2024 Subaru XV Specs Prediction, Will It Be a Totally Electrified Car?

The 2023 version of Subaru XV hasn’t come yet. However, we should never get discouraged to predict what comes as specs of the 2024 Subaru XV.

If you are a Subaru fan, then you may be curious about the 2024 Subaru XV. Although there is no information still about this lineup from the car manufacturer, you should consider reading this information as we will expose some predictions about this car’s improvement from its previous version. So, are you ready to acknowledge what will the Subaru XV serve for you?

2024 Subaru XV

The Upgrades Coming to Subaru XV 2024 Version

Some of you may even wonder, isn’t it too far to predict the 2024 version of Subaru XV? Well, it is true that this Subaru lineup has not even released its 2023 version yet. It is expected that the 2023 Subaru WX to come in late 2022. Despite this fact, there isn’t much information about this car which you can get, let alone the 2024 version.

That’s why people are predicting the 2024 Subaru XV to have similar features as what you can see on its 2023 version. Sure, some minor improvements may exist. However, we won’t know the clear detail unless the car manufacturer itself exposes the information to the public.

The minor changes typically will be visible to notice on its exterior. To name some, its headlights, rear lights, grille, and color choices are the ones which you may expect to undergo some upgrades (or just ‘changes’, we should say). While the size, the ground clearance, and other aspects may not change. It will still be your compact SUV with two doors and available for five passengers at max.

What Trims Will Be There?

Visit the Subaru official website and you will know that there are three trims that are introduced in 2022, which are Subaru XV 2.0i-L AWD, 2.0i Premium AWD, 2.0i-S AWD, Hybrid L AWD, and Hybrid S AWD. The price of these three starts from $36,000+, $39,000+, $40,000+, $42,000+ and $46,000+ respectively.

With these in mind, you may also see the trims repeatedly introduced on its 2024 Subaru XV—but with some changes to follow, for sure. For now, there may be no information still about the 2024 XV’s features. We better wait and see whether there could be a major change.

2024 Subaru XV

The Interior Area

Do you have a keen eye for the car’s interior? If so, you may expect to see the high-quality Subaru XV seats, especially for the S-trims.

The current release has a big towing capacity even though it is a compact-sized SUV. Premium cloth and leather steering may also be seen on the upcoming release, with the S-trims tops the seating quality of all trims available. Some trims may offer seat color choices as well.

As for the entertainment features, we don’t see any future upgrades in the 2024 Subaru XV. Its entertainment features will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, 8” touchscreen, 6-speakers, audio streaming, USB connection, and aux jack. It may also be upgraded in the upcoming release, but for now, there is no decent info to convey still.

We may not predict that there will be a touchscreen size change, but that may also happen along with the betterment of its entertainment systems.

In higher trims, you may get heated seats for the driver and front passenger. Hence, your passengers in the back better not hope for any heated seating if you are purchasing this car in the future.

What About the Engine?

The current release of Subaru XV has its hybrid option. That said, the chance of Subaru offering this compact SUV as an EV isn’t zero, although we may not expect it to come in its 2024 version. Even if they have the EV version, the ol’ fueled trims and the hybrids may still be retained for the customers preferring those.

For the engine, the non-electric car may use the same engine, which is a petrol engine with 2.0-L direct injection. Within the trims, the maximum fuel tank size is 63 liters. CVT transmission type will also be kept, and this can be good for the fuel economy (if you chose to drive a non-electric car).

The powertrain of the current release, which is expected to produce around 154 HP and 196 Nm torque at max, may also get upgraded. Whereas its electric battery (from the current release), is expected to be able to produce 12.3 kW. We can only hope that this will be able to get updated in the 2024 Subaru XV as we walk forward to the era of car electrification.