‘80s style with some new 2023 Ford F150 colors. Not to mention the two-tone on the exterior paint that makes it more special.

2023 Ford F150
2023 Ford F150

Not just available with new fresh colors, but this pickup edition also gets several unique interior upgrades. It will continue to be the top model on the market since it doesn’t lose stability and has ventilated rotors. As one of the F150 lineups, it offers a more affordable option for an off-road vehicle.

Characters of 2023 F150 Heritage Edition

2023 Ford F150 provides great overall since it has a more spacious interior that can accommodate 5 passengers without a crowded feeling. Ford also equips its new pickup with numerous storage spaces and cubbyholes in the cabin. Interestingly, people will like this pickup for the daily ride.

It is due to the supreme refined noise filtering. Not only does receiving cabin refinement provide a smooth drive, but the cabin also uses premium materials. For instance, the use of leather in the dashboard and door cards. You can dig deeper into the new quality of this pickup from the following characteristics.

2023 Ford F150 colors

This pickup comes with XLT’s four-door SuperCrew variants and it applies two-tone exterior paints. It also uses the A-B-A pattern like the previous F150s. Color A appears on the roof, pillars, lower body, lower door, and bumper. Color B applies to the midsection of this pickup.

This Heritage Edition is available in color options almost similar to the earlier F150 models. However, there will be some new colors that Ford adds to the 2023 Ford 150 pickup such as follows:

  • Avalanche
  • Area 51 Blue
  • Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Azure Gray Metallic Tri-coat

Along with the new colors, Ford also drops two other colors from this lineup. They are Space White Mettalic and Smoked Metallic Tinted Clearcoat.

2023 Ford F150 Interior
2023 Ford F150 Interior

 Interior Design of Ford F150

Inside the pickup, there is a combination of slate gray and black colors. It uses a unique seat trim along with special embossing on its console. You can discover the “75 Years” logo above the window shield to resemble Ford’s 75th anniversary.

It sits perfectly between the touchscreen animation and the middle console. Although it still uses standard cloth seats, Ford equips this new pickup with other great interior features. They include an 8-inch touchscreen and automatic emergency braking.

Exterior Design of Ford F150

To match the 2023 Ford F150 exterior colors, Ford designs this pickup with good exterior quality. This vehicle measures 209.1 inches in length and 75.6 inches in height and it has better trim configurations. It has a double wishbone for the front suspension and the leaf spring rear setup.

This configuration makes the rear seat that is lower than the RAM. Hence, it offers a better riding experience as the driver rises the speed.

New 2023 Ford F150
New 2023 Ford F150

Select 2023 Ford F150 colors

The new colors of the 2023 Ford F150 are all interesting. However, you have to consider the details of the specification so you can get the right pickup with the best color.