2024 Nissan Z: Will There Be a 2024 Nissan Z?

2024 Nissan Z: Will There Be a 2024 Nissan Z? It’s the Nissan Z is a soulful sports car with a long record of offering cheap and enjoyable two-doors to drive since the year 1969. Utilizing parts and pieces of nostalgic such as the quarter-panel emblem that was used on the 240Z as well as the imposing LED taillights that evoke the design of the 300ZX from the 90s, the latest Z is a vehicle that puts power and fun at the forefront. Even though it is based on the 400-hp twin-turbo V-6 engine, which is derived from the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport, the Z can be purchased using either a manual or a nine-speed automated transmission. It’s not a problem if you opt for the NISMO Z model with an additional 420 horsepower, as well as enhancements to performance, but only comes with a 9-speed auto. Although the latest Z keeps many of the bones and joints from the earlier-generation 370Z Its interior features an improved experience thanks to better seating, a larger display for infotainment, as well as an adjustable steering wheel. The Z may not be the same thrilling to hit as that of the Toyota Supra, but the Z is still a fun car to drive and we’re happy that it’s returning to the sport-car category.

2024 Nissan Z
2024 Nissan Z


Newly designed for 2023, based on an extensively revised version of the basic design of its predecessor The Z is a continuation of the proud heritage that is the Nissan sports vehicle. No matter what model it was, whether a 240 or a 300, a 350, or the 370 model the Z was always the Z vehicle, so instead of following the automotive industry down an endless rabbit hole of complex (and less relevant) alphanumerics Nissan eliminated the numbers, and simply dubbed the new model Z. The proportions of its long nose/short deck, the two-seat configuration, and rear-wheel drive seem to be classic, while the twin-turbocharged V6 engine, 9-speed auto, and electronic instrument panel are contemporary.

The other thing that’s new in this model is the increased concentration on driver comfortThe prior 370Z was noisy as well as unflinching and came with seats that caused pain when driving for long distances. The latest Z is much more enjoyable to drive however Nissan has slowed down the speed edge that had given the previous model its luster. Don’t worry, race stars are in the spotlight as the fiery Z Nismo returns for 2024. The new model features aero upgrades, a tuned suspension that is sportier, bigger brakes, and a stronger engine it is the one that will dispel the critics who claim that the new Z has become soft.

We love the choice of a six-speed manual as well as the Z’s automated rev match, the gearbox is somewhat heavy and isn’t much more precise than the manual gearbox of the Mustang.

In terms of braking and handling, the numbers beat those achieved by the main competitors, with the Z stopping at 60 mph at 112 feet and having 0.98 G of grip laterally on the skidpad. Sports cars that are pure feel more refined and more satisfying the further you press them. However, as you go further, to the limit, the Nissan becomes more uncomfortable and less enjoyable to be in. The steering and body control can use some improvement near the end of the road and, while brakes are solid, the antilock brake mechanism can be a little rough, with a slight locking of the brakes that may make the car feel a bit agitated.

The Z is perfect when you are able to rely on its powerful engine that is torque-rich and never overdo it, a feature that makes the Z more like a grand-touring car as opposed to a sports car.

The outright performance may not be the Z’s best strength, but it is one of the most luxurious sports coupes available that are available. The heated seats of the Performance trim level of our test vehicle featured adjustable power and manual controls, as well as our testers felt very comfortable. The ride comfort of the Z day-to-day is also a plus. Low-profile tires allow many small, hard impacts to enter the cabin. However, bigger bumps, both at high and low speeds, can be dealt with easily and make the Z perfect for long journeys on the road.

The climate control system of the Nissan maintained great control of the temperature in the cabin even when temperatures were triple-digit as well as the ability to adjust vents. The three round dials controlling the temperature control system are a plus however they’re slightly recessed beneath the dashboard and could make it difficult to see when you take a quick look. The dials aren’t as appealing due to the volume and, at the very least, the level of noise coming from the engine’s turbocharged. It’s not as refined as Supra’s turbocharged engine and isn’t particularly loud in any moment of the acceleration.

Despite its apparent sizeable hatchback even though it appears to be a big hatchback, the Z is far from being the most functional two-door car. The Z’s cargo capacity is a mere 6.9 cubic feet capacity for cargo which is less than those of the Supra and Mustang in terms of cargo capacity, while the space is limited because of its narrow dimensions and open cockpit layout. That means your food items will get smashed in the back glass, or end up on the front of the car if unaware. The basic cargo stabilizer system as well as a cargo shade is offered by Nissan as well, and we’d strongly recommend buying these.

