2024 Subaru STI Future and Electric-Powered Variant Possibility

The high-performing WRX STI is known to be a well-received model car. However, with the recent halting announcement, how is the 2024 Subaru STI arrival potential looking so far?

The Subaru WRX and WRX STI serve as the high-performance part of the Impreza lineup, which essentially has existed since 1992. Both of them offer sophisticated styling, quick acceleration, and satisfying power. The STI, in particular, has cemented itself in the heart of automobile enthusiasts in general by being an outstanding all-around vehicle. It is no wonder that the 2024 Subaru STI arrival is highly anticipated. However, with the recent announcement of a pause in its production and the potential of massive platform change in the future, what possibility do the upcoming WRX STI going to bring?

New 2024 Subaru STI

The WRX STI History

The automaker industry has bred some car models with cultish followings such as the Porsche 911 or Ford Mustang which has been in production ever since the 1960s, while some others are not so lucky to have that kind of popularity gone into obscurity in such a short time. Somewhere in the spectrum, there lie the Subaru cars, which do not exactly have massive followings, but indeed very dedicated ones.

Amongst the range of offered models by this Japanese automobile manufacturer, one that receives a lot of appreciation in general is the Subaru WRX, a pleasant-looking car that combines modern technology with a touch of 1990s street racing features. It comes with two options of powertrain: a 286 HP 2.0L turbo Boxer 4-cylinder engine and a 310 HP 2.5L turbo Boxer 4-cylinder engine. The latter is reserved for the STI trim.

Combining a set of safety features, roomy trunk, commendable power, a touch of practicality, and excellent handle, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that the WRX STI is an extremely well-balanced vehicle. It also has more performance-focused features compared to other variants in the WRX series.

Soon, it is going to be the 30th anniversary of the WRX debut. While it is expected to maintain the great delivery and retain a good amount of following, it is very unfortunate to say that Subaru has made an announcement about a temporal halt of the STI production, which means the 2024 Subaru STI is most likely not going to make it here.

New 2024 Subaru STI

Electrified-version Possibility of the STI

Subaru, an automaker that’s known for its signature Boxer engine and preference for the AWD system, released a rather regrettable statement in the first quarter of this year regarding the widely-cherished WRX STI. In short, the company won’t put out a new product for this particular variant. So, there goes the potential of 2024 Subaru STI arrival. However, on the other hand, it also insinuated the possibility of an electrified version of STI in the future.

According to the official statement, Subaru is currently exploring opportunities for the upcoming STI generation, which includes electrification. It also added that the future generation of STI won’t share a platform with the next WRX generation.

At this point, it may pump diversified reaction, as battery-powered cars are still seen as inferior performance-wise—something that the STI is excellent at. It is an intriguing idea to have an electric version of the STI and what it may have to offer, but the basically confirmed elimination of the internal-combustion engine on the 2024 Subaru STI is still disheartening.

As a reference, the newest model year of the STI is equipped with a 2.5L turbo engine that’s capable of producing 310 HP ad 290 lb-ft of torque. The powertrain is paired with 6-speed manual transmission and comes in an AWD system.

That being said, it is honestly not hard why Subaru made that decision—reasons including the increasing demand for automobiles to meet fuel economy and carbon gas emission regulatory requirements. It is also a bit relieving for the STI devotees that the company recognized the importance of this variant by making a promise to incorporate the STI’s essence into the upcoming vehicle generation it produces.

The Uncertain Date of the STI Return

Rather than providing answers, the recent announcement by Subaru raises more questions. That is because the future of WRX STI has been challenged for a while since the production for the Japanese local market ceased back in 2020.

Regardless of whether the 2024 Subaru STI will arrive or not, what can be expected at this point is that the upcoming STI vehicle will undergo massive change. There is no sort of indication about the timeline made by the automaker, but hopefully, more details about the vehicle will be dropped as soon as possible.