2024 Nissan Z Nismo Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors

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2024 Nissan Z Nismo Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors – In its own way and on its own, the brand-new Nissan Z is a fun-to-drive sports coupe that tugs on nostalgic hearts. The car is hampered because of a design that isn’t up to date. This hinders it from competing with the latest sports cars it is, when measured against its competitors, it lags far short of what we’d like to see in speed and performance as well as in other areas. There’s definitely room in the upper tier for something better and is here: the all-new high-performance, range-topping 2024 Nissan Z Nismo. We got to play around at Sonoma Raceway in order to test whether it can deliver the performance that one would expect from Nissan’s Nismo brand.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Concept
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Concept


The Z Nismo is set to launch in season, starting with a price of $66.085 (including $1,095 for destination charges). It does appear to be quite expensive, but we’ll discuss that in the future. Now, let’s look into how the Z is distinct from the standard Z.


With turbos that spin faster with independently controlled ignition spark timing inspired by a GT-R Nismo and increased cooling capacities, the engine’s output is increased by 420 horsepower, up from 400 and 384 pounds of torque, up from 350. This isn’t much, but the difference isn’t evident from a driver’s seat. However, it’s not the issue for Z Performance – it’s the handling. The Nismo has wider and more sticky tires, in the shape of Dunlop SP GT600 Sport Maxx tires rather than Bridgestone Potenza S007s from Z Performance. This alone could change the game.

In addition, it also comes with Z Nismo has a revamped suspension, with retuned steering (including Sport and drive modes) as well as a stiffened frame and upgraded brakes. It also gets lightweight Rays 19″ wheels as well as a new transmission, and a larger cooling capacity. Aerodynamics have been designed to provide more force when you’re moving, and by doing so, it makes the Z appear more attractive. The new front fascia design is shorter and slimmer, and its primary air intake is modified to make it appear more strategic. It’s a lot more appealing than the traditional Z (below in blue) it appears like the designers have been trying too hard to incorporate the unnatural rectangular grille.

What is the best way to make it all work together to create the Z Nismo at Sonoma Raceway? We tested the basic Z Performance first as a starting point, and then we moved towards the Nismo. Both models had a nine-speed auto transmission. This is because the Nismo doesn’t come with the manual six-speed. In truth, it wasn’t a huge loss, but it doesn’t mean Nissan hasn’t yet seized opportunities to present its most powerful Z in manual mode to stick shift lovers.

After completing a couple of “get-to-know-you” laps, we explored the Nismo’s possibilities. From the beginning, the Nismo is noticeably more stiffer and stable. It also shows a significant improvement in grip and traction. When you are accelerating towards turn 1 the nose becomes more keen to make a turn in the direction of the cone’s apex. A rough road right next to the rumble strips is barely disrupting. In the throttle again the sleek twin-turbo V6 starts to be a symphony. An instant lift, and quick pull in the opposite direction, to go into turn two and the Nismo is cruising along.

The pedal will be set on the ground well prior to reaching the peak of the downhill. It then sweeps the turn 6 Carousel in a bid to get all four tires to start gently shifting towards the exterior of the turning, bouncing on the rumble strips right before the track turns toward the right. The brand new Dunlop tires lose grip slowly and accurately, allowing the driver plenty of time to respond or let them drift out towards the exits of corners. It’s simple to build an efficient, smooth lap, or use the pedal to trigger an oversteering power. The force of steering can be too light and, more important is that it’s accurate.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Interior
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Interior


He Nismo can also be tolerant. After glancing for a bit too long at first top of the Sonoma esses, and then slipping out of the sequence in the following series of turns it was able to get Z Nismo Z Nismo back closer to the line of racing but without sacrificing much speed in the direction of the leading vehicle. This way, as well as many other areas instances, this Z Nismo is indeed a great track car. But it’s likely to be in the middle group, and not in the more advanced classes where your eyes will be fixed on the mirrors, looking for more powerful all-out track cars as well as race-styled oddities.

The odds are that the majority of Z Nismo drivers won’t be taking most of their time at the track, but we took it out for a ride through the region of wine. Despite the fear that the suspension might be too stiff for public roads, it’s perfectly suitable for drivers who are looking to improve their performance. It’s certainly in the middle as well as there’s some jostling around uneven pavements However, the first impacts are soft enough to prevent them from being too harsh.

In the end, road noise is the main issue. When the asphalt is moderately rough and the roads, the white noise is a lot and the cracks of the seams add to it. It’s enough that it can drown the sound system, and it can cause fatigue for long periods of time.

