2023 Cadillac CT6 New Prototype Version Sightings in the United States

The CT6 is dead for good for the North American market. So, why is it a prototype version of a potential 2023 Cadillac CT6 that was seen recently there?

Currently, the status of the Cadillac CT6 in North America is dead—as the large luxury sedan was axed out of production after only four years. On the other hand, it seems quite clear that Cadillac as a brand is moving towards the future of electrified vehicles. This certainly causes some confusion when a disguised, upcoming generation of the CT6 prototype version was seen during a testing session in Michigan recently. Could it be the new 2023 Cadillac CT6 model year?

2023 Cadillac CT6 New
2023 Cadillac CT6 New

The Spotted Prototype Version of the Possible 2023 Cadillac CT6

Predicting the steps that Cadillac’s going to take for the upcoming several months is actually not that hard: the brand is looking forward to finally unveiling the 2023 Lyriq that’s touted as their EV breakthrough and the superior SUV 2023 Escalade-V.

There are a couple of new models waiting in lines to be launched to join the current SUV and sedan lineups under this brand. That being said, professional automobile reviewers and industry insiders generally agree that none of them have groundbreaking characteristics—both from the performance, sustainability, or appearance-wise.

Despite it all, the spotted testing of what seems to be the CT6’s successor may change this view. After 2020, the model dropped for the North American market but it continues to be available in the Chinese market where the consumers’ appetite for sedans is still relatively high. The possibility of a redesigned 2023 Cadillac CT6 seems to be likely considering the sighting of its new prototype. Even if you hate to be optimistic about its comeback, it’s probably because Cadillac deems it to be easier to play around with the prototypes in the proximity of its original headquarters instead of sending the flagship sedan all the way to the other part of the world.

2023 Cadillac CT6 Interior
2023 Cadillac CT6 Interior

Dimensions, Powertrain, and Redesign of the Sighted Testing CT6 Variant

Size-wise, the CT6 prototype version seems to be similar to the old CT6 possesses a length of almost 206 inches. In the place of its original notchback design, however, this new sedan sports a fastback-like angled roof design. It appears to underpin the GM’s VSS-R RWD platform, which is part of the platform portfolio intended for ICE-powered models that replaces CT6’s Omega platform as well as CT4’s and CT5’s Alpha II platform.

The VSS-F platform is built for mini and subcompact car models that come in the FWD system, while the VSS-S platform is intended to be given to small and mid-size car models in the FWD system. Another one, the VSS-T platform is meant to be received by body-on-frame car models.

The upcoming 2023 Cadillac CT6 in China is expected to bring the same powertrain options: a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder, 3L twin-turbocharged V6, or a plug-in hybrid component paired with a gasoline-powered powertrain.

From the spotted sighting alone, the next generation CT6 seems to offer a newly sculpted outer design with the brand’s signature perpendicular and parallel lighting elements, which can be found on Cadillac’s current models—on both of its front and back fascia areas.

The parallel-placed lightings match the streamlined profile of this upscale sedan, as well as its slope and less boxy appearance compared to modern Caddy models. Compared to the most recent generation of the CT6, the C-pillars are clearly slimmer, perhaps to follow the Cadillac CT5’s styling cues which allows for a more significant rear vanity window. The design impacts from CT4 and CT5 are visible in some parts, especially the trapezoid-shaped exhaust tips.

2023 Cadillac CT6
2023 Cadillac CT6

Potential of the Cadillac CT6 to Come Back to North America

Does the sighting of the next-gen CT6 on American soil indicate that the model is going to be resurrected here?  Unfortunately, it is certainly no. The EV Celestiq is slotted to debut in the latter part of this year as the new flagship sedan model of the brand. Bringing back an ICE-powered 2023 Cadillac CT6 will not make sense as it doesn’t match the company’s future direction.