2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition: Review, Specs, and Price

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2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition: Review, Specs, and PriceAn iconic model in Nissan’s lineup since 2004, the mid-sized Murano has always been a standout with its own distinctive design and comfy seating capacity for five passengers. It’s been on the market since 2015 and typical car life spans indicate that it could be redesigned by the time it’s here. The Murano remains largely the same as last year’s model, without any indication that a new model is being developed, it appears that Nissan continues to crank out the old model.

2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition
2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition

The impressive changes to the smaller Rogue and the larger Pathfinder along with the similar-sized fully-electric Ariya and the Murano do not only feel old-fashioned but also appear it. The smaller Rogue has now got the same amount of legroom as the larger Murano in addition to offering an even greater capacity for cargo (go to the figure) in addition to an upgraded interior and an improved interface for technology. On the other hand, on a larger scale, it’s the Pathfinder comes with three rows of seating, impressive towing capability, and, similar to the Rogue the most modern Nissan interior. In terms of the Ariya, it’s almost similar to the Murano however, while it’s higher priced, it’s the brand on a more contemporary foot ahead for Nissan.


In 2024, Nissan will eliminate the base S trim, as well as it will also drop the Midnight Edition model. It means Murano SV will be the new base model. Murano SV is the new base version. It comes with an 18-inch wheel, heated mirrors chrome trim for the exterior, and fully LED lighting for the exterior. Inside the cabin, you’ll find leatherette seating as well as a heated front seat and a 10-way power driver’s chair with lumbar support a four-way passenger’s chair, and six-speaker audio. Prices for the 2024 Murano SV will be just over $39,000 for front-wheel drive, and under $41,000 for all-wheel drive.

The front and rear seats are comfortable and soft at all the right places offering the perfect ease you need on lengthy driving trips. The dual-zone climate control comes in common and comes with hardworking but cool air cooling. It is possible to find yourself turning the air conditioner off. The heated and cooled seat functions are extremely effective, however, the seat vents are only available with the most expensive Platinum model.

Also, the CVT auto doesn’t affect the Murano like similar gearboxes in other cars. The sound isn’t droning in the cabin, and it also makes an enjoyable sound when you’re at high speed. The ride could be smoother, however, we believe the cause is the wheels that measure 20 inches on the top trim levels.

The buttons and dials of the Murano are easy to operate. It’s simple to locate an ideal driver’s seat, as well as plenty of headroom and shoulder space. However, legroom for rear-facing passengers is a little cramped for an SUV of a moderate size.

Large doors as well as wide openings make it easy to get in and out but the large dimensions of the doors mean it is important to take care at all times in tight spaces. Unique styling can derail the Murano in terms of the visibility of its windows too. The sloping and tall hood as well as the sloping roofline create smaller rear and front windows. The car appears bigger than it actually is, causing one to use the blind spot warning system.

The touchscreen is immediately basic and outdated, yet that’s why it’s so easy to operate. It’s nimble and simple to operate. The additional 11 speakers of the Bose audio system play clean and clear sound. Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto smartphone integration is normal and connecting Bluetooth is easy. Other features of the tech are navigation that is backed by strong voice controls and NissanConnect services.

The latest safety technology is typically a plus as well, and for the vast of the time, they work effectively. This adaptive cruise control reduces speed in response to the flow of traffic, but it isn’t able to go back up.

A few mid-sized SUVs are capable of towing over 5,000 pounds, however, the Murano can tow a maximum weight of 1,500 pounds. Also, it has a smaller cargo capacity than its rivals, but the maximum 32.1 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats, and one-third of the 67 cubic feet that are available with two rows folded down is enough.

In the interior, there are not a lot of places to store small objects. The console in the center is small and big, and the pockets on the doors can’t accommodate an empty water bottle. The rear seat has little more than a central armrest and two cupholders. Got kids? The Murano’s lower LATCH anchors and Tether anchoring points make it simple to put in a child safety seat.

2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition Interior
2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition Interior

Specs and Engine

The basic 3.5-liter V6 engine is able to provide enough power to handle typical transportation and delivers decent acceleration when required. This is made possible by a continuously variable auto transmission (CVT) which is superior to the average of industry. The power remains consistent and reliable. transferred to the roadway without any noticeable gear shifting, except when under the force of hard acceleration.

The driving experience of the Murano is generally pleasant too. Speed-sensitive steering helps maintain in ensure stability. The Murano can handle higher speeds at corners much better than a lot of mid-sized SUVs. The key is to jam with the brakes for the maximum power for stopping, however otherwise, the pedal feels constant and the actual effectiveness is sufficient.

Our test with all-wheel drive Murano outperformed its EPA estimation for 23 mpg on the 115 miles of our evaluation course This is more than the majority of rivals. Its 18.9 percent average mpg across approximately 800 miles of driving over two weeks was below the EPA’s urban rating of 20 mpg.

The fit and finish are generally excellent in Murano and the materials that resemble marble give a luxurious appearance. The extremely comfortable seats contribute to the overall value. An upgraded version that has all the amenities you need is at around $40,000. This corresponds to the directly competing models.

Nissan has an industry-leading base and powertrain guarantee. Additional protection is offered for a period of up to 8 years or 120,000 miles. Additionally, you can avail a three-year trial free of remote door lock and maintenance alarms, and a six-month trial offer to notify you of collisions and car location. 2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition

2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition Design
2024 Nissan Murano Midnight Edition Design


Nissan Nissan offers the Midnight Edition package only on SV trim levels, be it all-wheel or front-wheel drive. The 2024 SV includes heated leatherette seats, which is standard. And the option to drive it home by purchasing the Midnight Edition package, you’ll spend $37,845 just for the front wheels, or $39,545 if you choose all-paw. The price does not include the $1,175 cost of delivery.

If you’re interested in price, be paying a little more on the entire range of Murano trims by 2024. The starting price for the Murano S FWD now starts at $32,910 – just $100 higher than what it was last year. In comparison, the SV FWD is pricier at $36,450. This is a change of $510 from 2021. In 2024, the Murano SL costs an extra $100 at $44,410 while the range-topping Platinum is also a $100 rise up to $44,460. Choosing an all-wheel drive typically costs between $1100 and $1500 on top of the price. Like before, the prices don’t include the $1,175 cost for the destination.

The entire 2024 Nissan Murano trim levels, including the brand-new Midnight Edition, are now on sale for purchase.