2023 Ford Explorer XLT Specification Prediction

Are they expecting the 2023 Ford Explorer XLT? Find out below what the experts predict about this car—the details below!

Wondering what the 2023 Ford Explorer XLT will look like? It would help if you waited no longer to check what’s new through our explanation below. If you have been eyeing this mid-size SUV, it’s time to learn what you may get when purchasing the 2023 version of Ford Explorer XLT. Let’s delve into it.

New 2023 Ford Explorer XLT

The Specifications of 2023 Ford Explorer XLT

To begin with, we should warn you that the information stated below are predictions. Ford has yet mentioned any words about the new release of XLT, which stands for eXtra Luxurious Truck. While it is true that the Ford lineup provides an excellent and sophisticated look, the lineup is ready to make you drool by adding an aggressive touch to its design.

Even for the current 2022 Ford Explorer XLT, the aggressive look can be seen. Being a mid-size SUV makes it has to provide that look—given the car is expected to be able to tackle rugged terrains.

In the next release of Ford Explorer XLT, you should not be surprised if the lineup provides you with a stunning look. It is not a new generation of XLT, though, which means a significant makeover could be postponed. Yet, that doesn’t mean the makeover lacks the charm.

One of the predictions believed by many sources is the addition of body color options. This will include six extra colors to join, such as Cinnamon Glaze, Iconic Silver, Burgundy Velvet, Rich Copper, and Ruby Red. However, the newly set color may cost you (also) extra money. It is predicted that the money boost you need to pay may reach something at $395-$595. It will not be a problem if you have budgeted for purchasing extras.

The 2023 Ford Explorer XLT is expected to handle weights up to 5,300 lbs. Please upgrade it to an AWD; you will make a chance to carry more by paying $1,900+ approximately. Another improvement that is expected to come is its towing capacity.

What’s inside? You can check the details on the following explanations.

New 2023 Ford Explorer XLT

The Interior Concept

The eXtra Luxurious Truck remains stuck in providing only luxury items for its users. If you dream of having an XLT, be prepared to handle premium qualities even in its interior.

The cabin configuration of the 2023 Ford Explorer XLT remains to carry seven passengers with a maximum towing as aforementioned (5,300 lbs., upgradeable). The dashboard seems legit premium, which can also be seen on its leather seats. An adjustable steering wheel keeps your XLT modern and perfect for such a lux car.

Completing the scene is its most interesting vertically standing touchscreen panel. The size is still the standard 10.1-inch, yet it can be different at the release time. Another thing you’ll need to check as you purchase the unit is its newly upgraded infotainment system. Its smartphone connectivity software: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, will also be improved.

You can bring along your little family and load four big luggage along with its ample space. Its towing capacity is big enough, and when you pair it with the engine aspect mentioned next, you’ll get an SUV you’d treasure.

Ford Explorer XLT Engine Prediction

Will the Ford Explorer XLT 2023 engine change? Well, it can be. The standard trim of Explorer is predicted to be powered with a turbocharged 2.3 L engine. This alone will be able to produce a powerful 300 HP—all while running on its rear wheels. It is also said that it will provide you with an option of AWD, which makes going faster more possible.

The RWD/AWD configuration is predicted to be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. This features you a smoother move while driving. Handling is also expected to be as pleasant as the current release, and it’s also not boisterous to go this.

It is also predicted to be paired with a hybrid engine. However, since the carmaker itself hasn’t yet confirmed it as an official feature of Ford Explorer, it is better not to expect too much.

So, that is the prediction detail of the 2023 Ford Explorer XLT specification. What do you think about the car? Will it suit your expectation?