2024 Toyota Camry TRD: Review & Specs

2024 Toyota Camry TRD: Review & Specs – Because of its combination of usefulness, dependability, spaciousness, and safety, many people consider the Toyota Camry to be the epitome of the perfect family vehicle. When taking all of this into consideration, it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that the Camry comes in a high-performance TRD grade level. Because of its potent V-6 engine and excellent driving characteristics, the Camry TRD is an extremely enjoyable vehicle to pilot. Is the 2024 Toyota Camry TRD a viable replacement for a racing vehicle in its class?

2024 Toyota Camry TRD
2024 Toyota Camry TRD

Put all of your misconceptions about the Toyota Camry behind you right now. When compared to previous generations, this model offers a driving experience that is noticeably more engaging thanks to its crisper, more controlled handling, and delightfully responsive steering. Choosing the SE or XSE trim (shown on the left in the image above) makes everything a little bit snugger, but it’s not an essential necessity any longer for people who like to drive. It’s true that the Honda Accord is still a better vehicle for driving, but the Toyota Camry isn’t too far behind.

It would appear that the Camry TRD was designed specifically to make this point, as it is furnished with track-tuned suspension components, a strengthened structure, and enhanced steering to deliver performance that approaches that of a sport sedan. However, this comes at the expense of a ride that is less accommodating than the standard Camry.

The powerful V6 engine, which is only available as an upgrade on other Camry models, is a standard feature on the TRD. However, regardless of the specification level, this is a powerful and refined engine that is made even more appealing by the fact that it achieves the same level of fuel efficiency as its rival turbocharged four-cylinder engines.

Naturally, only 6% of customers opt for the V6 engine. When compared to turbocharged engines, you’ll probably notice that the basic four-cylinder engine has less low-end torque and sounds a bit exhausted when it’s being driven to its limits, but the majority of people opt for it because it provides the most power in its class. It is not Toyota’s most polished attempt, but at least it comes with a competent companion in the form of a clever eight-speed automatic transmission that is significantly more advanced than the CVTs found in the majority of its rivals. Everything stated above is applicable to the Camry All-Wheel Drive, which is only available with the standard four-cylinder engine.

2024 Toyota Camry TRD Interior
2024 Toyota Camry TRD Interior


The 2024 Toyota Camry TRD stands out from the crowd thanks to its one-of-a-kind exterior details and interior appointments. It incorporates blacked-out characteristics with components of the TRD design. This features a red TRD insignia as well as a gloss-black front grille with a sport mesh lower grille insert, a TRD gloss-black rear diffuser, 19″ TRD matte-black metal wheels, and a TRD cat-back exhaust. In addition to that, it has a front splitter, back diffuser, and side skirts all finished in TRD matte black.

The front seats of the Camry TRD have red embroidery, as well as a TRD insignia embroidered into the backrest, and red seat belts. In addition, the interior features floor rugs manufactured by TRD.

The cabin of the 2024 Toyota Camry TRD is significantly larger than that of the majority of sports vehicles, making it a more functional alternative. It has a total passenger capacity of 100.4 cu feet and can accommodate as many as five persons at a time. It provides a front legroom measurement of 42.1 inches and a back legroom measurement of 38.0 inches. In addition, there is 15.1 cubic feet of storage space available in the trunk of the vehicle.

When compared to a good number of racing vehicles, the 2023 Camry TRD comes equipped with a greater number of driver assistance features. This features Lane Tracing Assist, Automatic High Beams, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Road Sign Assist, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Additionally, the Pre-Collision System contains Pedestrian Detection. In addition to that, it has a built-in camera for the rearview mirror as standard equipment.

2024 Toyota Camry TRD Release Date
2024 Toyota Camry TRD Release Date

Specifications and Performance

A dependable V-6 powertrain can be found beneath the chassis of the 2024 Toyota Camry TRD. It has a maximum output of 301 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque when combined with an automated transmission with eight gears.

The Camry TRD is a very quick vehicle, and in terms of both maximum speed and acceleration, it can compete with some racing cars. The acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour takes only 5.6 seconds, and it can reach a maximum speed of 135 miles per hour. Additionally, the Camry TRD’s acceleration is snappy, and there is no slowdown anywhere across the powerband. In addition to this, it offers a rapid and seamless changing experience. However, whereas all-wheel drive is available on other Camry model levels, the Camry TRD is only available with a front-wheel drive system.

In terms of fuel economy, the Camry TRD reportedly achieves a mileage rating of 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the interstate. The gasoline efficiency of this iteration of the Camry is not as good as that of the four-cylinder or hybrid models, but it is still superior to that of most racing vehicles.

In addition to its potent V-6 engine and transmission that shifts smoothly, the 2023 Camry TRD comes equipped with a number of performance features that give it the ability to compete with the driving characteristics of some sports vehicles. This features front and rear stabilizer bars, coil springs, and TRD track-tuned shock absorbers for the front and rear suspension.

The Camry TRD has power-assisted ventilated 12.9-inch front brakes with dual-piston calipers for confident deceleration, and it has 11.1-inch solid rear disc brakes for additional stopping strength. In addition to that, it has a brake booster that is one of a kind and the pedal stiffness can be adjusted. In addition, the Camry TRD allows the driver to customize their driving experience by providing adjustable drive modes, including selections for Sport, Normal, and Eco.


On the other hand, the MSRP for the beginning price of a 2024 Toyota Camry TRD is only $33,010, making it a more reasonable option. The Camry TRD provides a great deal of value when one considers not only its capabilities but also its large number of expensive features.