2024 Kia Carnival Electric: Will Kia Make the Carnival Electric?

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2024 Kia Carnival Electric: Will Kia Make the Carnival Electric?To remain competitive in the electrical automobile (EV) industry and to remain competitive, the Kia Carnival EV (or whatever name it comes with to the production) must have a range of 500-450 km, a 10-to 80 percent charge rate that is around 30 minutes and performance that is comparable to or is greater than the petrol-powered 200 kW V6 Kia Carnival.

2024 Kia Carnival Electric Review
2024 Kia Carnival Electric Review

Kia Carnival has committed to the launch of 11 new electric vehicles by 2026. 6 of them are SUVs, or human-driven comprising four models based on the brand new E-GMP modular platform, as well as two models built on the same platform as diesel and petrol-powered vehicles.

With the new generation Niro small SUV that features a petrol-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric options – expected to fill one of the slots, the combustion-powered EV Kia Carnival is expected to take the second slot. Keep an eye on Drive to get the latest information details about this Kia Carnival Hybrid and Kia Carnival EV as the time for their debut is near.


Kia Carnival 2024 EV Kia Carnival 2024 EV boasts an elegant and futuristic design with sleek lines and a striking front grille. The electric version features distinctive design elements, such as an enclosed front grille which aids in optimizing aerodynamics and reducing drag, and the blue light bar that runs across the upper edge of the grille which indicates the vehicle’s electric motor.

Kia Carnival 2024 EV Kia Carnival 2024 EV will come in three trim levels that include LX, EX, and SX each featuring its own distinctive design and features. The new Kia Kia Carnival individual mover might be equipped with an aroma-tasting fuel mixture as well as zero-emanations electronic variation in the coming years according to a different news report out of South Korea.

The report doesn’t say what time the electric and crossover Kia Carnival will show up in the form of a sent-off plan starting beginning in the first part of 2022 until the end of 2024, in all likelihood, it is likely that the mix will first go off during the latter part of 2022. Then it will follow with the electric version in 2024 after the year’s close. The creation of Stinger opens the door to possibilities for the construction process in a sequential fashion.

The details of the hybrid version were disclosed but it’s possible that it will have the same mechanics as that of the Sorento Hybrid (which shares the Kia Carnival platform) which is scheduled for an Australian launch in October 2021.

The Sorento is electrified and comes with a 1.6-turbo 4-cylinder gasoline engine. Liter of fuel equipped with an electric motor of 44kW, 1.5kWh battery, and the ability to transmit the front wheel 169kW or each of the 4 wheels.

According to Korean tests according to Korean testing procedures, the front-wheel drive Sorento hybrid model with 19-inch big wheels uses 7.0 L of gasoline per 100km of the cycle combined, as compared with 7.5L/100km for the all-wheel drive diesel version with 20-inch. The wheels are reduced by nearly 7 percent (or more, if in comparison to the 3.5-liter V6 model that is offered in Australia but the latter isn’t available the 3.5-liter V6 offered in Korea).

Applying this cut to Australian Kia Carnival could result in a fuel efficiency claim of 6.1L/100km which is a 60% decrease compared to the 2024 V6-powered Kia Carnival Platinum sold at local showrooms.

There aren’t many details about the electric vehicle, however, it is likely to be built on the same principles as Kia’s Kia Carnival combustion engine, instead of Hyundai and Kia’s bespoke ‘E-GMP design specifically designed to be used in electric cars. 2024 Kia Carnival Electric

2024 Kia Carnival Electric
2024 Kia Carnival Electric


Kia isn’t going to change much in 2024, and all the minor changes happen inside the. The SX trim includes the 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster, which was previously only available only to SX Prestige. Furthermore, it’s the SX Prestige gets a new standard seating configuration. Instead of the VIP Lounge seats that recline being standard, the standard model’s 8-seat configuration will be the standard configuration. It is possible to add VIP seats if they are what you’re looking for these instead.

The Carnivals depicted on this page are the best you’ll come across. The SX as well as the SX Prestige (pictured above) are top-of-the-line models that have better-quality materials and a lot more features. Be aware of this when you think about seeing large TVs and VIP Lounge seats inside the base model of $33,000 -it’s not even possible to get these on the regular SX but they’re available for models that are Prestige only. However, there’s less of a reduction in design and quality that you’ll see in the various Toyota Sienna trim levels, and each Carnival features a more luxurious appearance and feels than the more appliance-like Honda Odyssey. It’s important to note that even though the majority of the Carnival’s “wow” features are available in other minivans, none of them offer the same quantity of them in the same spot.

The infotainment system is comprised of analog gauges that are traditional and a user-friendly touchscreen of 8 inches that looks a bit cheap in a device that’s specifically designed for something larger. This is the 12.3-inch touchscreen that comes in the EX trim. The gauges can be swapped to the all-digital instrument panel for both the SX or SX Prestige only. Both SX trims come with touchscreens in the seatback (much as Chrysler Pacifica) Chrysler Pacifica) that include Netflix and YouTube apps, along with Kia’s Sounds of Nature white noise programs (parents of children under the age of five will be aware of why this is a huge deal). Carnivals with an 8-inch screen feature the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto However, those that have the 12.3-inch screen require wired connections. Each trim, with the exception of the base LX, comes with a wireless charger, and every trim comes with several USB ports in each row of seating. In addition, the SX, as well as the SX Prestige, have 115-volt inverters located in the rear on the middle console, and one located in the cargo space in the rear which can be used for accessories with an ordinary three-prong or two-prong plug.

The buyers can pick between seven-seat or eight-seat models like minivans. But this is where the comparisons end. The eight-passenger model we’ll be discussing in greater detail below (pictured above, below, bottom left, and top right) is unique in that it has a center seat that slides forward, and then up to the third row and even further. This can be useful in trying to fit as many car seats as you can onboard, or to create unique cargo and seating configurations. There are two different configurations for seven seats. The first is essentially removing the middle seat of eight passengers and includes inboard armrests for the captain’s chairs. The second option, which is only available in SX Prestige, is exclusive to and optional on SX Prestige (pictured above, left, and bottom right) and is referred to as VIP Lounge seats because of their huge recline and footrests that pop up. This is a fantastic option for families with more children.

The Carnival is smaller in the third row than its competitors. Its legroom is 35.6 inches approximately 2 inches less than the largest and it’s the Toyota Sienna, and 3 inches smaller than the Pacifica that is clearly the winner in terms of complete-house comfort. The third row is sufficient, and while other rows are more spacious but you won’t feel the difference.

Kia boasts the highest capacity for cargo in the industry in the industry at 40.2 cubic feet. This is after in the 3rd row. Kia also (just barely) boasts the biggest overall interior space of 145.1 cubic feet yet the Odyssey is close to being tied. However, it’s not able to enjoy the seats in the VIP section and all that cargo space because the seats can’t fold flat and are not detachable either. They can be moved forward and you’ll still have plenty of flat area and it’s an absolute inconvenience when compared to other minivans offering greater adaptability. If you’re in need of space, avoid the seats for VIPs on the SX Prestige. The eight-person SX can be seen below, with its distinctive middle seat that is pushed all the way forward.

2024 Kia Carnival Electric Interior
2024 Kia Carnival Electric Interior

Release Date

The 2024 Kia Carnival is scheduled to begin production in the month of October 2023.