2024 Nissan Z Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors

2024 Nissan Z Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors Nissan did the right thing for its fans when it launched the seventh generation Z sports car in the year 2023. Its modern, retro exterior style draws inspiration from earlier versions of the company’s famous coupe, but it brings the upscale technology that was missing from the original 370Z. The 2024 model will be the first time Nissan has added a sporty Z NISMO variant. 2024’s Nissan Z competes with other high-end sports cars, including the BMW 2 Series, the Toyota Supra, and the BMW 2 Series.

2024 Nissan Z Concept
2024 Nissan Z Concept


Nissan kept the 370Z’s platform in the development of its current model the Z to be launched in 2023. However, almost everything else on the performance car is brand new. The exterior is retro design meets modern with distinct LED headlights as well as taillights. The twin-turbocharged V-6 engine pumps up more power. There are larger screens available and Nissan has more safety-related features than it did previously.

In 2024, the model year The Nissan Z revived the higher-performance NISMO model. In addition, the majority of Z automobiles come with Amazon Alexa digital assistant built inside.

Its distinctive style and exterior appeal are evident. it is a striking vehicle. Nissan Z excels as a budget-friendly two-seater car for touring. Its smooth, well-balanced driving position and powerful twin-turbocharged V-6 engine provide a pleasant experience for driving on the highway. The cabin’s sound, design, and quality are greatly enhanced over the prior-generation model of Nissan’s sports vehicle.

We wish that the Z kept its appeal when it gets bumpy. Even with its dazzling new look the heavy curb weight and slow steering resulted in unengaged and sluggish dynamics in our tests. The limited-slip diff is a feature that improves the 2024 Z’s cornering capabilities however, Nissan is only able to offer it on the top versions. Having a manual transmission is helpful in involving the driver, however, the 3-pedal system could need some precision.

A brand new 2024 Nissan Z NISMO, which has a unique aero design and even additional power, is to be released. We’re hoping it’ll be more enjoyable than the current version, however, we’re disappointed that there won’t be an automatic transmission.

2024 Nissan Z Interior
2024 Nissan Z Interior


Nissan is likely to include its 2024 Z with the same array of safety technologies active as the model prior to it. We are expecting every version of the 2024 Nissan Z to come equipped with automated emergency braking, pedestrian detection, blind spot warning ahead of lane departure rear cross-traffic warning, and forward collision alert.

The Nissan Z is a two-seater. Nissan Z features a cockpit-like interior that has 42.9 inches of legroom as well as 38.2 inches of headroom. Its cabin is approximately identical to the size of Supra. Toyota Supra has 42.2 inches of legroom and 38.3 inches of headroom. The hatch is the 2024 Z will be able to hold 6.9 cubic feet of space for cargo. That is less than the Supra’s 10.2 cubes.

In 2023 Nissan included the base Sport model with the 12.3-inch customizable gauge cluster display, as well as an 8.0-inch touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The sound system has six speakers as included as standard. Moving up to Z Performance added active noise cancellation and navigation. It also comes with 4-way power-adjustable seats and a 9.0-inch infotainment screen, as well as the eight-speaker Bose sound system. It’s unlikely that any of the features to change until 2024.

2024 Nissan Z Price
2024 Nissan Z Price


2024’s Nissan Z uses a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine, which churns out 350 Lb-ft of torque. Six-speed manual transmissions are the standard, while a nine-speed automated is available. Rear-wheel drive is the sole design option available for the 2024 Z. When we tested the manual Nissan Z, we accelerated from 0-60 at a speed of 4.9 minutes. This time decreased to 4.3 seconds with the auto version. The EPA has rated the 2023 Nissan Z at 18-19/24-28 mpg on highways and in the city.

What’s the deal with What’s the deal with Z NISMO? The Z NISMO is a step up by 420 horsepower and 384 lb-ft torque from the twin-turbo V-6. The nine-speed auto is the sole available transmission that is not to the delight of many enthusiasts.

A more powerful version of the Z will be available in the fall of 2023 and will be upgraded by the high-performance division of Nissan, NISMO. 2020’s Nissan Z NISMO comes with 20 extra horsepower and 34 pounds-feet of torque than the normal Z. Specialized wheels for NISMO, more gripping tires with upgraded aero, a more rigid suspension, and larger brakes come with the modifications to the powertrain. The interior is red and features suede and leather Recaro seats as well as NISMO badges. We’re hoping that it’s the Nissan Z NISMO will be the most refined version of the Z to date. 2024 Nissan Z Colors

Exterior Colors

  • Black Diamond Pearl
  • Gun Metallic
  • Rosewood Metallic
  • Boulder Gray/Super Black
  • Ikazuchi Yellow Pearl Tricoat/Super Black
  • Seiran Blue Metallic/Super Black
  • Brilliant Silver/Super Black
  • Passion Red Tricoat/Super Black
  • Everest White Pearl Tricoat/Super Black

Interior Colors

  • Blue
  • Graphite
  • Red Accent