Tesla Model X 2024 Refresh

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Tesla Model X 2024 RefreshThe Tesla Model X has been around for almost a decade and still retains its character. It is a popular choice among families who want to switch over to electric vehicles. The Model X is spacious and has seating for up to seven people. Its estimated range, according to the EPA, can reach 348 miles. The Model X has a lot of cargo space and a distinctive design. The upward-opening falcon-wing rear doors will also be a conversation starter even if you are grumbling about the low garage overhead clearance.

Tesla Model X 2024 Refresh
Tesla Model X 2024 Refresh

It’s a lucky coincidence that the Model X, in particular in its bananas fast Plaid trim can leave other sports cars in a dust cloud. Tesla is Tesla and the Model X has rolling software updates that are available throughout a model year. These updates usually focus on performance or convenience upgrades.

Tesla has announced that it will make more changes to the car in 2024. These include the addition of a new glass roof, which Tesla claims is lighter and lets more light enter the cabin while maintaining the same UV protection. Improved braking is also promised by upgraded brake pads which can handle higher temperatures. Ultra Red, a new stunning shade of red that costs an additional $3,000 makes it the most costly optional paint in the range.

Model X 2024 will be a Tesla trademark, complete with its pros and cons. Apple CarPlay will probably remain unobtainable, as Tesla chooses to do things its way when it comes to infotainment. Although it is not a deal-breaker for thousands of Tesla owners, the smartphone integration feature can be found on rival SUVs such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS and BMW iX. The new Rivian R1S is a Jeep-like vehicle that offers a higher clearance than the Model X. The new three-row Kia EV9 is expected to offer all of the Model X’s features at a price that is almost half as much. Tesla Model X 2024 Refresh


The midsized Model X is a testament to the Tesla brand’s reputation for performance. Model X standard has 670 hp, and it accelerates very quickly. Plaid, with its 1,020-hp engine, is even faster. Be sure to warn your passengers before you put your foot down.

The brakes are strong, reliable, and easy to operate in traffic. They also provide a good amount of regenerative braking when the driver needs to accelerate quickly. You can drive without ever touching the brakes if you lift off the accelerator. The X is nimble and agile, even though we don’t like the steering yoke. Its low center of mass, adaptive suspension, and ultra-quick steering make it seem nimble. The large family SUV is more car-like.

The adaptive air suspension is a feature of all the Tesla larger models including the Model X that improves the ride quality. The Model X is able to handle road bumps admirably, even with its 20-inch tires and tire pressure exceeding 45 psi. The cabin is well-insulated from outside noise and this quality makes it a comfortable place to be.

The Model X seats are well-cushioned, and you can adjust them to your own comfort level. The synthetic leather is not breathable, and even mildly hot weather can cause the seats to feel too warm. Model X climate control is easy to operate, but the extra large windshield allows in more heat on hot days.

The Model X has excellent storage. Combining the large cargo space at the rear (which includes underfloor storage in the 5-seat configuration), with the biggest trunk available, the X is the most efficient vehicle for hauling goods. The Model X can tow up to 5,000 lbs., though we do not recommend an EV for long-distance towing.

Model X has a better and more innovative in-cabin compartment storage system for small objects. Under a sliding lid with adjustable drawers, there’s a large storage area. Although we’re not sure it is the most efficient, this design by Tesla has been our favorite so far.

There is enough room behind an average driver to fit a rear-facing seat with a Falcon wing door. The car seat anchors, however, are hidden a little too deep and because of the fixed headrests, the top tethers have to be routed awkwardly on the side.

Tesla Model X 2024 Interior
Tesla Model X 2024 Interior


The doors on the Model X are clearly the most impressive feature. The driver’s side door opens and closes automatically (brilliant!) You can also open the back doors like wings. The rear doors are unrivaled in their ability to provide access to the back seats. They can be a liability in garages or other low-ceilinged areas.

Tesla’s Model X has made some mistakes in the user interface. It is difficult to use the steering wheel, which has been controversial. The decision was made to replace the column stalks with touch-sensitive buttons. This makes simple daily tasks more complicated. You have to temporarily take your eye off the road to use the correct arrow buttons, even to change lanes. It’s a lot easier to use the 17-inch touchscreen than it was on the Model X, but you will need some time to learn the menu system.

The first and second rows have generous interior space. Third-row headroom is somewhat compromised by the complex falcon-wing doors. The extra-large windscreen provides an unmatched panoramic view.

Despite the Model X’s technological wonders, it has some flaws. Bluetooth, which is not a good substitute for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration is another major drawback. You can use the internet while parked to watch Netflix, or browse YouTube videos – provided that you have a Tesla data subscription or are connected via Wi-Fi.

Model X advanced driver assistance systems were also not as reliable as other Teslas that we have tested. The adaptive cruise was susceptible to false collision warnings and the lane centering appeared to favor the driver’s side line rather than the middle. It’s cool to be able to view a real-time map that shows all of the motorcycles and cars around you. We also like the fact that the rearview cam can be accessed at any time.

Tesla has a number of innovations, including over-the-air software updates. These can include new features or system improvements. The big screen in the center is also the biggest one available, and it has crisp graphics, as well as a Google-based navigation system. The only thing we don’t like is the fact that you can be temporarily left without a map in areas with poor service.

Tesla Model X 2024 Changes
Tesla Model X 2024 Changes


Model X’s base model comes with standard two motors, one on the front axle and the other at the back. This allows for all-wheel-drive. Tesla’s claimed zero-to-60 mph time is 3.8 seconds, but in our tests, we were able to beat it with a run of just 3.3 seconds. We have not yet verified the acceleration time for this high-performance 1020-hp, three-motor Plaid variant. It claims a zero-to-60mph time of just 2.5 seconds. The Model S Plaid, the Model X sedan’s platform-mate, managed a zero-to-60 mph time of 2.1 seconds. Although the X has respectable handling, its main feature is its strong acceleration.

Model X is equipped with a standard battery that can cover a 348-mile driving distance. Upgrading to the Plaid version reduces the driving range estimate to 333. Tesla Superchargers are available across the nation and allow for quick recharging. Tesla sells in-home chargers that allow owners to charge their cars at home using 240V and 120V connections. This is slower but more convenient.

The Model X has the best MPGe rating among all other SUVs of similar size. The base models achieved ratings of 107 in the city, 97 on highways, and a combined 102 MPGe. This metric shows that even the Plaid, which trades off some efficiency in favor of faster acceleration, is outperforming key competitors such as Jaguar I-Pace SUVs and Audi e-Tron.