Kia Carnival 2024 Release Date: When Did 2024 Kia Carnival Come Out?

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Kia Carnival 2024 Release Date: When Did 2024 Kia Carnival Come Out?Kia is trying to position its Carnival people carrier as a mix of minivans and SUVs However, in reality, it’s more like an SUV than the former. Look at the massive sliding doors that slide out on either side, the massive three-row seating, and the engine that is limited to front-wheel drive and you’ll realize the reality. However, there’s no problem about the Carnival minivan being a great choice, especially when it’s like this.

Kia Carnival 2024
Kia Carnival 2024

The Kia Carnival 2024 has a Hyundai-Kia platform with the models of the Hyundai Tucson, and Kia Sportage but it’s different in its design and has almost no mechanical parts with its siblings and a close relative. There is only one engine available for this North American market: a 3.5-liter direct-injected V6 that can deliver 292 lb-ft of torque to the front axles via an 8-speed auto transmission.


Given that Kia Carnival was Kia Carnival only arrived in the USA in the model year 2022 calendar year Kia will keep the modifications to the 2024 model year as minor. There are no changes to the top-end SX as well as the SX Prestige trims, where the SX gets a 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Cluster, along with the 12.3-inch central display and blind-spot monitor. The SX also has a brand different option that is in the form of the dual-screen rear entertainment system equipped with streaming capabilities for media.

Its SX Prestige trim gets an eight-passenger Slide-Flex seating system, which includes seats that can be used for multiple purposes in the middle row however, these seats could be substituted with second row VIP Lounge Seats to be used as an alternative. This SX Prestige can also be equipped with a dual-screen rear seat entertainment system. There aren’t any cosmetic or mechanical adjustments to 2024.

The Kia Carnival 2024 is a minivan in its essence, however, it is a lot better than what its segment warrants. Seeing as it shares its platform with the surprisingly dynamically-accomplished Sorento, the Carnival’s driving experience is quite similar to that of its SUV sibling. Like the Sorento, its suspension setup is a bit towards the more bouncy side of pleasant but not in a way that any road imperfections disrupt the smooth, serene riding experience.

It’s a car that turns with ease, but it does have a visible body roll. it is in a fail-safe understeer option when a level of grip is attained. While the steering does not communicate a lot about the level of grip it has on the front tires it’s responsive, and there’s sufficient weight in the movement of the wheel to provide an impression of security when driving. This is as stable as a minivan is able to handle and is as good as competitors.

Its performance can be a bit mixed mostly due to the fact that the Carnival is only available using FWD. This means that the powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine is able to bring the front tires to life at a stop, however, when it’s in motion, there’s plenty of energy available to take on confidently. With 290 horses and 262 pounds of torque going into the front wheels via an automatic eight-speed transmission, there’s plenty of force to propel the Carnival from a stop up to 60 mph in seven seconds. That is quite remarkable for a vehicle of this kind of size.

Kia Carnival 2024 Interior
Kia Carnival 2024 Interior


Ival is large and spacious. It’s well-appointed. In the middle of the Carnival line-up, the LX as well as the SX Prestige models accommodate seven. There are also seven seats in the EX and SX models have a seating capacity of eight people as normal. The Carnival has sliding/removable second-row seating and third-row seats with reclining that can also fold down to the flooring.

Its SX Prestige comes exclusively with Second-row lounges that recline and slide, as well as leg extension All with the click of a button. The seats are comfortable, but they cannot be removed if you require extra space for cargo.

We’ve tried the Carnival with car seats for children and are able to confirm that they’re simple to put in. It’s also fairly easy for toddlers to climb to the third row, particularly with captain’s chairs in the second row. We did find that screens for the rear entertainment system placed on the backs of seats in front could create an obstruction for third-row access and exit.

Children and adults alike can find plenty of space in the initial two rows. In the third row, it is spacious. The Carnival offers 35.6 inches of legroom roughly average for the minivan. This is higher than a mid-sized 3-row SUV such as the Kia Telluride which has just 31.4 inches of legroom.

The Carnival is equipped with 86.9 cubic yards of space for cargo if you lower the third-row seats. In all seating places, the minivan can hold an impressive 40.2 cubic feet of space for cargo. The figures are pretty standard for minivans. It’s still a significant amount of capacity than a similar-priced SUV of a midsize size.

Kia Carnival 2024 Release Date
Kia Carnival 2024 Release Date


The Carnival is driven by the 3.5-liter V-6 that generates an impressive 290 horsepower with an 8-speed automated transmission as the standard. There is no all-wheel drive option offered, however, since the Carnival is a front-wheel-drive-only model. The Pacifica offers a plug-in hybrid engine, and Toyota Sienna is a hybrid model. Toyota Sienna comes as a hybrid on its own, however, there is no option for this setup during the Carnival.

We’re awestruck by the carnival’s balanced ride and control, which has a smooth cruise, yet is nonetheless composed and steady in turns. The V-6 engine is refined and provides quick acceleration. It accelerated the Carnival up to 60 miles per hour within 7.0 seconds on our test track.

Ratings for fuel economy according to the EPA for the Carnival include 19 mpg for the city as well as 26 mpg for the highway as well as 22 mpg in combination. We took a test of a Carnival using our 75-mph highway the fuel economy route that’s an integral part of our testing program, and returned 28 mpg on the highway, which is 2 mpg more than the EPA ratings.


The cost of the 2024 Kia Carnival minivan is a large part of the reason that makes it attractive. The basic LX-model Kia Carnival has a price that is $32,900. This is a lot cheaper than that of the Honda Odyssey which starts at $37,490. Then comes an LXS (LX Seat Package) with a price of $34,900. The EX was priced at $38,400 and then the SX was priced at $41,600. The most expensive SX Prestige model Kia Carnival will cost $46,000. This price does not include options or the delivery charge of $1,335. In 2024, the Kia Carnival is scheduled to start production in October 2023.