2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro: Specs, Interior & Price

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2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro: Specs, Interior & Price -Toyota has confirmed that the forthcoming 2024 Tacoma pickup will come with “electrifying i-Force Max” acceleration, and they have released a single picture of the TRD Pro version of the truck on this Teaser Tuesday. On the other hand, Toyota has not provided any additional information, so we are left to speculate about what exactly this could involve.

2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro


In spite of the fact that rumors suggested that the next-generation mid-size truck would use the Hybrid MAX powertrain from the Grand Highlander and Crown, which combines a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a rear eAxle to deliver 340 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, the Tacoma TRD Pro’s “i-Force Max” designation suggests that this will not be the case.

Instead, Toyota’s teasing suggests that the new Tacoma TRD Pro could share the i-Force Max hybrid powerplant with the Tundra. This drivetrain is comprised of a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 and an electric generator, and it is available on the Tundra. Lesser variants may get choices for four-cylinder engines. Considering that both vehicles are constructed on the same TNGA-F framework, this electrically powered version might be the most reasonable option.

A remarkable 437 horsepower (326 kW / 443 PS) and 583 pound-feet (790 Nm) of torque are produced by the bigger Tundra’s V6 engine and electric drive, which are propelled by a nickel-metal hydride battery that has a capacity of 1.87 kWh. This is a substantial upgrade in comparison to the conventional 3.5-liter engine, which generates 389 horsepower (290 kW / 394 PS) and 479 lb-ft (649 Nm) of torque on its own.

If the 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro does get a V6 engine instead of a 4-cylinder hybrid engine, then it is very possible that Toyota will down-tune the engine. However, this is a very large “if” right now. To put this into perspective, the high-performance 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor in Australia is only capable of producing 392 horsepower (292 kW / 397 PS) and 583 Nm (430 ft-lb) of torque.

In any event, it is anticipated that the hybrid Tacoma TRD Pro will produce greater gasoline efficiency compared to the Tundra, which is due to the Tacoma’s smaller dimensions and significantly reduced weight. Despite having 48 more horsepower (36 kW / 49 PS), the i-Force Max powerplant in Toyota’s full-size pickup achieves a combined rating of 22 miles per gallon, which is an improvement of two miles per gallon over the non-hybrid V6. In light of all of these considerations, it is reasonable to anticipate that Toyota will improve Tacoma’s fuel economy even further.

There is, however, one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: the appearance of the new mid-size pickup will be brought in step with that of the Tundra. Images of the Tundra had been seen in Brazilian patents in the past, and they reveal that the vehicle will have the same angular and rugged appearance as its more powerful brother. Very shortly, we anticipate receiving additional information regarding the layout, powertrains, and characteristics of the vehicle.

New 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
New 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro


The TRD Pro trim level of the Toyota Tacoma is the one with the most style and functionality. In order to produce it, Toyota begins with its well-known midrange pickup vehicle and then adds a variety of off-roading components to it. It has been hinted that Toyota will introduce a TRD Pro variant as part of the lineup for the next generation of the Tacoma, which is scheduled to debut for the 2024 model year. Continue reading to find out what we could possibly anticipate from the upcoming Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

At the moment, Toyota equips the Tacoma TRD Pro with a naturally aspirated V-6 engine; however, the company appears to be transitioning away from larger engines like this in favor of more compact supercharged or electrically propelled four-cylinder engines. The i-Force Max insignia that can be seen on the tailgate of the preview picture that Toyota has released for the forthcoming TRD Pro variant suggests that the vehicle will be available with a hybrid powertrain. It is possible that the manufacturer will need to modify its existing I-4 and hybrid engine choices in order to accommodate a 4WD application; however, this is not completely out of the question given the stringent pollution requirements.

When Toyota unveiled a new prototype pickup, there was very little room for speculation regarding the vehicle’s powertrain. A crucial piece of evidence for this is the filled-in grille on the vehicle, and the manufacturer has stated that they intend to electrify one of their pickup vehicles. As Toyota works to extend its range of electric vehicles, an electric version of the Tacoma could be developed as a competitor to all-electric pickup pickups such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Rivian R1T, and other models.

In addition, we have found that electronic engines perform exceptionally well when used for off-roading. Because of their immediate thrust and the fact that they can be driven with just one wheel, they are ideally suited for low-speed creeping. If Toyota went all out and installed a four-motor system in the Tacoma TRD Pro, the company could have ultra-precise all-wheel drive that eliminates the need for low range and locking differentials. This would be a significant step forward for the company. An all-electric Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro could be an awesome off-road vehicle if it has a significant driving range and recharge capacity.

Whatever powerplant ends up being installed in the Tacoma TRD Pro, it will come standard with an exhaustive list of hardware and software that is designed to improve its performance on challenging terrain. Large all-terrain tires would be one of the most important of those; the variant that is currently in production utilizes Kevlar-reinforced Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT rubber. There will without a doubt be a model-specific suspension system that raises the lift height and alters the angles.

As part of an effort to increase wheel movement and ground clearance, the current generation of the TRD Pro is equipped with Fox internal bypass dampers and machined aluminum front control arms. In the past, the Tacoma TRD Pro has been equipped with a performance exhaust system; however, if the pickup is converted into a hybrid or fully electric model, this feature may no longer be a priority. However, you can anticipate that the TRD Pro will come standard with protective skid plates, improved illumination, and rad aesthetics in order to differentiate itself from other Tacoma trim levels. Software features like trail cruise control and drive settings tailored to a variety of terrains will almost certainly be included.

2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Interior
2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Interior


The technology and safety features of the 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro are a little dated when compared to those of fresher vehicles currently available on the market. The variant that comes after this one will have this problem fixed. Expect a significantly bigger infotainment touchscreen, measuring at least 8.0 inches and possibly reaching as large as 14.0 inches like the one found in the Tundra TRD Pro.

Despite this, it is probable that cellular versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be implemented. The addition of new features and capabilities will be possible through the use of over-the-air upgrades. In addition, the most recent version of Toyota’s suite of driver assistance and active safety systems, known as Safety Sense, should be included. This would bring with it functions such as automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, and full-speed adaptive cruise control for when you are driving to the trailhead.

At the moment, the Tacoma TRD Pro is only available in the configuration of a Double Cab with a five-foot wheelbase, and we anticipate that this will remain the case with the subsequent generation. There is a possibility that lower-level models will make the Access Cab with a six-foot sleeper body design available. Whatever the case may be, it’s conceivable that Tacoma will expand in general. Its internal capacity and convenience might be improved by increasing its size, but it might become more difficult for it to navigate through narrow spaces on a difficult route.


At the time of its launch, it is anticipated that the price of the brand-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro will range anywhere from $49,383 to $57,198.