2024 Toyota Sequoia Price: How Much Will the 2024 Sequoia Cost?

2024 Toyota Sequoia Price: How Much Will the 2024 Sequoia Cost? – The Tundra pickup truck serves as the foundation for the full-size Toyota Sequoia SUV, which has traditionally had three rows of seating. Even when the next generation debuts for the 2024 model year, this won’t be different. The rest of it does; the new model is far more up-to-date than the antiquated Sequoia from the second generation that it is replacing, which has been on the market for more than ten years.

2024 Toyota Sequoia New
2024 Toyota Sequoia New

The iForce MAX hybrid powertrain from the Tundra is standard equipment on the 2017 Sequoia. This powertrain combines a 3.4-liter V-6 engine with an electric motor for a combined output of 437 horsepower. On the inside, it has a spacious touchscreen that runs the most recent software, as well as a three-row interior that can accommodate as many as eight people.


The Sequoia had a facelift for 2023 and now rides on the same platform as the new Toyota Tundra, the Land Cruiser, and the Lexus LX600. It is exclusively offered as a hybrid model, and both the inside and exterior have been redesigned.

It seems that the Limited trim level provides the greatest value among the available options. Even though it is simply an upgrade of one step from the original SR5, it comes with a ton of extra features and goodies as standard equipment. These features include a bigger touchscreen measuring 14.0 inches, a power liftgate, wheels measuring 20 inches, front seats that can be heated or cooled, and a third row that can be folded down electronically.

The Sequoia’s spacious cabin has been carried over to the next generation, and now there is a third row of seats included as standard equipment. The second row is always configured as a bench seat, with room for up to eight passengers; however, captain’s chairs are available as an upgrade, which brings the total number of seats down to seven. There is a shortage of headroom in both of the back rows, and this is especially true when the optional panoramic sunroof is installed.
As you go up the pricing ladder, you may choose from a broad variety of inside trims, which include anything from fabric upholstery to leather upholstery, as well as different degrees of wood and chrome trim. Features, like heated and cooled second-row seats, a panoramic sunroof, and a premium music system, are available on higher model levels.

Sequoia’s cargo space isn’t as accommodating as those of some of its competitors. There are just 12 cubic feet of cargo capacity available when all rows of the back seat are occupied, and folding the third row down does not result in a level load floor.

The outmoded touchscreen configuration seen in the previous-generation Sequoia has been replaced with the massive touchscreen found in the Tundra, which measures 14.0 inches. This screen will employ Toyota’s most recent infotainment software and comes standard on all models of the SR5 save for the basic model. The software allows a wide variety of smartphone mirroring and other connection options, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot and a number of different music streaming choices.

New 2024 Toyota Sequoia
New 2024 Toyota Sequoia


The iForce MAX hybrid engine, which is available as an option in the Tundra truck, is standard equipment on the Sequoia. This powertrain is composed of a twin-turbo 3.4-liter V-6 engine as well as an electric motor, and together they provide a combined output of 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque. The Sequoia SUV has the same 10-speed automatic gearbox as the Tundra pickup truck.

On most models, a four-wheel drive is an option; however, it comes standard on the TRD Pro model, which is designed specifically for off-road driving. The four-wheel-drive Sequoia Capstone that we put through its paces sped from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds, and it completed a quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds at 94 miles per hour. This is a little faster than the last iteration of the GMC Yukon Denali that we examined, although it is not quite as quick as the Ford Expedition Timberline.

In addition, the TRD Pro comes standard with off-roading accessories like as improved Fox dampers, a front skid plate, a locking rear differential, forged 18-inch wheels, and 33-inch tires. During our first test drive, we were impressed with the Sequoia’s quiet interior and pleasant ride, but we were less impressed with the way it drove on the road itself. Its extra-wide sensation on the road makes it difficult to position in a lane, which is something we’ve complained about in other big SUVs as well, and its featherweight steering effort may cause it to seem twitchy when it’s being driven at highway speeds. When we next get some spare time, we will put the Sequoia through its paces on our test track, and we will update this article with the outcomes of the tests.

Because of its hybrid powertrain, the new Sequoia is able to achieve much better fuel economy than its predecessor. The EPA gives cars with rear-wheel drive a combined rating of 22 miles per gallon, with a city rating of 21 mpg and a highway rating of 24 mpg. If you choose to have a four-wheel drive, your mileage ratings will decrease to 19 mpg in the city, 22 mpg on the highway, and 20 mpg for the combined trip. When we finally get our hands on a Sequoia, we are going to put it through our standard real-world highway fuel efficiency test at 75 miles per hour. 2024 Toyota Sequoia Price

2024 Toyota Sequoia Review
2024 Toyota Sequoia Review

How Much Will the 2024 Sequoia Cost?

We anticipate that the manufacture of the 2024 Sequoia will begin this summer and that customers will be able to purchase one from dealers this autumn. It is anticipated that the base price of the 2024 Sequoia would be somewhat similar to the current SUV’s beginning price, which is $59,895 after destination fees are included.