2023 BMW M2 All-New Generation Specs, Features, and Estimated Price

An all-new generation of M2 Series will arrive soon, with more horsepower and an option of a manual transmission. Read further details about the 2023 BMW M2 here.

The 2023 BMW M2 is set to be released soon and it is predicted to maintain the pleasant driving experience offered by its predecessor with the option of manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. Even though it will share the same platform as the standard BMW 2-series, the upcoming M2 generation is touted to offer maximized performance.

2023 BMW M2
New 2023 BMW M2

An Overview of the BMW M2

The BMW 2-Series has its pride when it comes to being one of the luxury automaker’s lineups. It was a vehicle desired by youngsters with an appealing body style and justifiable price tag considering the range of its offerings. However, these qualities are amplified even further by the M2.

The M2 series is a performance-oriented version of the regular 2-Series, which was assembled by the M GmbH—the motorsport division of the German automaker. The 2-Series itself was a replacement for the BMW 1-Series. When it first debuted, the whole initial generation of the M2 was billed as the most modest model of the M vehicle range.

That being said, the successors of the M2, the M2 CS, and M2 Competition are equipped with even higher performing M GmbH-produced twin-turbocharged powertrain that offers enhanced braking systems, suspension, handling, exterior and interior design, aerodynamic body upgrades, heavier weight, and a badge of tri-colored ‘M’ emblem that stands for Motorsport.

The M2 made its first appearance in November 2015 in the mobile game Need for Speed: No Limits. Later in early 2016, it premiered during the NA International Motor Show. The production phase started in October 2015 and available for customers since 2016.

2023 BMW M2 Interior
2023 BMW M2 Interior

What’s New for the 2023 BMW M2

The upcoming 2023 BMW M2 is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, which doesn’t change from the previous model year, but it is expected to bring more power than the current 405 HP 3L engine on the M2 Competition. The horsepower range of this new engine is not known yet, but it is predicted to generate at least midst 400 horsepower range. The powertrain will be paired with either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission and RWD system as the standard.

Obviously, as a member of the M-series car, the M2 will feature various developments regarding its chassis and a distinctively tuned suspension.

Similar to the upcoming BMW 2-Series, the all-new M2 will carry an approximately 2” longer wheelbase compared to the prior generation that’s measured at 106” and even though the current generation already has a broad shoulder, the upcoming one will receive an additional 2” width. As a reference, the most recent BMW M4 model is measured at slightly over 112” long and a bit over 74” wide. It is claimed that these additions will provide enhanced rigidity, along with the fact that the upcoming M2 is going to sport a heavier body as well.

Interior-wise, the 2023 BMW M2 is most probably to follow the simplicity offered by the BMW 2-Series which it’s assembled upon. The rest of the details regarding the car haven’t been announced yet so the public has to wait for what is anticipated to be the best product out of the manufacturer so far.

2023 BMW M2
2023 BMW M2

More Details to Be Anticipated and Price Estimation

As the standard 2-Series from the luxury automaker is entering a whole new generation, it is not surprising that its high-performance sibling, the M2, is following the step as well.

So far, some industry experts and insiders were recently invited to see a range of new products from BMW, including the 2023 BMW M2 that was shown in its pre-production shape during the limited-view testing. Although it seems like the production further seems to not stray from that pre-production form, the engineers of the automaker appear to be eager to gather outsiders’ feedbacks, which mostly consists of journalists.

By now, the available information about M2 is still limited. However, more details are expected to be dropped soon. A lot of leaked details and insider information about the upcoming generation of this high-performing car are buzzing around as well.

As of current, only a glimpse of the 2023 BMW M2 is accessible to the public, but there’s no doubt it’s going to bring a satisfying performance and power. About its design, that will have to wait. Pricing details haven’t been announced as well, but it’s going to be pricier than the previous generation. For the sake of your reference, the 2021 M2 starting price sits at nearly $60,000.