2024 Lincoln Star: What We Know So Far

2024 Lincoln Star: What We Know So Far The Lincoln Star will be the first entry of the brand to the electrification market as well as a product that is based on the specs of the idea It’s set to be an appealing eco-friendly SUV alternative. This new model is expected to launch the brand into the world of electric vehicles by blending elegance with style. The 2024 Lincoln Star is expected to be the most significant product of the next decade, in its quest to maintain the momentum established by the company’s ICE models like Navigator and Navigator as well as the newly released Nautilus small SUV. Its greatest advantage is its Ford-derived foundation. It is the Blue Oval has invested billions to support all aspects of its efforts in EVs, and it is now becoming a reality in its most important subbrands.

2024 Lincoln Star Concept
2024 Lincoln Star Concept

Lincoln has officially revealed the concept to unveil the concept of Star. Lincoln officially unveiled the concept of Star at Tech Crunch in April 2022. The initial design caught the imagination of people and experts thanks to its innovative design but remains in line with the company’s fundamental philosophy of design. The Star is Lincoln’s vision for the future of electric luxury automobiles. The new model aims to combine intuitive technology and personalization of comfort to create an unmatched standard for the segment of electric luxury SUVs in line with the company’s official announcement. While the Star is scheduled for the 2025 unveil and the 2026 release date, Lincoln is still yet to announce the official specs for its new and exciting vehicle.


Its Lincoln Star concept takes a striking approach to showcase an electric vehicle that is futuristic by utilizing a wide array of LEDs and sleek, smooth surfaces. This concept is a re-imagining of Lincoln’s Quiet Flight DNA that represents the future of electrification in cars and connectivity. The idea behind the idea is to draw in the senses of humans through lighting, display, scents as well and sounds. The production vehicle will probably adopt the design with no unnecessary frills. It is likely that the front of the car will adopt a traditional design with LED headlights, and perhaps a faux-grille look to cool the battery and powertrain.

The most distinctive feature in the conceptual design is the sloping roofline giving the silhouette an appearance that resembles a wedge. Lincoln may opt for an older-style roof for the purpose of maintaining an adequate interior space. The roof will be complemented by regular door mirrors as well as levers that retract to keep an aesthetically pleasing profile. On the rear, there is a chic lighting bar with bold branding that is likely to be transferred to the model that will be produced. Its Star Concept dazzled fans when it was first revealed, thanks to its unique frunk design, which allows for greater accessibility and ease of access However, this design is unlikely to come into use. A practical aspect that could be carried over is those doors at the rear that were previously installed on the now-defunct Continental car.

The 2024 Lincoln Star concept makes use of the room that is created because of the absence of gas engines by incorporating a front trunk. It is something that the company’s current hybrid models aren’t able to give. The cabin’s interior is made of electrochromatic glass that can change from opaque to transparent providing both visibility and safety. The trunk is connected to the first row of illuminated floors that enhance the feeling of spaciousness in the cabin. Unique touches like the wing-shaped instrument panel that is inspired by ailerons of aircraft and Lincoln’s pedal that can be operated with one touch make it easy to operate.

The Lincoln Attache is a briefcase that can be used digitally which has a compartment hidden in the rear of the door. It can also function as a charging pad. It will wirelessly monitor any content that is being delivered. In addition, the cargo area in the rear is able to transform into an outdoor chair, making it closer to passengers. This is a truly innovative approach for creating storage that is accessible, however, this could be extensively modified in the manufacturing model in order to bring it into the standards of safety and affordability.

2024 Lincoln Star Interior
2024 Lincoln Star Interior


Its vision of the luxurious car is renowned for having an exquisitely designed interior divided into first and second-row spaces. Each row has a wraparound seat and individual leg rests for lounges along with a myriad of luxurious amenities such as an ice-cold glass chiller. The storage compartments for electronics and slippers as well as controls to control various styles of rejuvenation, make for a luxury feeling. A few of these functions might seem a little too extravagant to be practical for a car that is primarily a highway-going vehicle, however, Lincoln will surely integrate as much as it can in order to ensure that the Star is an exceptional premium car.

Latticework made of 3D-printed steel in the A and D columns is seen from the inside. The pillars are complemented with the full skylight and digital shades which allows natural light to be reflected into the cabin, enhancing the airy feel. The main feature of the interior is the coast-to-coast-curved screen which offers a digital panoramic and seamlessly integrates with the central control screen as well as the second-row screen. The chrome, leather, and other exclusive finishings complete the extravagant but modern look. Digitalization will play an integral aspect in the design however the display panel, the acrylic pedals, and the controls that are touch-sensitive will definitely be replaced with standard devices.

Lincoln introduces three revitalization moods within the Star Concept that work in conjunction in conjunction with the Lincoln Embrace program. Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality, and Evening Chill are mood settings that enhance the experience of sensory designed around the body’s own natural rhythm. They blend scenting, audio as well as lighting as well as high-resolution animations that create a digital space that is able to be used at different periods of the day. It’s an innovative method of creating a customized ambiance that’s expected to be integrated into the overall production design and could become one of the most appreciated features by prospective clients.

The 2024 Lincoln Star promises an array of modern-day features to enhance your driving experience as well as its overall performance in order to create a fully integrated hub for professionals who are constantly on the move. This Star version that is in production is believed to have cutting-edge information technology, including control buttons that can be manipulated with a voice and perhaps even gesture recognition. Lincoln offers an advanced driver assist system, along with seamless smartphone integration in order to make sure that the Star isn’t just lavish and powerful, it is also efficient and intuitive.

Specs and Performance

The Lincoln Star is unlikely to perform poorly in this area since it can benefit from Ford’s flex electric vehicle technology. Ford’s Mustang Mach-E range has already demonstrated that the platform is popular with customers since it has incredible effectiveness and performance. It is believed that the Mustang Mach-E vehicle will undergo a lot of refinement for the sophisticated Lincoln image.

The release date for the production model will be a while away however, it’s possible that the Star will be available with a dual motor all-wheel drive model and come with an upgraded battery pack with 93 kWh capacity. There’s a good chance that Lincoln has been noticing an interest in Ford’s rear-wheel drivetrain. So it could be included on the entry-level vehicles. Lincoln hasn’t yet revealed what we can expect from performance figures, but the likelihood is that it will exceed the top-of-the-line Mustang Mach-E’s 480 horsepower as well as 600 pounds-feet of torque. Air suspension is an absolute requirement, given that the company will need to deliver the smoothest ride quality while maintaining steady and precise handling.

2024 Lincoln Star
2024 Lincoln Star

Release Date

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