2023 BMW M340i Upgraded Features, Designs, Arrival Date, and Pricing

The M340i is built for performance-thirsty drivers. Have a look at the new styling and features offered by the 2023 BMW M340i here.

The BMW 3-Series used to be the breadwinner model of the manufacturer. Even though it has been exceeded by the X3 and X5 SUVs sales number-wise, it remains one of the top-selling cars across BMW lineups. Entering the fourth model year of its current generation, the sedan receives upgraded interior and styling while retaining its powertrain. Read below what is brought by the 2023 BMW M340i, as the highest-spec trim of the 3-Series range.

2023 BMW M340i
New 2023 BMW M340i

The BMW 3-Series Updates

As it has been officially announced, the BMW 3-Series is given a mid-cycle upgrade for the 2023 model year that earns the upcoming production a label of the 2023 3-Series LCI (Life Cycle Impulse). The high-demand sedan arrives with an edgier design and a set of new features while maintaining its mechanical package.

If you aren’t familiar with what an LCI is, it’s important to know first that BMW updates its automobile products in three different ways. The first category of updates happens once every seven years which brings the most improvements out of the three. The second category is related to the altered powertrain. Meanwhile, the third category, which is touted as the LCI is the refresher a vehicle receives when it almost reaches the end of its generation and it revolves more around styling.

This is why it’s not surprising to know that the soon-to-arrive 3-Series, including the 2023 BMW M340i gains a lot of design upgrades. Expect the 3-Series to sport a smaller grille in contrast to other models in BMW lineups that receive larger flared nostrils. The fact that the kidney-shaped grille is not too in-your-eyes makes the sedan look better than before. It also boasts visually sportier and simmers LED headlights and significantly-sized air intakes. The rear part of the car also follows similar styling cues as the front with a generally more muscular appearance, slimmer taillights, and rear-wheel arch flares.

Even though from the outside, the 3-Series LCI sports a sharper and sleeker appearance, the most dramatic redesign happens on the inside. For the first time, the car model receives a curved screen style—plucked straight from BMW iX—that can be seen in two displays: the 14.9” infotainment touchscreen and the 12.3” digital gauge cluster. Similar to how it looks like in the iX, the dual-screen arrangement looks extremely modern and excellent, even more, if you pair it with the Harman Kardon audio setup that comes as standard in the M340i trim.

Aside from the fresh elegant curved screen, the infotainment system is paired with the most recent 8th generation BMW iDrive, which is claimed by the manufacturer to make the whole driving experience easier by providing a more high-resolution display and more user-friendly interface.

The 2023 3-Series also drops its traditional gear shifter and replaces it with a toggle switch located on the center console. This is a major adjustment that may not be welcomed by every BMW heavy enthusiast, but all in all, it shows that the luxury automaker constantly puts effort into creating different adjustments for their automobiles both inside and out.

2023 BMW M340i Interior
2023 BMW M340i Interior

The 2023 BMW M340i Trim-Specific Upgrades

Across the trim level range carried by the BMW 3-Series, the M430i is billed as the most performance-focused variant (obviously apart from the genuine M3 counterpart). The 2023 BMW M340i continues to be powered by a combination of a 3L 6-cylinder engine and 48-volt power assist hybrid.

In addition to fresh adjustments that come standard in the 3-Series, there are some new upgrades reserved for the M340i. M Sport package is now offered that adds package-exclusive suspension, brakes, and differential. Moreover, the trim also offers a rear spoiler, variable gear ratio steering system, aerodynamic kit, a premium Harman Kardon audio setup, and the manufacturer’s Comfort Access doors (keyless entry).

Appearance-wise, the 2023 BMW M340i provides a new color option Brooklyn Gray, which is also offered for the entry-level 330 trim if you add the M Sport Package.

Some optional extra features that can make the M340i appear even more outstanding are the special “M” emblem due to Motorsports’ 50th anniversary, 19” M double-spoke dark wheels, and red-colored M Sport brakes.

2023 BMW M340i Redesign
2023 BMW M340i Redesign

Release Date and Pricing

The 2023 BMW M340i and the upcoming 3-Series as a whole will be released for the US market in July 2022. The base M340i is available for $54,850 according to the recent announcement, while the xDrive variant is available for $56,850.