2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2: Review, Specs & Price

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2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2: Review, Specs & PriceChevy’s heavy-duty pickup truck buyers have big jobs. After moving mountains metaphorically or hauling large payloads, these people probably want to have fun just like us. The 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2 is the answer to this question. It’s not only more useful than most three-quarter-ton models, but it can also crawl over rocks and play in the dirt.

2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2
2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2


Chevy’s ZR2 moniker, which is geared towards off-roading, already appears on mid-size Colorado as well as the full-size Silverado 1500. The fun-loving ZR2 now joins the hardworking heavy-duty line-up, but it is only available for the 2500HD model with the crew-cab style body and standard-size bed. The truck is easy to recognize, with its massive grille and cool “flowtime” design. It also features different moldings on its wheel arches, as well as red tow hooks in the front and ZR2 badges.

The base 401 hp gas-fed V-8 is standard. However, buyers have the option to choose the Duramax diesel V-8 that generates 975 pound-feet of torque and 470 horsepower. Gas engines can tow up to 16,000 pounds and carry up to 3400 pounds. The diesel engine has a higher towing capacity (18,500 pounds), but its payload is limited to 3200 pounds.

No matter what’s underneath, each Silverado ZR2 is equipped with exclusive features. This includes a 35-inch set of Goodyear Wrangler Terrain M/T tires mounted to black 18-inch multispoke rims. Some may be surprised to find out that these are the first 35-inch tires installed at the factory on a Silverado. These tires pair up with the Multimatic DSSV spool valve dampers, which are arguably ZR2-specific. These shocks are equipped with three separate spool-valve dampers to improve off-road performance and on-road comfort.

2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2 Interior
2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2 Interior


The suspension of the heavy-duty Silverado ZR2 has been raised 1.5 inches on all four corners. The front upper and lower control arms, as well as the steering knuckles, have been revised. There’s a steel plate to protect the transmission and an aluminum skidplate up front in the event that the underbody of the truck comes into contact with a hard obstacle. An electronically locked rear differential helps manage traction, and the ZR2 comes with an Off-Road mode that can help you conquer rough terrain.

The partnership between Chevy and American Expedition Vehicles has a long history. We’ve tested the 2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison (and jumped), and we haven’t yet touched the 2023 Silverado 1500 ZR2 Bison. There’s also an animal-friendly version of the heavy-duty ZR2.

The 2024 Chevy 2500HD ZR2 bison has a big name, but it also comes with additional equipment to help it survive more severe beatings. The Bison, for example, comes with front and rear bumpers that are steel-stamped and have recovery points, a winch, and bash plates underneath. The 18-inch gloss black wheels from AEV complete the look of the Bison.

The AEV model has a steeper approach angle, peaking at 29.8° compared to 32.5°. The departure angle of both vehicles is the same at 25.7 inches, and their ground clearance measures 11.6-11.7 inches. Chevy claims the Bison weighs just a little over 380 pounds more.

The ZR2 has received updates that were included in the Silverado HD’s recent update. Interior materials are easy to clean and leather-appointed seating and dark trim look handsome. The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster is paired with a 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment unit, which gives access to surround-view cameras. A large head-up screen is also available, as well as a wireless charging pad in the center console.

2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2 Redesign
2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD ZR2 Redesign

Price and Release Date

Chevy hasn’t revealed the price of the 2024 Silverado ZR2, but we would guess that it will begin at around $80,000. If the price difference between the half-ton Silverado ZR2 model and the bovine version is any indication, those who wish to upgrade to the Bison will have to pay an additional $8000.

Production of the off-road version of the Silverado heavy-duty will begin later this summer in GM’s Flint assembly plant, in Michigan. Pricing will be revealed between now and then.