It is possible to adjust the manually adjusted Recaro buckets are only available to Nismo and give plenty of support to the lateral side for the frame that is not too big. The larger drivers are sure to be looking to have enough room without compressing their ribs. If there are track days planned and you are planning to wear a helmet, taking it along with you to the dealership is an excellent option to ensure that everyone will be able to fit. With a height of 5-foot-10, my helmet was pushing up into the headliner. The leather in the middle of the backrest’s middle seemed to be restricted, even during mild conditions.

After all the previous experiences in the past, it’s clear that the Nismo is the top option within the Z line-up. It could be able to compete with the Toyota Supra. Toyota Supra for a new nostalgia-driven battle in a way other Zs can’t.

The model that is track-oriented starts with trim-level Performance contents, after which it can add or replaces

  • Paints in black Rays wheels
  • High-performance tires
  • Bigger front brakes
  • High-performance oil cooler
  • Nismo-tuned suspension, steering, and transmission
  • Additional bracing of the chassis
  • Aerodynamic Body Kit
  • Adjustable by hand Recaro Front bucket seats
  • It is made of leather. Alcantara imitation suede for upholstery
  • Mode of driving Sport+

If you consider it we’re extremely fortunate to have a brand modern Toyota Supra and Nissan Z available for sale today. A three-pedal car with a six-cylinder engine rear-wheel drive Japanese sports coupes coming in 2023 may sound like a crazy idea considering the current frenzied interest in electrification but this is the case. And, the best part is that one of these vehicles is set to become superior. We’ll take a look at the forthcoming performance-oriented Nissan Z variant as it gets additional disguise.

As a first step, it is important to be grateful to Autopian user the 57sweptside who was awe-inspiring for making these stunning clear images of the hot, camo’d-up Z-car. The car was believed to have been in testing within Chandler, Ariz., but it was taken off the side with safety features on. It’s no surprise that the shaky position of this car test resulted in incredible photos.

From a distance, it’s easy to observe that this Z has a better visual appearance than the typical version. Side skirts and the fascias are incredibly low-hanging, and have prominent valence bulges, which give some hints of BN-style kits. The rear spoiler looks much more assertive than the one found on the Z Performance trim. Z Performance trim, now extended to the back quarter panels. I love the additional look; it definitely increases the tuner car feel.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Redesign
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Redesign

Naturally, the major change here is the amount of the front bumper that will be left exposed. It’s not going to be similar to the regular or even optional (in Japan) bumper, therefore let’s take a look. Even though Nissan isn’t able to relocate the forward radar sensors away from the car this Z has honeycomb mesh as well as an expansive grille. The newly designed grille extends to the base of the radar device and extends more than the grille that is standard as shown below. Additionally, what is interesting is that they may be strung brake ducts separated from the grille’s main part, which is an excellent idea to keep things cool while racing.

The front of the car looks a lot more attractive in reality than in images due to the subtlety of its shape, the updated front bumper shown shows a lot of promise for drivers who do not wish for your Nissan sports car to appear like it’s being resembling an esthetic retainer.

Alongside the update in addition to the new cooling apertures, the front bumper design of the new Z appears to be quite distinct in comparison to what we’ve already seen. Instead of having a prominent profile that curves to the headlamps Nissan has shifted the front design of the front bumper’s upper line in order to create a flat appearance. The result is that the front of the vehicle appears lower as compared to a normal Z although all important points are identical. The surfacing of the bumper also is a little more flared higher than the grille. It adds some nice depth to the front bumper.

Anyone with a sense of Nissan is able to be able to recognize the wheels of the Z prototype to be identical to those that will be on 2022’s GT-R Nismo. Although they do appear to have an atypical spoke shape, however, they’re in the correct kind of shape and style that suggests they’re lightweight-made RAYS models, which is which are a popular supplier for speedy Nissans. They’re also fitted with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 tires that align perfectly in line with Nismo traditional. The older 370Z Nismo as well as the Nismo GT-R GT-R Nismo both have run on Dunlops and it’s therefore not a surprise to find Dunlops in this case.

When I look inside the car I can see an amazing pair of sports seats. They’re definitely not the carbon fiber seats that are in the newly updated GT-R Nismo however, I’m not surprised to hear that they’re sourced from Recaro as a result of Nismo’s long association with the company’s history. In any case, these seats are markedly distinct from the seats found that come on the regular Z and should provide more comfort on the corners. 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Colors


Exterior Colors:

  • New Site Orange
  • Rosewood Metallic
  • Black Diamond Metallic
  • Gun Metallic
  • Seiran Blue with Super Black roof
  • Ikazuchi Yellow with Super Black roof
  • Everest White Tri-Coat with Super Black roof
  • Brilliant Silver with Super Black roof
  • Boulder Grey with Super Black roof
  • Brilliant Silver with Super Black roof
  • Everest White with Super Black roof
  • Stealth Grey with Black roof

Interior Colors:

  • Graphite
  • Blue
  • Red Accent