2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty Upgrade Predictions and Estimated Release Details

Being one of the most all-rounder heavy-duty pickup makes every refresher the Ford F-450 is awaited. Below are some predictions of how the 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty will be revealed.

The Ford Super Duty lineup that includes F-250, F-350, or F-450 offers more than the average driver’s need, but it is impressive for people who need one. It may not defeat its tightest rival, the Ram Heavy Duty, in terms of tow ratings or amount of torque. However, it still provides fancier interiors, more spacious occupant space, and an overall upscale riding experience in comparison. Performance-oriented drivers may favor the GMC Sierra HD and Chevy Silverado HD, but the Ford SD’s driver assistant and advanced technology features dominate. So, how will the 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty appear next year? Find out the answer below.

New 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty

Brief Generational History and Profile of the Ford F-450

The Ford F-450 is one of the Ford F-Series full-size pickup lineup variants. Along with the F-550 model, it was specifically designed and introduced to fill the empty slot between the F-250/F-350 and the larger F-650/F-750. The first generation of F-450 and F-550 Super Duty was initially available as a chassis cab only with double rear wheels to primarily target commercial fleet customers. They were offered in three trim levels: the XL, XLT, and Lariat.

The second generation of F-450 was released in 2008. While the previous-gen was provided exclusively as a chassis cab, this launch marked the pickup bed standard production. It came with a 6.4-liter V8 diesel-powered Ford Power Stroke engine. A 6-speed manual transmission was available as standard, and 5-speed auto transmission was optional.

The next generation introduced two additional trim grades for the F-450: the King Ranch and Platinum. A DRW 8-ft bed crew cab is offered as the sole available configuration. It is also powered by one type of engine, the 6.7-liter V8 diesel-powered Ford Power Stroke with 6-speed auto transmission.

The current generation of Ford F-450 was introduced as a 2017 model at the 2015 State Fair of Texas in midst-2015. The release denotes the first time an all-new Ford Super Duty line has been released since its debut in 1998. It also marks the coming of the new F-450 trim level, the Limited, which existed for a while in the Ford F-150 model.

Minor Upgrades on the New Ford F-450

Unlike some of its lighter-duty counterparts, the F-450 is a rugged model that not really offers customization. It only provides two wheelbase length alternatives, between 176 and 141.6 inches. Combined with the more extensive 8-ft cargo bed, you can end up with a total length of 266.2 inches or 231.8 inches.

Seeing how the 2022 model retains the 6.7-liter V8 diesel-powered Ford Power Stroke, which is not bad at all power-wise, it is possible to be almost sure that the 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty will be equipped with the same powertrain. It provides a maximum output power of 474 HP and a significant 1,050 pound-feet of torque.

The 2021 upgrades of F-450 brought quite a plentiful of improvements, including a set of driver assistant systems, upscale features, and additional exterior paint shades. Fast forward to the next-year model, the model appeared with decidedly fewer chances but carried significant infotainment system updates – aside from several upgraded standard features.

It is safe to expect the 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty to bring some refinement without changing much of the current model. It already cements itself as one of the best choices in its specific market segment, albeit the list of competitors is not long in the first place.

New 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty

Predicted Date of Release and Price Range

The upcoming 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty is undoubtedly going to continue being an outstanding heavy-duty pickup, even though claiming it as the best will depend on the specific needs of each user. If you ignore the F-450 size, it is a pickup model with excellent handling capability and decently smooth-riding delivery. While it is perfectly competent for more performance-focused driving, it also makes an adept family vehicle.

Expect to see no more than several minor changes with the 2023 Ford F 450 Super Duty, probably more related to the powertrain and output. The manufacturer hasn’t announced the release date and the pricing details of this model yet, but it is predicted not to stray far from the current price, and if it follows the previous year’s release, then it should arrive in the summer of 2022.