2024 Nissan Z Nismo: Price, Horsepower, Specs

2024 Nissan Z Nismo: Price, Horsepower, Specs The debut of the brand new Nissan Z vehicle has proved to be somewhat of a ride, both inside Nissan as well as on the marketplace. The launch of the super-performance Z NISMO in 2024 Nissan Z Nismo is likely to keep the trend going.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo
2024 Nissan Z Nismo

NISMO For those who aren’t aware, stands for Nissan Motorsports. The division is behind some incredibly fast cars throughout the years, and it’s attempting the Z. The new Z. If you’re hoping to see a GT-R engine, there’s a problem the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo represents more like a revamp rather than a complete overhaul.


The most important thing is the fact that the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo will only have an automatic nine-speed transmission is likely to be the largest disappointment for Z as well as sports car lovers. The basic Z Sport and mid-grade Z Performance models can be had with a manual that has a 6-speed option, which matches the vintage vibes of the vehicle You’d think that fans had hoped that this would be available on Z NISMO. Z NISMO. However, the director of advanced design, Paul Hawson, says otherwise.

The buyers want a vehicle capable of putting on a show and punching above the limit on race day. Good automated cars are faster than manuals with the highest quality. The auto has a speed that is 0.6 seconds more efficient at 60 mph, and also for the quarter mile, and they’re likely to record a faster lap time when racing too. If so, however, it will be because the auto has a revised clutch pack featuring extra plates that promise quicker shifts, with a particular emphasis on downshifts that are now half as long as the other versions, Nissan says. Nissan also claims that the vehicle’s brand-new Sport+ drive mode is great on the race course so you won’t have to switch between paddles.

However, Hawson isn’t ruling out having a manual option at some point in the near future. If the demand is enough from buyers Hawson tells us that the company will be able to implement it.

Minor improvements to the Z’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine don’t element in the selection of the transmission either. Z NISMO Z NISMO makes 20 more horsepower and 34 more pounds of torque over other models, including the Sport and Performance models, for an overall power output of 420 horses and 384 pounds. Nissan says the extra horsepower is from a higher turbo boost as well as turbine speed (an additional 5,000 rpm for the turbine that is visible on the dash top gauge) which is facilitated by a more precise wastegate control and the cylinder-specific system of spark-timing, which was developed on the GT-R and requiring an entirely new computer in the engine.

The power will remain aided with the same mechanical limit-slip differential that is featured on Z Performance. Z Performance, though Nissan claims that the launch control will appear “more aggressive” thanks to changes to the transmission.

The most disappointing thing for those who love performance will be 2024’s Nissan Z NISMO’s 3,704-pound curb weight. That makes it the most hefty Z that you could buy. This is 102 pounds more than the trim with the next largest port and 218 pounds more than the lightest trim.

However, there’s a bright side. The power increase is sufficient to bring the ratio of weight to power down from 8.8 tons per horsepower, down from 9.0 for Z Performance. Z Performance automatic, and the figure is based on the Z Performance manual. Z Performance manual. This isn’t quite as impressive as that of the Z Sport manual’s 8.7, however, it’s heading in the right direction.

Nissan does not specify which part of the extra weight is from, however, Hawson affirms that it’s the bracing for structural strength in the rear, in front, and underneath the rear floor. Nissan states that the reinforcements comprise mostly adhesives, welds, and foams, making to give a 2.5-percent rise in torsional rigidity or at the very least. A larger oil cooler as well as the extra oil are also contributing to weight loss in addition to the more powerful front brakes.

Weight is an enemy to performance, but it’s not the only opponent Hawson is especially concerned with. Hawson says Nissan has lots of experience dealing with weight issues in a sports car and highlights the GT-R for proof. Furthermore, he claims that removing the features or adding expensive lightweight components wasn’t required to achieve the performance that the NISMO team desired.

