2023 BMW M5, Expected to Carry PHEV Technology

From the spy photos that have been captured, most of the features of the 2023 BMW M5 are predictable. Let’s check more details below.

Recently, there was rumored news saying that BMW will make a splash in the automotive world with the release of the next generation 2023 BMW M5. The prototype of this latest sedan still has no signs or information regarding the production stage.

2023 BMW M5 Design
2023 BMW M5 Design

PHEV Technology Will be Put to the Forefront to Use

However, you will be relieved a little by the spy shots that have been captured by several photographers. In the taken photos, BMW M5 is fitted with a quad exhaust to show off that ‘quad’ means the M5 series.

Look also at the brakes mounted on the wheels of this car. Its sheer size gives a hint that the 2023 BMW M5 is no ordinary series, but you can expect the test car to be far more impressive than that.

If you are curious about what kind of electrical system is embedded in this car, take a look at the driver’s door for clues to your curiosity. There, you will find a sticker that says “Hybrid Test Vehicle”.

Still don’t know after seeing the sticker? Keep your eyes on the lid on the front fender. The cover clearly shows the automaker uses Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technology in this M5 series.

The similarity of this car with the 545e xDrive which is currently still circulating is the use of a fuel cap. The shape, position, and size of this 2023 BMW M5 fuel cap at first glance make no difference when viewed from a distance.

2023 BMW M5 Interior
2023 BMW M5 Interior

V8 is Still the Main Engine Choice

What makes you experience the second volume of curiosity may be the use of the V8 engine by BMW. Will the automaker replace it with another machine or keep this one? If you can bet, surely most of you will answer they still maintain the V8 engine.

A little flashback to November 2021 where Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M at that time, gave his response in an interview held by the automotive media, Auto Motor und Sport. In the interview, he explained BMW’s engineers had worked hard and finally found the option to deliver a more efficient inline six- and eight-cylinder engine.

This discovery allows both engines to save more on fuel use and meets stricter emission regulatory standards on the European continent in particular. The former CEO of BMW M also added that the two high-performance engines will continue to be used at least until 2030.

The polarizing concept of BMW XM, which entered the production stage at the end of 2021, also strengthens the fact the V8 engine remains an irreplaceable choice. The PHEV adjustment belonging to this generation after the M1 will likely be transferred to the BMW M5 with some changes. These changes are predicted to make BMW M produce around 750 HP.

With the combination of a V8 engine with additional power from an electric motor, the automaker must be observant and pay attention to the problem of increasing the car’s weight. They should be able to adjust the weight of the car within certain limits given the short thought that the heavier the car, the heavier the car’s speed.

2023 BMW M5 Concept
2023 BMW M5 Concept

Expected to Be Lighter than the Previous Model

As a reminder, the 2021 BMW M5 CS Hardcore that’s presented in the Competition model still has a total weight of more than 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg), even though it has been utilized with the result of a weight reduction of 230 pounds (104 kg). This car seems to still be able to maximize its performance by reducing the weight of spare parts that can be repaired.

However, not all fans are looking forward to the upcoming 2023 BMW M5 as an agile car that can maneuver astonishingly around corners, like the latest models currently on the market.

Even though BMW M5 is a 2023MY, we most likely won’t see it on the market until the end of 2023. It is predicted the 2023 BMW M5 will be marketed in 2024 in the United States using the iDrive 8 platform. If you are a big fan of BMW or a collector, it is a good idea to wait for the special edition version that’s usually released after the standard edition.