2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk: What We Know So Far

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2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk: What We Know So Far Jeep Cherokee 2025 is a two-row compact crossover SUV. The Cherokee has been praised by our editors for its large interior, off-road capabilities, and sporting handling. The Cherokee’s last redesign was in 2014. This is a long time ago by today’s standards. Jeep, to its credit, has updated the Cherokee’s features, looks, and trim levels in the last few years. However, it wasn’t enough to keep it at the top of a very competitive market.

2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Redesign
2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Redesign


Jeep Cherokee 2025 is expected to be more luxurious, with more features, as well as electrification. The sixth generation Cherokee will have a larger body, more powerful electrification, and better performance.

The company seems to have confirmed that a future electric Jeep Cherokee 2025 will be available, but it won’t arrive any time soon. Jim Morrison is the North American Jeep head. He said that the 2025 Jeep Cherokee, codenamed KM, would have a bigger and better design. This is all the information Morrison provided. Morrison did not confirm if this new Cherokee would be replacing the Cherokee that was launched in 2013.

Christian Meunier is the global president of the Jeep Cherokee company. He said that the 2025 Jeep Cherokee will be a hybrid or all-electric powertrain. Auto enthusiasts believe that this means an all-electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain. Many sources claim that the next generation won’t be here before the mid-decade. The plan is to use the model for 10 years before replacing it.

It is possible that the new Jeep Cherokee 2025 will be built with STLA Large architecture. This means it won’t just have a new platform but also a better performance. This architecture will evolve out of the Stellantis Giorgio. The (Jeep WL Grand Cherokee), Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and Alfa Romeo Giulia are all models that use the same platform. The platform is capable of supporting both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive systems.

STLA Architecture (Large) has been updated to allow for both internal combustion and electric drivetrains. The vehicle also has different drive systems, such as the front wheel, rear wheels, and all-wheels. It is possible that the Cherokee badge will be upgraded to the Wagoneer variant.

Limited availability would be available for the flagship trim (the only all-wheel drive variant). The Wagoneer-certified specialty dealers of the brand would have exclusive access to it, at least in North America. They have the right to sell Grand Wagoneer, Wagoneer four-wheel driving systems, and the Grand Wagoneer.

The new Cherokee is expected to fill the space between the Grand Cherokee KL and its standard wheelbase Grand Cherokee (which has a large footprint). Grand Cherokee will offer three rows of seats, providing space and comfort.

2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Interior
2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Interior


Wranglers are available with five different engines. The base engine is a 3.6-liter V-6 with 285 horsepower that comes with either a 6-speed manual or an eight-speed smooth automatic transmission. The turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, which combines an electric motor with a turbocharger to boost low-end performance, is available as an option. However, this powertrain can only be ordered with the 8-speed auto. The Wrangler is available with the V-6 standard and the four-cylinder option, but it can also come with the 3.6-liter V-6 engine with hybrid assistance, as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain with 375 horsepower.

The Wrangler is built to be off-road capable, and part-time 4WD is available on all models. It is operated by a knob in the console. A base Wrangler Sport two-door with the V-6, and the manual six-speed transmission, reached 60 mph within 6.1 seconds. The automatic transmission on a four-door Sahara with a lot of equipment achieved the same feat in just 6.8 seconds. The four-door Sahara with the hybrid four-cylinder powertrain was a little faster at 60 mph, clocking in at just 6.5 seconds.

In our tests, the Rubicon and High Tide models–which both carry heavier off-roading gear–were not as fast as others. The Wrangler’s performance on our track is significantly improved over the last model. However, it only holds its own with some of the competition in terms of certain metrics. Its handling is still more trucklike than today’s sophisticated SUVs and trucks, despite its improvements. Although the ride is smooth on rough terrain, the braking distances between both test cars were not consistent.

The 4xe is the best choice if you want to tackle trails with only electric power. Jeep claims that the 17.0 kWh battery can provide 25 miles of driving on electric power alone, which is enough to do a couple of hours’ worth of off-roading at low speeds. The turbocharged 4-cylinder will drive the four wheels as normal when the battery is low, so there’s no need to worry about getting stranded.

It doesn’t require much to lead this class of gas-guzzlers. Wrangler is ahead of competitors such as Broncos and 4Runners in terms of fuel economy estimates from the EPA. On our highway fuel economy route at 75 mph, the V-6-powered four-door Wrangler Sahara achieved 20 mpg. This is 3 mpg less than its EPA highway fuel efficiency rating. The four-cylinder turbo hybrid fared better than anticipated, returning 26 mpg. 2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk New
2025 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk New


Jeep’s Cherokee lineup has been drastically reduced for the final year of the current model generation. Altitude Lux, Trailhawk and 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-four engines are the only options for the 2025 Cherokee. The previous 3.2 liter V-6 has been discontinued.

The Altitude Lux starts at $39 290 and the Trailhawk is $42,890. Both come with standard four-wheel driving. The 2022 base model was priced at just $31,590, but the Altitude Lux, with its leather seats, heated steering wheel, and remote starter, is $6200 cheaper. Trailhawk’s price has increased by $3750 over the previous year. The Trailhawk had a 3.2-liter V-6 before.