2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE: Specs, Range, & Price

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2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE: Specs, Range, & Price – It is very probable that the ninth generation of the Toyota Camry, which will begin production in 2024, will be a completely redesigned version of the midsize vehicle. This will mark the beginning of the ninth generation. Since cars are generally redesigned every four or five years, the current generation of the Camry has been on the market since 2018 and, according to the norms of the industry, it is well past the time when it should be replaced. 2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE

2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE
2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE


Although Toyota has not even given a clue about the drivetrain specifications for the 2024 Camry, our best guess is that the new sedan will take a cue from the Honda Accord and offer a hybrid-heavy roster of models, potentially relegating the gas-only version to lower levels in the lineup. This is based on the fact that Toyota has not even begun to imply the powertrain specifications for the 2024 Camry. It is possible that Toyota will equip basic models of the 2024 Camry with the 194-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine found in the new Prius as well as the electric motors that complement it. In addition, there is not much demand for a V6-powered Camry in this market, which may result in the model being discontinued.

Because of this, it is possible that a retuned version of the existing 2.5-liter hybrid powerplant found in the current Camry could make its way into higher models, some of which may have performance aspirations. We also anticipate the continuation of the all-wheel drive system, as it was available on the vehicle that is currently in production. No matter what transpires, you should prepare for several new powertrains for the Camry.

We also anticipate a significant departure in the appearance of the 2024 Camry, which has struggled for several generations with a reputation as a safe and dependable vehicle with little in the way of innovation in its design. It is not necessary to look any further than the 2023 Prius to see evidence that Toyota is more interested in producing vehicles that are attractive to consumers than it is in merely making the cars appear different. (We’re staring at you, fourth-generation Prius.) We anticipate a more aggressive Camry for the year 2024, one that will glide through the air more effectively. Imagine a shorter roofline, a windscreen that is slanted more steeply, has broader hips, and larger wheels on the higher customization levels.

It is almost certain that its cabin will feature a screen that is larger than the one found in the Prius, which measures 12.3 inches and is the same size as the screen found in the Accord. And you can be sure that it will come standard with a variety of cutting-edge driver assistance features, most likely in the shape of Toyota’s Safety Sense package. This package features advanced driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane deviation warning, automated emergency braking, and many more. However, do not expect the Camry to give up the thing that it has always been most adept at providing, which is transportation that is dependable and simple to operate.

Comparable to the XLE, but with a more aggressive appearance and demeanor thanks to the addition of:

  • 206 horsepower comes from the engine with four cylinders.
  • a suspension tailored for sport
  • 19-inch rims and tires
  • Gloss black grille
  • Dual tailpipe
  • Metallic interior detailing
2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE Interior
2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE Interior


The interior of the 2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid is attractive and well-built, but lesser grade levels have an excessive quantity of obvious hard plastics that distract from the vehicle’s overall attractiveness. Because they are outfitted with upscale components such as authentic leather upholstery and wood accents, versions with higher specification levels feel almost as luxurious as luxury cars.

The entertainment system available in the Camry Hybrid is simple to use and comes with a comprehensive collection of features; however, in a few key respects, it falls behind the competition. Its pictures are out of date, and the 9-inch touch screen that is accessible does not have the high definition that is offered by the displays of some of its competitors. There is also the possibility of slow input reaction periods. However, it does function properly the majority of the time, and there are a large number of duplicate physical settings for the music and temperature functions.


When it comes to the Camry Hybrid, there is a lot of excellent to be found. The power offered by the car is satisfactory for typical driving situations. In the course of our testing, we recorded a time of around 8 seconds to get from 0 to 60 miles per hour, which is somewhat better than usual for a midsize hybrid car.

The performance of hybrids is unruffled and trouble-free. The braking is consistent and quite useable in day-to-day operations; moreover, the average braking lengths are provided by the low-rolling-resistance tires that are typical for this class of vehicle. The steering and handling are satisfactory for a vehicle in its class. When it comes to performance as a whole, it is okay, but its primary advantage is in how well it handles day-to-day commuting.

The Camry Hybrid excels in the area of comfort, which is where any midsize car should shine, and it does so. The temperature control helps to create an inviting atmosphere, and the seats can easily suit a variety of body shapes in a comfortable manner. At highway speeds, there is very little noise in the cabin emanating from the wind or the road, which is a bonus since the ventilated seats, which are available, are a godsend in warmer climes.

The XLE Hybrid’s ride comfort is our one and only complaint about the vehicle. It works wonderfully around town, but while traveling at highway speeds, it may give the impression of being too buoyant. It is clear that the hybrid system adds some additional weight.

208 horsepower is the total amount of power that can be generated by the combination of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and the electric generator that comes standard on all 2024 Camry Hybrid versions. This system offers brisk acceleration; however, you may find yourself wishing for additional strength when overtaking other vehicles and getting onto the freeway. When the accelerator pedal is squeezed down strongly, the continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) may produce an annoying buzzing sound. However, the transmission itself operates efficiently.

Even though it achieves excellent fuel economy, the 2024 Camry Hybrid’s competitors in the hybrid vehicle market are more fuel-efficient than it is. Higher equipment levels get an estimated fuel economy of 44 mpg in the city and 47 mpg on the freeway, while the basic SE model receives an estimated 51 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the interstate.

2024 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE Design


It is anticipated that the base price of the next-generation Camry in the United States will begin at just under 30,000 USD. In addition to the standard LE and XLE customization levels, Toyota may also offer it in the more athletic SE, XSE, and TRD trim levels.