The bracing on the chassis can be an excellent indicator of where the NISMO’s focus is. The majority of work for this vehicle is focused on the handling. In the corners of the car, bigger, more rigid track-tuned dampers as well as stiffer springs are joined by more rigid anti-roll bars. The steering rack bushings and suspension are more robust. will also help to tighten things up. Hawson declares that the main goal was to create a vehicle that was fun and enjoyable to drive on the track. And every modification was done toward that goal. If changing or replacing one of the components didn’t enhance the experience of the car to be driven then it was left as is and that’s why a lot of modifications are tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Exclusive NISMO embossed 19-inch Rays nine-spoke wheels measure a half-inch larger front and rear as compared to Z-R. Z Performance but are “slightly” less heavy. The major differences in the time for laps will likely be due to the Dunlop SP GT600 Sport Maxx tires. They are the which are the kissing cousin to the one that is fitted to the GT-R which is significantly more grippy than the Bridgestone Potenza S007s. They are the exact size of the ones that are on Z Performance. The rear tires are 0.4 inches wider. Z Performance, but the rear tires are 0.4 millimeters (10 millimeters) bigger in the Z NISMO to give better handling when cornering. The ride height remains the same in comparison to the other Zs.

They are backed by front brake calipers that are Akebono-branded and four-piston that are now in use clamping 15.0-inch wheels, which is a full inch bigger in diameter than Z Performance’s discs, and designed to withstand more the track’s driving. Two-piston rear brake calipers hold identical 13.8-inch discs that are within Z Performance. Z Performance. Brake pads made of track compound are all-around to hopefully alleviate questions about the Z’s brakes.

The last piece of this puzzle is an improved aerodynamic package thanks to some newly designed bodywork on the front and back which NISMO claims to generate tangible downforce, although the company doesn’t specify the amount. The drag coefficient doesn’t change which means that the aero enhancements can be considered to be particularly efficient, or they’re a tiny quantity of downforce. Everybody will be discussing the design of the front grille because the classic Z’s retro-style square grille is controversial at the very least. The new design is based on the 240ZG design, extends into a trapezoid shape, and adds a horizontal bar at the top, with a NISMO badge that breaks the monotony. A few vertical slender canards ahead of the front wheel should generate beneficial vortices in the vicinity of those wheels.

The most notable change in the back is the 3-piece spoiler that is attached to the liftgate, as well as front fender tops which improve and extend the normal ducktail. Under the bumper, the rear is modified with special focus given to the corners, where additional GT-R design helps to improve air separation and less drag. Also, the tail is adorned with the NISMO badge.

Side sills on the new model are believed to cut down drag and lift. Although they appear to contain an intake in front of those wheels in the back, they are an aerodynamic component and rather not an air intake. Additionally, there are tiny fender flares around in order to conceal the small increase in track width when relative to Z Performance.

The 2024 Nissan Z Nismo is distinctive with the red stripe that runs throughout the lower part of the car and the black wheels, roof, and mirrors on the doors (which are also red). Another big clue is the Katana-inspired trim between the roof and windows which is now in dark gray. It also comes with a unique NISMO “stealth gray” paint color in case you’d like to create the reader in no doubt as to which Z you’re driving.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Specs
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Specs

Specs and Performance

Let’s get started. Under the hood, the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 gets a redesigned wastegate, better cooling, and performance-enhancing ignition timing, based on the GT-R NISMO. This results in 20 more horses, and an additional 34 pound-feet of torque than the normal Z. The  2024 Nissan Z Nismo makes 420 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. Its peak torque range is between 2000 and 5200 RPM. It also has an upgraded oil cooler as well which means you’ll be able to use the power for a longer period of time.

The Z NISMO will be equipped with a nine-speed automated transmission. However, it’s equipped with exclusive NISMO clutch packs as well as tuned engine management software. meaning that downshifts can be nearly faster and the launch control becomes more aggressive from the beginning. It also has the Sport+ driving mode, which is designed to be fast enough for downshifts so that a driver doesn’t have to utilize the paddle shifters. They’re still available, however, they are for people who prefer having something to do inside the vehicle.

The most noticeable changes on the outside of the vehicle are in the ones where Nissan has widened the front end of the car as a reference to the G-Nose that was on the Fairlady 240ZG. It’s an upgraded grille, which is stuffed with fine honeycomb that allows for additional cooling of the engine. In case you happen to overlook the extended spoiler is highlighted by the glaring red line. It runs red through to the back of the vehicle, but if it’s not enough to point you to this being the most desirable Z, NISMO badges and an all-black roof design make this model distinct.

