2023 BMW i8M: What is Known So far About the New Hybrid Luxury Car

The 2023 BMW i8M is set to go on sale in the latter part of next year. See what it has to offer in the following, including the price estimation.

Although it seems like the current BMW i8 is still yet to reach the performance vision that the luxury automaker had upon it, it doesn’t appear that the manufacturer is going to give it up. The i8M is said to be the next in the series that provides whole upgraded specifications compared to the recent model. The good news, the 2023 BMW i8M is on the way for next year’s release, although it is most like to be launched as a 2024 model year. Regardless, it brings the promises of increased power, revised styling, a more competent chassis, and an extended electric mileage range. Read more about it below.

New 2023 BMW i8M
New 2023 BMW i8M

Possible Powertrain

Despite being touted as the 2023 BMW i8M model by a lot of enthusiasts, two things must be set straight of straight first: the i8M is not actually an official name for the upcoming generation of BMW’s hybrid sports car and it is actually predicted to be released as a 2024 model year, or even further in the future.

At that point, not much is known about the i8M, from its detailed specifications, full features, or even simply just the trim range. It is predicted, however, that the car will be offered in the same two body style options as the current i8, which comprises coupe and roadster variants.

Another most likely scenario is the new i8M will be equipped with the same plug-in hybrid motor as the i8. This means it’s probably offered in the front-wheel-drive system. In addition to the 1.5L turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, the manufacturer has stated that the new vehicle will also provide a turbocharged 4-cylinder option. The combination of gasoline and electric system is claimed to generate up to 591 HP—far more powerful than the 369 HP output by the current i8. Consequently, it puts the i8M in the same class as the Polestar 1, Lexus LC 500H, and Acura NSX.

The electric mileage range of the present-day i8 is 18 miles, and it is hardly an impressive figure. No detail has been dropped officially about the battery size information, but the electric mileage range of the BMW Vision M NEXT is announced to be 62 miles. This indicates that the engineers at BMW use a whole larger battery unit or somehow have discovered a new advanced method to cram higher mileage out of the 11.6 kWh battery that supports the current i8.

Obviously, as practically nothing is known yet about the 2023 BMW i8M, the fuel economy ratings estimated by the EPA are not yet been released as well. As a result of the enhanced electric mileage range, the new i8M is expected to boost the fuel consumption rates compared to the standard i8, in addition to improved driving performance and acceleration. When the model finally comes out, you may check the ratings at the official website of the EPA.

2023 BMW i8M Interior
2023 BMW i8M Interior

Interior Design and Features Predictions

At this point, not many details about the 2023 BMW i8M are known to the public. However, drawing some noteworthy drawbacks from the current i8, hopefully, the new model will be equipped with a better-hinged door that makes the car occupants can get in and out of the vehicle easier. Styling- and material-wise, it is safe to expect that the i8M will carry a lot of improvement with appealing designs and advanced features. In terms of cargo and storage capacity, no dramatic change is expected, although an extra trunk in the front feature is a possibility.

Considering that it won’t be released at least until next year, the infotainment features might bring plenty of updates compared to the base i8. The luxury automaker has displayed a lot of futuristic infotainment functions in its Vision M Next concept. One of the examples is the Boost Pod which comprises a head-up display and a set of glass screens that allow the driver to access entertainment functions and information related to the car. Similar prediction also applies to the driver assistance features.

2023 BMW i8M Design
2023 BMW i8M Design

Release Date and Price Estimation

According to the automobile producer, the 2023 BMW i8M (or 2024) will be available by late 2023. Although the company still keeps a lot of secrets about the car, it is not hard to predict that the new i8M will cost a whole lot of dollars—even by standards of luxury cars. Both the coupe and roadster versions are forecasted to touch the $160,000 price point.