2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition Trim, Upgrades, and Price Details

The M4 is often praised as one of the best models from BMW solely because of how exciting it is. Here’s what you can expect the 2023 BMW M4 to bring.

The BMW M4 that’s essentially a 2-door version of the M3 is known to provide enhanced luxury, comfort, and generous cabin space. Performance has always been the strongest point of this upscale sedan. Continue reading below if you’re interested in how the 2023 BMW M4 will arrive soon.

2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition
2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition

A Brief Insight into the BMW M4

When the BMW 3-Series coupe and convertible variants were split, the 4-Series was launched as a part of the renumbering attempt. The 4-Series (G22) offers various improved specs and features compared to the 3-Series such as better suspension, a more powerful engine, enhanced exhaust and brake systems, and reduced weight. Naturally, an M4 (G82) model was also released as a counterpart of the M3 coupe—both being the high-performance sibling of each base model respectively.

Now, the BMW M4 is in its second generation. It is heavily based on the regular 4-Series, as teased through the BMW Concept 4, which is hardly surprising considering it is essentially the more performance-oriented variant of the 4-Series. The production starts in November 2020 and international sales start in early 2021. Later in May 2021, the M4’s new convertible variant followed to be released.

Some of the most noteworthy updates offered by the 2nd generation M4 compared to the previous one are the 35 kW battery system and the adoption of a kidney-shaped grille.

2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition Interior
2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition Interior

The Special Edition M4 CSL

The most significant news brought by the 2023 BMW M4 release is the launch of a limited-run CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight) trim. Compared to the M4 Competition trim, this special edition model provides an extra 40 horsepower, making it capable to generate up to 543 horsepower. It is claimed to bear 240 pounds lighter weights as well, partly due to the elimination of the rear seats.

Other factors that contribute to the reduced weight are the use of carbon fiber materials on its hood, trunk, roof, and seats, titanium material for the exhaust setup, and carbon-ceramic for the brakes. A lot of the suspension parts are traded with stiffer items such as the engine and transmission mounts. Moreover, the 19” and 20” staggered wheels are lighter as well.

Power and Designs

Aside from the new limited-edition CSL trim, there are two powertrain types offered by the M4: a 3L 6 turbocharged 6-cylinder engine (473 HP, 406 lb-ft of torque) that supports the entry-level S58 trim and a 3L 6 turbocharged 6-cylinder engine (503 HP, 479 lb-ft of torque) that powers the M Competition trim. Either of them is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and is available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive variants.

Both models earn 16/23 mpg city/highway fuel economy ratings by the EPA. However, note that these are the figures for the 2021 model year because the 2022 ones haven’t received their ratings yet, let alone the 2023 BMW M4.

In general, the M4 offers similar interior arrangement and dimensions as the standard BMW 4-Series. However, it provides a range of race car-inspired features and distinctive materials. The thickly enclosed steering wheel brings a couple of red-colored buttons to switch into M-driving modes. Customers can also opt for carbon fiber trim pieces and extensive paddle shifters attached to the car’s steering column.

Plushy seats with illuminated emblems are available by adding the M Sport package, along with a built-in headrest and ventilation that makes its debut in the M4. The optional feature of carbon fiber front-row seats enhances the appearance and reduces the weight.

Although the rear seat area of the M4 is not as spacious as the M3, the amount of space is still comfortable enough. Choosing the convertible variant allows limitless headroom by retracting the fabric roof.

Each of the 2023 BMW M4 features a modern-looking 12.3” infotainment screen. The system offers an abundance of control methods to navigate the menu and change the settings such as physical buttons located on the steering wheel, a massive rotary knob and buttons placed on the center console, and voice controls. Some standard features are including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity options, and a premium Harman Kardon stereo sound setup. Meanwhile, the available optional features are including gesture command, a wireless smartphone charger, and a subscription-based wireless hotspot.

2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition Release Date
2023 BMW M4 Special-Edition Release Date

The 2023 BMW M4 Price Details

Similar to other 2023 models of the BMW lineup, the M4 is also offered at an increased price compared to the previous model year. The 2023 BMW M4 price range starts at $75,695. The limited-edition M4 CSL trim is offered at $140,895 and only 1000 units are produced globally.