Additional aero accessories include extensions on the front corner that channel the wind over the wheels. There’s also the rear spoiler is three pieces that blend with the upper rear quarters. Similar to Z Performance, the Z Performance, the Z NISMO is equipped with 19-inch wheels. The difference is that these are glossy black and 0.5 millimeters larger. The front wheels measure 10 inches wide and at the rear, the tires are firmly positioned with 10.5-inch rolling wheels. Although they’re larger they weigh less than the ones on Performance. Nissan covers the brand-new wheels with Dunlop SP MAXX GT600 wheels.

The wheels behind are a larger 4-piston caliper 15.0-inch brake rotors at the front, and 13.8-inch brake rotors at the rear. These are held by the heavy-duty brake pad. The chassis changes add bracing around and underneath the vehicle, boosting the rigidity of the torsional area to 2.5 percent over Z Performance. In lieu of the drive shaft made from carbon you see on the Z Performance, the other Z NISMO, the NISMO is track-ready. NISMO returns to steel. The stiffer mounting points and bushings along with bigger dampers contribute to the NISMO’s track aplomb.

With turbos that spin faster with independently controlled ignition spark timing that is derived from The GT-R Nismo and increased cooling capacities, the engine’s output is increased to 420 hp from 400, and 384 pounds of torque, up from 350. This isn’t much, but the difference is not too visible when driving. In the end, power wasn’t the issue for Z Performance – its the handling was. The Nismo is a bit wider and has more rubber tires with Dunlop SP GT600 Sport Maxx instead of Z Performance’s Bridgestone Potenzas007s. They can transform the way you play.

In addition, it also comes with Z Nismo has a revamped suspension, tuned steering (including the Sportplus drive mode) as well as a stiffened chassis, new brakes lightweight Rays 19-inch wheels a revised transmission, and a larger cooling capacity. Aerodynamics are designed to provide more force when you’re moving, and by doing so, it makes the Z appearance better. The front fascia has been redesigned to be shorter, and slimmer, and its principal air intake has been altered to appear more streamlined. It’s a lot more appealing than the traditional Z (below in blue) It looks like the designers tried too hard to blend in the unnatural rectangular grille.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Interior
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Interior


The 2024 Nissan Z Nismo interior has been less remodeled than the exterior, yet it’s elegant. Leather, as well as Alcantara Recaro seats sporting NISMO badges, will be useful on the race track. The steering wheel is also equipped with Alcantara on the third and nine places and an orange leather stripe around the twelve. The wheel as well as the seats have red accent stitching, as well.

Additionally in the other areas, in other places, the NISMO red theme is carried over on the engine’s start/stop button and the drive-mode rocker switch. Additionally, it ringed the tachometer on the instrument cluster that is digital, with a NISMO logo as well as a “special red flash” during the initial animation.

And, for 2024, the majority of Z automobiles will have access to Amazon Alexa digital assistant built into.

The red color scheme is carried over to the Stop/Start button, which is anodized, and the drive mode selection. The new graphics on the digital display mirror the outline of the exterior in red as well as flashing an exclusive NISMO animation when the vehicle is started. Genuine and faux suede Recaro seats (manually adjusted) feature a red central as well as NISMO logos on the headrest. Even the steering wheel has been revamped with a red logo at the uppermost point.

The Z NISMO is available in five shades, four of which are accessible across all Z trims. Brilliant Silver, Passion Red, Black Diamond Pearl, and Everest White Pearl, and one that is exclusive to NISMO, namely the slatey blue Stealth Grey.

Price and Release Date

Nissan hasn’t revealed the 2024 Z NISMO’s pricing at this time, but we shouldn’t be waiting too long. It will be available for sale within the U.S. this fall. Its Z Performance automatic starts at $52,085 when you add a destination. anticipate to see the NISMO cost close to $60,000 (before the inevitable and outrageous retailer markups). We’re excited to drive it and determine how significant all the modifications to the car have on the car’s wild performance.