The storage for the passengers is slightly better, but it’s not often useful. The tray is small just in front of the gear lever as well and the cupholders and central console are able to handle smaller personal belongings just fine. But the problem lies with bigger storage compartments. They’re tucked behind the front seats however, since the seats in front aren’t able to easily pivot forward for access, it’s really only get to the containers and the additional glovebox after you’re in your car.

2024 Nissan Z Interior
2024 Nissan Z Interior


The new model of Z is a crucial advancement in interior design and building. The cabin is less cramped than the predecessor and has a layout that is driver-centric that is packed with useful info. The electronic instrument cluster is a bit customizable although we believe it needs a touch of a streamlining process, the display is clear and crisp under any lighting condition. The same thing for the 9.2-inch touchscreen. This is the most recent Nissan touchscreen and has clear, easy-to-read images and is fast to react to inputs. But the menu layout and other over-used home screens may need some rethinking.

At the level at which the Z is, it’s very difficult to get into and out due to the wide doors that open and a wide range of seating. Like most coupes with low slung, however, the view isn’t optimal. The Z has decent visibility straight from the rear, however, the blind spots are larger than those of other coupes. Additionally, it is difficult to see forward due to the lower seat as well as the large pillars of the windshield’s something that drivers are sure to observe on the twisty roads.

The 2024 Nissan Z is equipped with the latest touchscreen from Nissan. The graphics are sharp and the speed of response is quite rapid, but the arrangement of the main screen’s graphics and certain aspects of information that it displays are doubtful. (Do you really have to look up your prices within this vehicle?) The test vehicle’s Bose sound system was adequate, but lacking the depth and clarity we’d anticipate from an audio system that is branded.

Thankfully, the touchscreen is simple to use since the Z’s voice-controlled system isn’t perfect and leaves much to be left to be desired. It’s a very unwieldy menu structure, and the system was having difficulties understanding many of our instructions. We also were not impressed by the Z’s driver assist system. We were disappointed by an adaptive cruise controller as well as the lane departure alert as being excessively sensitive in the context of a sports vehicle. It’s the stability control feature that requires the most effort. It can be disabled, but there’s not a middle-setting which allows you to enjoy more exuberant driving and still keeps an adequate safety net. Supra and Mustang Mustang and Supra provide a more sport-focused stability control system.

2024 Nissan Z Release Date
2024 Nissan Z Release Date

Specs and Performance

The EPA suggests that a six-speed Z can achieve 20 mpg when combined. However, we were thrilled by our test vehicle to attain nearly 26 mpg while on the mixed-driving test route. The Z confirmed that number with a second result that was less than 24 mpg using the fuel tank that had a lot more traffic from the city added. If you select the 9-speed auto the EPA states that the Z will get around 22 mpg in the combined.

As with its more powerful sister which is it’s akin to the Nissan GT-R, the Z is powered by a twin-turbocharged V-6. However, instead of the massive 565 horsepower 3.8-liter engine that’s in the underside of the GT-R The Z is powered by a 400 horsepower 3.0-liter mill that comes from the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 that has 350 pound-feet of torque. It’s paired with either a manual 6-speed transmission or a 9-speed automated transmission. Turbo six provides rear-wheel drive Z plenty of power however our test with a manual transmission car was able to hit 60 speed within 4.5 seconds. This is a lot slower than the Supra. Thanks to the 9-speed automated the Z was able to take the Z to 60 mph within 4.3 minutes.

The cornering grip is abundant provided you’re traveling too close to Z’s limits. If you push it too hard you’ll find that the suspension’s setting isn’t enough for the job. The suspension’s compliance is great while driving, but other sports cars have sharper reactions. We’ve not tested it yet However, it’s the Z NISMO promises to up the performance by 420 horses and 384 pounds-feet of torque. This increase in power is accompanied by bigger brake discs, a stiffer suspension, and a more rigid chassis. In the case of NISMO, Nissan ditches the Bridgestone Potenza S007 summer rubber in favor of Dunlop the Sport Maxx GT600 tire.

Release Date

In 2023, the Nissan Z went on sale during the summer of 2022. We believe that 2024 Nissan Z will be available by the end of summer 2023. Prices for the new model year are expected to be similar to the present Z which starts at $41,015 and includes the destination.