2023 BMW 330

The 3-Series from BMW has become a top-selling entry-level luxury sports sedan for years. See how the 2023 BMW 330 trims will roll out next.

The BMW 3 Series has it all: from the popularity that translates into popularity to critical acclaim. However, it is undeniable that lately, the lineup feels slightly outdated in comparison with its newer competitors like the most recent release of the Mercedes C-Class. The 2023 BMW 330 is going to be dropped soon as a part of the new model year of the series and is expected to bring refreshing air to the best-selling luxury car with revised interior and exterior features.

2023 BMW 330 Changes
2023 BMW 330 Changes

Differences Between the ICE and Electrified 2023 BMW 330 Variants

Customers in the United States can choose three available trims from the BMW 3 Series line: the 330 model which offers the entry-level 330i and the hybrid-supported 300e trims, and the top-range M340i. This post will specifically discuss the two 330 trims, which variant you can choose whether you’d like a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine or a budget-saving and low emissions one.

Let’s start with the ICE-powered 2023 BMW 330 version, the 330i, which is overall a great car. It is comfortable and exciting to drive, with a luxurious interior. Bumping up the cost by several thousand bucks, you can get the 330e model that sports a plug-in hybrid system that provides electric driving mode with better efficiency and more power.

That being said, the 330e model is about 440 lbs. heavier compared to the base combustion engine-powered version, due to its battery. According to the automaker’s claim, the battery alone weighs approximately 330 lbs. and other components of the hybrid system contribute to the other 110 lbs. The additional heft is most noticeable at the wheel. Now, the weight difference may not give a drastic impact. While it can be noticeable for the enthusiasts, for most people, the impacts will not outweigh the benefits.

As the 330’s battery is planted beneath the back-row seats, the fuel tank is located on top of the rear axle. This makes the 330e offer narrower cargo space than the 330i. That being said, owners can lower the floor of this hybrid vehicle leaving more or less space enough for a bag. The trunk, on the other hand, is naturally small.

Both variants of the 330 trims will be manufactured in the BMW’s newest assembly plant in Mexico, at least for the U.S. market. The sibling M3 is expected to continue being assembled in the automaker’s home country, Germany.

2023 BMW 330 Interior
2023 BMW 330 Interior

Some Upgrades on the Interior and Exterior Parts

At a glance, no dramatic visible change can be detected from the 2023 BMW 330. However, with a more detailed examination, it is clear that the manufacturer has given some small exterior upgrades to maintain its freshness.

The front bumper of the 3-series is updated with a less chiseled appearance as before, now sporting more minimalistic lines and a bit more significant air intake. The sedan also receives a revised headlight with a visible rounder design and without the notch. The rear end section stays similar for most parts, even though the diffuser at the back is upgraded.

Moving on to the inside part, the 2023 model year of the 3-series receives a new large curved display on the whole dashboard. The newest release also offers fewer buttons on the center console. A toggle lever is placed where a conventional gear shifter was located previously.

All in all, the biggest adjustment by the 3-series is the double displays of a 12.3” instrument cluster screen and a 14.9” infotainment screen. It acquires the newest iDrive 8 functions from the manufacturer. Navigation comes as standard, and voice commands are now added to the windows, sunroof, and climate control function of the car. A wireless hotspot is also now available.

2023 BMW 330 Redesign
2023 BMW 330 Redesign

Maintained Powertrain and Offered Safety Features

Engine-wise, nothing is changed for the 2023 BMW 330. The base trim 330i continues with a 255 HP 2L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, and the electrified version adds an electric powertrain that contributes to a total of 288 HP power.

The safety features offered by the 2023 model year are also expected to remain the same, with forwarding collision warning, rain-sensing windshield wipers, automatic emergency braking, and automatic emergency braking as standard. Meanwhile, some available optional features are blind-spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

The 2023 BMW 330 Release Date and Pricing

It has been confirmed that the 2023 BMW 330, which also means the whole line of the 3-series will go on sale in July 2022. The pricing range should increase from the previous model year beginning at around $42,400 to $78,000.