2025 Lincoln Corsair: Will There be a 2025 Lincoln Corsair?

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2025 Lincoln Corsair: Will There be a 2025 Lincoln Corsair?In contrast to its competitors, Lincoln has yet to launch an electric vehicle. It’s expected to change over the next years and the initial Lincoln EV is expected to debut in 2025. Automotive News reports that it is expected to be an SUV with three seats and could possibly be an electric variant that is similar to the Aviator.

2025 Lincoln Corsair
2025 Lincoln Corsair

The decision on whether it keeps the Aviator label is yet to be determined however, the new EV will begin production in the latter half of 2025 from the Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada. The car will be manufactured along with a Ford-branded version and will make its debut when the more mainstream model comes out. We’d be amazed to see it take design cues from the stunning Star concept. It boasts a sleek design and beautiful interior.

The often-forgotten Aviator will not be wiped out at this point. It will undergo a facelift in early 2024, to help increase the sales of its competitors and ensure it remains in the market. But, the new Aviator is likely to remain for two years until it’s taken off the market in order to allow for the electronic successor.

Lincoln’s entry-level model at the time, the Corsair has been significantly updated to be ready for 2023’s model year. In addition to a redesigned appearance and a new interior, the infant Lincoln has now been upgraded to semi-autonomous capabilities because of the addition of ActiveGlide 1.2. While the Corsair draws new customers to the Lincoln brand, the latest version will not be made available by Lincoln in the United States. Production will cease by 2025.


Three years have passed since Corsair was replaced by the venerable MKC in the context of Corsair’s brand’s new name policy. The tiny luxury crossover was able to establish it among the more significant models of Corsair’s range which is why we got a new look to 2023’s model year. This update included not only changes to the exterior, but modifications too. This is a clear indication that the new model will likely become a carryover model. We’ll not rule out an opportunity to see that 2025 Lincoln Corsair with a couple of minor changes, particularly in relation to the options and equipment available.

In the end, this layout isn’t going to be altered and there will remain the same advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of things to appreciate about this small crossover. We are impressed by the sleek interior and the abundance of equipment that is standard. The system for infotainment is easy to use and the quality of the ride is good enough to be considered top-of-the-line.

What we can expect to see is a new model filled with the latest innovations that were unveiled during the model year 2023. The refresh introduced a number of new features, beginning with the front-end design that has been updated. The new design features a larger grille and the front ends look better than it did before. Additionally, models with a higher price have distinctive exterior trim. Overall it seems that this is the most attractive we can get in the coming model.

In terms of the mechanics, it’s pretty straightforward for the mechanics. The Corsair shares the same DNA as the Ford Escape, riding on an established C2 platform. Because of this, its ride seems enjoyable, even if the suspension hasn’t changed significantly. But, despite being excellent, however, the quality of the ride isn’t as good as the German rivals regarding athleticism as well as overall precision.

The thing we love about this car is that although there are some models that have better interiors, Lincoln designers still managed to make a stylish and elegant environment. There are not many competitors that are as stylish on the inside thanks to the clean interior design of the dashboard that is full of horizontal lines. A recent upgrade introduced new colors, and there are new technology options, such as a huge information display and an electronic instrument cluster. It is expected that the 2024 Lincoln Corsair will continue in the same manner it has been, which is an excellent thing.

The model isn’t among the most spacious that’s in this class. Therefore the space available for passengers is pretty common for the category. It’s also not anything to worry about given that the two rows can accommodate adults easily. Additionally, the seats in front have good back support as well and the position for driving is excellent.

The cargo space is 27 cubic feet of space behind the second row. This is around 57 cubic feet in the overall volume. This is an average size for this segment.

The only thing that needs to change is on this front. So, the base models will be equipped with features like imitation leather upholstery, adjustable heating and heated front seat an electric liftgate, an enormous 13.2-inch information display, electronic instrument clusters, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity as well as a 10-speaker audio system, remote starter, and many other features.

Basic models must also be equipped with an array of safety options that are standard. A few of them include forward collision warning and automatic emergency brakes, the lane departure alert as well as lane keep assist. blind-spot monitor rear cross-traffic alert adaptive cruise control automatic rear brakes and many others.

The higher trim levels will bring many upgrades like the interior lighting system, leather-upholstered as well as a panorama sunroof. The list of options also includes the premium audio system of 14 speakers and navigation. Sirius XM radio with real-time news and updates on weather and traffic, and several more.

2025 Lincoln Corsair Interior
2025 Lincoln Corsair Interior


It’s one of the factors that we know for certain that won’t change anything. The option of a 2.3-liter turbo-four is being removed from the package. Therefore, the standard 2.0-liter turbo-four is the sole gasoline engine available. It produces around 250 horsepower and provides decent driving performance.

If you’re seeking an excellent mix of efficiency and performance, there’s the plug-in hybrid model. It has a setup that includes the power of a 2.5-liter Inline-four engine from the Atkinson cycle and two motors that are electric. It is all rated at 266 hp. It also has good fuel efficiency, which is approximately 34 mpg in city, and 32 mpg along the roads. It also comes with an impressive 14.4-kWh battery that can provide up to 28 miles on the electric range. In contrast to the turbo-four base model that is equipped with an old-fashioned auto gearbox, the PHEV has the CVT gearbox.

2025 Lincoln Corsair Design
2025 Lincoln Corsair Design

Release Date and Price

It is unlikely that Lincoln will abandon this line in its entirety. It is likely that the Corsair to get replaced with an electric replacement. In the end, the automaker says five new EVs are expected to arrive in 2026. In the context of imminent deaths, the Corsair could be dead by 2025. This could be a huge cost since the model currently begins at $38,730 and is the company’s lowest-priced vehicle by a large range. The Corsair is priced at $11,685 lower than the Nautilus.