2024 Nissan Murano Redesign: Will Murano Be Redesigned For 2024?

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2024 Nissan Murano Redesign: Will Murano Be Redesigned For 2024?The Murano is one of the last models in the market that is a mid-size crossover that has five seats as well as a premium although not truly extravagant, feeling. Compare it to other models like the Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Toyota Venza however neither of these models is an exact match.

2024 Nissan Murano Changes
2024 Nissan Murano Changes


Nissan reduces the base S trim for 2024 This, in turn, will mark the 10th year since it last redesigned. Although the Murano is an attractive sleek crossover It’s certainly not a spring chicken. The design introduced an entirely new style for Nissan earlier in the year 2015, thanks to its unique front-end beak with pointed headlights and the rearmost roof pillar that is divided with a black glossy panel. The car is still stylish and is a step ahead of its time when it comes to driving.

The interior is less modern than the cabin, but it has a nice basic design, as well as nice material choices that are in line with the price. This is a luxury-like model when it comes to specifications and trimming. Its 8.0-inch touchscreen is an homage to the past when competitors are fifty percent larger, if not larger.

The 260 horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 also serves as a bead of the times gone by. The engine shifts power backward and to the four corners using the CVT. The standard powertrain isn’t big on excitement–not forgetting the power of acceleration and efficiency. EPA tests put the Murano at 23 mpg when combined. The only hybrid options available are electric and gas-powered. It’s not a problem with all-wheel drive.

The soft, comfortable riding is great but. We like how the steering is just right in terms of weight to make things exciting. It’s a quiet highway cruiser, too. The Murano is a large SUV with a weight upwards of 4,000 pounds so its driving is more relaxing than thrilling.

The area where it shines is its interior space and its comfort. Without the need to add a third row, the Murano permits passengers in both the rear and front seats to spread out comfortably. The base SV models come with faux leather while the other versions feature real leather. Although the trim inside isn’t the most attractive, however, it’s within the costs Nissan offers. This isn’t a Lexus however it’s priced as one.

The 8.0-inch touchscreen might be tiny however, it’s easy to navigate. A similar can be said about the interior controls of the Murano.

The Murano also boasts a stellar crash-testing record. All versions are now equipped with automated emergency stopping as well as active lane control as well and an adaptive cruise controller. 2024 Nissan Murano Redesign

2024 Nissan Murano Redesign
2024 Nissan Murano Redesign


It’s intriguing enough from the outside to score a point more than normal on the TCC scale. Its futuristic exterior features a grille that has a V-shape and is surrounded by a huge chunk of black-colored plastic. The edgy style continues with lights that resemble boomerangs cut into front fenders. From the side from the sides, the Murano features a groovy appearance with large fenders and big curvatures. The Murano isn’t a light car, however, it’s not trying to appear.

The standard 18-inch wheels are an adequate job of filling these wells, but many Muranos are now equipped with more substantial 20-inch wheels. A chrome-colored accent on the top of the car provides it with a Gallic style, particularly the roof’s rearmost pillar, which is separated with a black trimming. The Murano’s roof is unique, even if it isn’t the most stylish.

The cabin of the Murano fails to be awe-inspiring, despite the trim colors and materials looking nice enough. The 8.0-inch display appears small on the dashboard when compared with widescreen display screens that are now available in a variety of other competitors. In fairness, the controls and buttons of the Murano are organized in a sensible manner. The buttons and knobs are boring, however, to look at, however.

There’s plenty of room to stretch out within the Nissan Murano for passengers, however rear seat passengers may find the head space is limited due to the large sunroof that is installed on all models, excluding the most affordable model.

The seats in the front are comfortable and comfortable, as is the standard adjustable power and heated. With almost 39 inches of back-seat legroom and a reclining backrest, the Murano provides ample room in the second row so that they’re over 6 feet.

The cargo area is small 32 cubic feet in the rear of the seat in rear, but is more than doubled in size to 67.0 cubic feet when the second-row seats are folded back.

Standard synthetic leather could be made into real authentic leather for the SL as well and softer hide can be added to the Platinum. Interior materials are good however the look the knobs, buttons, and other components do not have the upscale look.

It is highly rated thanks to the Top Safety Pick+ award from the IIHS as well as an NHTSA five-star rating. In addition, it has excellent standard driver assistance and crash avoidance options.

The Murano’s top safety Pick+ distinction has two flaws that include an “Poor” rating in the IIHS moderate overlap test, which was updated in the last year as well as the “Marginal” score in its new side-impact test. The two do not affect the current rating.

All models now have automated emergency braking, blind spot monitors, and active lane control as well as the ability to adjust cruise controls. The Murano isn’t equipped with Nissan’s remarkable (if it’s not too alert) ProPilot Assist system that permits short periods of hands-free driving and also offers much better technology for lane-centering.

Its 2024 Nissan Murano isn’t a bad purchase in the least expensive version, and it’s currently priced at 39,255 for the first year of. This is a significant increase in comparison to last year’s prices, however, it’s due to the least expensive version being eliminated.

It’s not something we’ll miss too much. Its Murano SV includes synthetic leather upholstery, alloy wheels that measure 18 inches as well as an 8.0-inch screen, Apple CarPlay Android Auto as well as parking sensors along a variety of other options that are in line with Nissan’s suggested price.

2024 Nissan Murano Interior
2024 Nissan Murano Interior

Specs and Engine

The 2024 Nissan Murano is a classic boulevarder that has been updated to include SUV-style. However, it’s not an overstuffed, squishy sofa. Instead, it offers the comfort of a comfortable ride as well as decent control. It’s not super fast but it’s not too slow.

At an additional $1700, Nissan will build you one that has all-wheel drive. Be sure to stay off-road because the Murano is not a four-wheeling pro.

The car is fine, but not as fast as 2024’s standards. The 260 horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 engine is smooth and powerful, however, it must overcome the curb weight of 4,000 pounds as well as its dancing partner with a soft CVT. Its forward acceleration is adequate, however, it’s not a pulse-quickener. The Murano is a great city car and is able to maintain speed on the highway, however, there’s not a lot in reserve to pass.

The Murano is designed to pull 1500 pounds of trailer if needed.

Its ride is Murano’s greatest asset. It’s smooth and comfy regardless of the massive 20-inch wheels found with the latest models. The Murano has plenty of noise-reducing installed to make sure that it’s peaceful inside. The Murano provides a lot of authentic luxurious cars and an acoustic car ride with regard to quality.

When the cruise control is set with the cruise control, the Murano is able to become a relaxing road cruiser.

The steering can be quite weighty, but it isn’t particularly communicative.

This isn’t a very economical option. Based on its EPA testing, Nissan pegs its five-seat medium-sized SUV at 20 mpg urban, 28 highway, and 23 combined irrespective of its drive wheels. A regular supply of fuel is advised.